10 Things To Consider When Moving To Out of State

10 Things To Consider When Moving To Out of State

Want to know what to consider when moving out of state apart from hiring long-distance mover?

Whether you are moving to a closer location to friends and family, chasing your dream job, or want to escape from city living, there’s much excitement in moving to a new state.

However, packing up and relocating your items to a new part of the country might first feel tiring. You will have a new environment when you move to a new state. You have to forget your old house, your town or city, as well as your loved ones.

Also, transporting all your belongings from one location to another can be logistically troubled, not to mention the moving cost.

This is why you importantly need to consider some vital things when relocating to another state.

You need to be completely sure that your decision for relocating to another state is a perfect one for you and everyone in your household.

We’ve discussed a list of factors to put into consideration when moving from one state to another.

Move smoothly by researching, planning, downsizing, and organizing in advance. And yes, hire a professional moving company to make things easy for you. Working with a trustworthy moving company is important to get rid of moving anxiety.

10 Things to Consider when Moving to another State

1. Know your Reasons for Moving

Understanding the reasons behind your plan to move to another state will help put things in perspective. Are you moving for better employment opportunities in the destination state? Or maybe you are transferred by your company to their branch in the new state?

Some people consider a move to another place due to the cheaper costs of real estate. They likely have purchased a home at a cheaper price in the destination location.

Some choose to move just to make sure their kids grow in a safe and family-friendly environment.

Regardless of your reasons, knowing it before your move will make sure you can easily leave and say goodbye to your old life and friends, and easily find your place at your new residence.

2. Research Cost of Living

The cost of living is also the amount of money you need to cover basic expenses, and it varies from one city or town to another. As you research employment opportunities, housing locations, or, maybe you are now just thinking about an interstate move, check some of the basic costs at your destination place:

  • Housing: Whether you choose to buy or rent, look into housing in neighboring cities and counties. You might want to check recent sales, school districts, as well as future construction plans, if any, for the area.
  • Groceries: You can get a rough instinct into the cost of groceries per family through a little research and the use of online calculators. You may also look into the type of grocery stores they have in your destination neighborhood.
  • Gas: Calculate how you will be getting around your destination place and estimate your gas costs per month. Consider traffic behaviors, which you can check on Google Maps or other related apps.
  • Utilities: Consider common utilities, such as natural gas, cable, electricity, water, and internet. Many online tools, such as Council for Community and Economic Research are perfect resources for obtaining a general idea of the cost of living in your destination location.

Just a little research and you can figure out your future neighborhood, how to plan your budget immediately you get there, and the cost you should prepare for moving expenses.

3. Taxes

There can be significant differences in tax laws from one state to another, which can greatly affect your paycheck. You won’t want to get slapped on payday or tax season, so research income tax, sales tax, and property tax requirements in your new home state.

4. Employment

If you are moving to another place, you also must move your career with you. Employment markets and opportunities can be different from one city to another, so if you don’t have employment waiting for you at the destination location, take some time to check various job postings and employment sites to find out what the market is saying before you move.

5. Locate your Future Community

If possible, plan a physical visit to your future location to get a first-hand feel for the community and area. If a visit is not possible, below are some great tips to get familiar before arrive:

  • Check local demographics to locate a community with people of like minds.
  • Check local events and common spots for new ways to meet and explore your new city.
  • Find out about the median seasonal temperatures. Get ready with the right clothes, and obtain an estimate for seasonal heating as well as cooling.

6. Dispose of Unwanted Stuff

Here, is the chance you’ve been waiting for to dispose of clutter in your home whether to donate, sell, or trash out. You must sort out your belongings a few days before the move.

You should categorize them based on the ones going to charity, the ones to be sold off, and the ones to give out to friends and relatives. You should create a separate pile for each item you plan to keep and transport to your new home.

Transporting few moving boxes containing everything you need for your new home is easier and cost-effective than transporting everything that includes things you no longer need to your new home.   

