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Corporate Relocation Services

Availing our corporate relocation service helps you to stay productive throughout the corporate relocation period. We have long experience of assisting companies as well as employees in their relocation. We offer complete packages for corporate relocation at affordable prices.

Our moving service is immensely efficient in handling office as well as employee relocation. We wipe off the stress factor often associated with relocation, which helps your employees stay in good spirit and makes moving an engaging and pleasant experience.

An expert representative will meet you to get all the required information that will affect the move, which includes the type of goods to be moved and the distance involved. Now, we will align our relocation strategy with your company’s move policy so that we don’t miss any of the details. Learning about your business, corporate relocation needs and expectations from a mover helps us deliver accordingly.

Now, once the assessment phase is completed, we will analyze and prepare a detailed cost estimate and move plan. This is followed by the implementation phase wherein our expert movers and packers will carry out a site inspection and then authorize the move plan. We believe in getting approval for even the smallest task during your relocation.

Corporate relocation is no more a challenging task, as we shall assist you during all the phases of your move. It will turn out to be a pleasant experience since we have the best team of movers to get the job done smoothly and with minimum supervision.

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Relocation Process - Adams Van Lines

Corporate Relocation Process

We draw up a profile document that details all your corporate relocation needs and the key activities we’re going to carry out. It includes authorizations like authorization to carry out the relocation and  using our discretion in carrying out the move.

The document will consist list of tasks that would need an authorization call from our end, and tasks that we’re not authorized to do. Once we’ve a detailed terms and conditions document that includes the pricing and move plan, an authorized personnel from the company needs to sign it.

Assisting Employees During Corporate Relocation

Once the relocation service comes into effect, we go ahead according to the detailed plan. Our representatives will get in touch with the concerned employees and understand their individual relocation needs, present them with a detailed relocation plan and brief them on the processes involved. 

We will also brief them about things to complete before moving, some of the inventory practices to undertake, insurance coverage, shipment dates, company’s relocation policy and how we will assist in moving their kids and family to the new location.

Corporate Relocation - Adams Van Lines
Assisting Employees During Corporate Relocation

We offer real estate assistance to employees and their families, which includes temporary housing, property search, mortgage financing and destination services. Our relocation manager will serve as a single point of contact for every employee and provide them with information pertaining packing assistance, delivery of the packing supplies, loading, transit, unloading, disassembly  and even vehicle transport.

Relocation manager for your employees will update them on a regular basis about the status of the move. In addition to this, your employees will also get key notifications from our 24-hour customer care executives as and when needed. Right from assisting your employees and their families, we take care of all their needs until they settle down in a new city or country.

Corporate relocation involves storage of office goods and equipments, including confidential documents and files.  Our team of expert movers is honest and reliable, so you can always trust us with moving and storage of your office equipments and documents.

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