Cities With The Low Cost of Living In The Us 2021’s

Cities With The Low Cost of Living In The Us 2021's

SUMMARY: Cities with the lowest cost of living in the United States include San Antonio, Colorado Springs, Greenville, Tennessee, and much more. There are a number of factors to consider apart from cost and all these are put into consideration to come up with the top 9 cheapest cities.

When it comes to affordable living, the best locations to live are majorly cities in the south of the Mason-Dixon Line. Texas, Tennessee, and Arkansas are few states that feature on our list.

Whether you are starting a family or a single young professional, saving money for the future is usually going to be your topmost priority. One of the most effective ways to save up salary is to ensure you are living in a place with a reasonable cost of living.

To assist you to avoid expensive moving, we’ve gathered some of the cheapest cities in the country for you. See the 9 locations where living expenses, housing, and entertainment will be friendly to your bank account.

1. San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio tends to draw devotees who proudly wear their citizenship. That is because the economic appeal of the city is supported by a bustling arts community and so many beautiful sceneries. As regards health-conscious, the medical infrastructure of the city is so strong that it can draw patients from other areas. And even though it is the 7th largest city in the United States, housing prices in San Antonio are usually just a tenth of the cost of other big hubs.

2. Colorado Springs, Colorado

Together with a reasonable cost of housing, Colorado Springs reduces health care costs by accommodating some of the fittest residents in the country. Outdoor activities, as well as pet-friendly places, keep people on the move, and the city is a fast commute to ski towns where you can spend weekends.  

3. Greenville, South Carolina

You won’t see any wide weather or housing changes in Greenville, which is home to some of the most consistent figures for both. You can get to major hubs, such as Myrtle Beach or Atlanta in an afternoon car ride, but you might want to stay put: the city is popularly known for its museums, food, strong employment market, and downtown district.

4. Memphis, Tennessee

With amazing food, affordable housing, and quality recreation; this cities has a cost of living 14% cheaper than the country’s average is just great. Those living here can save in some unimaginable ways, with Tennessee one of the lowest taxed states in the United States. For those buying a home for the first time, a regular mortgage payment in Memphis may only cost around an average of 10% of monthly income.

5. Louisville Kentucky

Those looking to save a lot of money will like the reduced cost of food and healthcare in Louisville, which can provide them a two-digit reduction from the country’s average. The same goes for their utilities which is usually overlooked (and cost-demanding) cost for those looking to save money. Job seekers can access a high employment rate in Louisville as it has been able to fight economic declines.

6. Birmingham, Alabama

This city is referred to as the Magic City, Birmingham has a low cost of living as well as friendly temperatures: food lovers will enjoy the over 500 restaurants in the city. There is also a large cross-section of housing in the area, ranging from burgeoning loft communities to calm, family-friendly neighborhoods. The natural and architectural summits of the city provide some of the most amazing views of any metropolis in the country.

7. Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha has a great balance sheet: Residents can make more and spend less than the country’s average. And if you plan to mingle with a younger population, the city’s statistic speaks for itself – possibilities for white-collar workers are also great: With 5 of the biggest corporations in the US in the city limits, opportunities are always around you.  

8. Dayton, Ohio

Prepare to spend only a bit more than $10 for a T-bone steak and nearly $70,000 to get a quality home in Dayton, which often make it to many best cost-of-living reports. Residents are usually closer to major highway crossings and different diversions, such as many fine arts programs. Small business owners can also receive a lift from the city’s robust economic growth resources. And if your priority is healthcare, hospitals in Dayton tend to be on the frontline of burgeoning diagnostic as well as treatment advances.

9. Buffalo, New York

Buffalo offers low average housing costs without giving in to some of the cultural lags popular in “cheap” cities. there are major sports teams, many large museums, and attractions in Buffalo, as well as a location that implies that you can find somewhere to call home without being far to commute: Professionals often drive about 20 minutes on average, to their place of work. Families with children can enroll their kids in the Buffalo district schools which have been named as one of the best in the U.S.    

5 Things to note during your Search for an Affordable State

The cost of living is just one of the things you should consider when relocating to a new state, but not the only thing. Below are five (5) vital factors that can affect your purse and quality of life:


If you are searching for a place more affordable for you to live in, it is often better to factor in taxes. Moving to a location that has low or no taxes will save you a huge amount of money per annum. For reference, the 7 states in the U.S. with no state income tax are Alaska, Nevada, Texas, Florida, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Washington. Also, Tennessee and New Hampshire don’t collect tax on earned income – however, they collect tax on income from dividends and interests. For further details on states with lesser taxes, click here.

Job prospects:

While moving to a cheap place might be tempting, you should also think of your job opportunities in that area. That is because the median income can be lower in cheaper parts of the United States. Certainly, remember that a lower income may be fine in an area with a lower living cost. However, you may not get the job opportunities as plentiful as you would in more expensive locations.


For your school-age children, you need to look at the schools. Since a huge part of the funding for public schools is getting from property taxes, you may discover that cheap areas don’t have much funding for schools. Even if you don’t have kids, homebuyers should always be cautious of the fact that property values are usually significantly affected by the quality of the local schools. When checking housing in an affordable state, make sure you look into school ratings in the location.


Want to move to a place with people of like minds? Make sure you look into who lives in the place you are looking to relocate to. For example, families with kids will possibly want to choose a family-friendly city with great schools, a younger population, low crime rates, as well as many kid-friendly activities. Young professionals may want to go for a place filled with other young professionals, huge corporations, and employment opportunities. Older retirees may not need to focus on the factors above. Their priority will rather be moving to a place filled with the older population as well as many recreational opportunities.

Local housing market:

When searching for a cheap area to reside in, make sure you take the local housing market into serious consideration. Together with pricing, you will need to check the normal square footage, features, and age of homes in that location. If you would like to rent, are there many rental options in the city? In most parts of the country, there are only a few and far-between quality rentals. If you plan to buy real estate, you should also weigh in the comps. That you are relocating to a place much more affordable doesn’t mean you should pay the first price for a home.

FAQ about Cities with the Low Cost of Living in the Us

What state is the cheapest and safest to reside in?

Mississippi is the state that costs the least in the country. The cost of living is lower here at 15% than the U.S. average and the housing cost is 30 percent cheaper than the country’s average. Mississippi’s job market and salaries are also good.

Can you live in $1,000 per month?

Living on $1,000 per month successfully is based on your decision. I’ve been able to cut my expenses drastically by relocating back home. Rent and transportation costs are the largest money spender to reduce. Concentrate on smaller parts if you are not able to make shifts on major parts.

What monthly salary do I need to retire?

Depending on the 80 percent rule, you can hope to get around $96,000 per annum after you retire, which is $8,000 every month.


Between the crisis economy and the current coronavirus pandemic, one can safely say that almost everyone’s life has changed this year. For lots of people, this change is financial, and some are searching for highly affordable locations to reside. If your case is like this, then the lists of cities above are some of the suggestions you need to consider. 

Wherever you are ready to move to any of these cities with low cost of living, our best long-distance movers are ready to make the move as smooth as possible at an affordable cost.

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