7. Organizing your Packing

As tiring as packing can make you feel, tackle it just to stay organized. Pack all occasionally-used items first: home décor, electronics, and books. Pack the essential kitchen wares, toiletries, and dinnerware for the last.

Those are belongings that may still be useful until the final day of packing. Before you begin to sort and fill boxes, you first want to find out the number of rooms you will pack. This will provide you a clear chance of the quantity and type of moving boxes you need.

Also, see if you can pack some lighter, non-fragile items in fairly-used boxes gotten from grocery stores or friends. Packing boxes are the best choice for items of heavyweight and delicate stuff as they are made of strong structure.

Some tips as you pack:

  • Mark your box of essentials and keep them where you can easily find and access them at any stage of your move.
  • Remember important records and documents to store in a well-labeled box.
  • Separate items, such as valuables or heavy items should be packed by professionals to ensure safe delivery.

8. Weather

This will not only affect your mood, social plans, and lifestyle, but it will also affect your utility bills. Remember to find out the average seasonal temperatures of the location and ensure you are ready for changes in weather and costs of heating or cooling.

9. Hire a Trustworthy Moving Company

As you proceed in planning your state-to-state move, speak to reliable movers to determine the best one. Along with the cost, you should:

  • Check the company reviews and ratings
  • Arrange a free quote
  • Hire a licensed and insured company
  • Confirm the things to pack and not to pack
  • Find out about moving any special pieces such as artwork or pianos
  • Find out about storage facilities

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10. Organize a Party

Moving to a new state is a serious deal, especially if you are leaving your friends behind. You should try and organize a move-out party many days to the move to give you enough chance to say goodbye to all your friends.

If you are fortunate, one of them may already be planning to throw you a farewell party with you being the guest of honor. In any situation, you should say proper goodbyes to your friends and promise to never cut communication with them after moving to your new location.

If you’re moving out Of State for Work: Additional Tips

Maybe you’ve done all your interview remotely, however, before you complete your onboarding, if anything is holding or have never visited the state before, plan a visit there, even if for once to determine if it’s the perfect place for you.

Work with your company to find out the moving costs they will pay for and select a reasonable start date so that you can easily start your new job just a few days after settling into your new place.

If you are moving with Pets out of state: Additional Tips

Moving with your pet to a far distance? Pets have many possessions, such as beds, toys, and bowls, and there is a great possibility that you don’t need some of this stuff as well.

Move with items that bring home closer to your pet and get rid of or donate those that are not used. Before you relocate out of state, consult your vet and talk about your moving, and request any recommendations for local vet practices.

Ensure you have a means of getting your pet’s files as well as their medications. Having a veterinarian before your move to another state is important.   

If you are moving with Kids out of state: Additional Tips

Moves are a huge change, especially for your little ones. Bring them in on the process and discuss with them some topics, such as starting a new school, exploring a new neighborhood, and making new friends.

For children, read them stories about the destination state you are moving to and the sweet things they might see, such as local animals and historic landmarks.

To make moving as easy as possible for them, research, and contact local schools as you research your move. There could be waiting lists or other activities, like team sports that need pre-enrolment. You importantly need to visit your pediatrician to talk out any concerns and find a new doctor before your move to a new state.

If you are moving to get closer to Family in a new state: Additional Tips

Being in a close location to family and old friends is comforting in times of hardship. After living a far distance apart, you might decide to see your family more often than only on holidays. Or, it could be one other issue that led you straight to your hometown, such as caring for an elderly relative or you inherit a house.

If you plan to move back to your home state, you need to consider the benefits and drawbacks of that decision and ensure you are well prepared to move and familiarize with a yourself different way of life.

On the good side, in past years, some states offered incentive packages to draw people to their side, such as Vermont.     


We understand that not all moves go as smoothly as planned, so we offer easy moving solutions through our white-glove long-distance moving services. All your belongings will be safely protected all through the moving process into and out of your homes. Move stress-free by obtaining a free GET A QUOTE now. 

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