Get Free Moving Boxes And Moving Supplies

Get Free Moving Boxes And Moving Supplies

If you are getting ready for a move, you will want all the money-saving tips you can get. That is why free moving boxes may come as a great solution for you.

Weeks before the tedious packing process, there is a better opportunity you check moving checklists, shopping lists, and spreadsheets before the big day. Cardboard boxes are often on top of many lists during a move. The moving box is the best saving when you can find free ones in your area. There are different places to locate free moving boxes, especially if you can be a bit creative.

Knowing the place to find free moving supplies means reducing a huge part of your moving costs.

To assist you to budget your move and make everything a little convenient and affordable, we’ve gathered a checklist of the best places to get free moving boxes. Most of these places offer boxes for free to free their spaces or declutter their warehouses.

1. Craigslist

This is a great resource for finding free boxes for the move. Visit the free section of the website to find out if anyone is giving free moving boxes away. Try this towards the end of the weekend or the start of the week to have a better chance of finding free boxes since that is when a lot of people unpack or clean out old moving boxes. We also suggest that you make use of the “Wanted section” of the site to submit a post that you need free moving boxes.

This is where most people giving out free moving boxes will check before they post in another section. Craigslist search box is also good for searching for free moving boxes. Even if anyone wants money for their moving boxes, you may be able to get them to make a swap deal with you for items you no longer want.

2. Freecycle

We suggest you check Freecycle after Craigslist to find out if there are some free moving boxes available near you. You will first join our local group and then post that you need some free boxes for your move and see if there are any responses to it. You may be surprised to see how many boxes lying around in someone’s household storage. Remember that you may be required by some local Freecycle rules to give away an item before you are qualified to claim a free item.


The next time you don’t know where to gather free boxes, check the local community group of your area to get answers. If you are yet to join your neighborhood’s, you should do now. You will find helpful information about your place like neighborhood updates, city news, local services, and so on, as well as find several free items being giving away by people in your community.

This usually includes moving boxes. There are “classifieds” sections on the community platform specially designed for items for sale and free giveaways. Consider it as one huge online garage sale in your area. If you don’t see moving boxes posted in the Classified sections, just post what items you need and you should get a quick response from neighbors.

4. Recycling Centers

Parties are required by most recycling centers to break down their boxes. However, you may be able to get some if you call earlier. You might need to make some adjustments to the boxes to prepare them for your move, but it is worth it if you can save some money. Find a recycling center closest to you to find more free moving boxes.

5. U-Haul Customer Connects

This is a newly implemented service made by U-Haul that allows you to search for free boxes closer to you, from those who have just completed unpacking and need to dispose of their boxes. Enter your address or city into the search box and you will see a list of free moving boxes awaiting a new home.

6. Liquor Stores

Do you reside closer to a wine and liquor store? It doesn’t hurt to visit and ask the manager if they can allow you to part away with few of their boxes. Liquor stores receive shipments every month which can be easily converted into moving boxes. Larger liquor stores get more boxes than they can use, so be free to ask away.     

7. Facebook Community Groups

There are community groups on Facebook for almost everything, and this doesn’t exclude your local community. Perform a quick search on Facebook for local groups in your area that offer free items, swaps, or just community groups where people usually post and seem friendly. The good thing about these community groups on Facebook is that you can just post that you need some moving boxes and just wait for the number of people that have some or know some people that will soon have some available.

You also can check Facebook Marketplace to find moving boxes. Make use of the ‘shoe-free listings only’ to find out if there are any free moving boxes in your area.

8. McDonald’s

Before the golden delicious fries of McDonald’s could get into your Happy Meal, they are sent to every location frozen, and in strong cardboard boxes. These boxes are sturdy and perfect for transporting heavy belongings that need a smaller-sized box. Since frozen items are the original contents of the box, you won’t have to worry about the odor of grease nature of the boxes. Fry boxes from McDonald’s also have a Facebook Page for fans that love their versatility.

9. Free Boxes from Retailers

Your local stores are nice resources for locating free moving boxes. Just check the retailers near you and ask if they have boxes they are not using. Most will be happy to let you take it off their hands as they won’t have to go through the stress of ripping them apart. After all, the worst response you can get is no. You can also visit the alleyways of stores and find their cardboard recycling bins where they keep unwanted boxes.

Out of the popular courtesy, you should check the store before you lay your hand on any of these boxes. Stores that have nicely used and free boxes for moving include book stores, liquor stores, computer, and office supply stores, shoe stores, warehouse clubs, pharmacies, fast food restaurants, pharmacies, coffee shops, home improvement stores, department stores, pet stores, and grocery stores. These are nice places where you will find the sturdiest and cleanest moving boxes.

10. Letgo

This or another related app has free listings together with the normal buy and sell listings. Look for boxes on the app and you will get results for your location. Find the word ‘free’ on the listing so you can select the entire free boxes that are available.  

11. Schools

You likely have many elementary, middle, and high schools near you. Contact the front office, and ask if they have boxes that you can take off of their hand. The start of the school year is a nice time to find out, as the school will be receiving a lot of book and school supply shipments during the fall.

12. Starbucks

I have worked at Starbucks a long time ago and I know from experience that at least 1 or 2 shipments will be delivered to a store every week, so they will likely have moving boxes available every week. Since Starbucks boxes are of different sizes, you will want to inform them to keep their larger-sized containers for keeping lighter, larger items.

How to Find Reliable Moving Boxes

Whether a family member who just completed a move is giving you free moving boxes or a stranger is supplying them to you on Craigslist, you should often check for some features. Before you load your items into the free boxes you collected, consider this: all boxes are not the same. It can be stressful to find enough free moving boxes for your move, and also can be difficult to put them to use. If the boxes are moldy, flimsy, or damaged, that they are free won’t even matter since you will regret it if you use them. The moving boxes worth collecting are the ones that possess these qualities: 

  • Strength: Good moving boxes are strong boxes, the type that will safeguard your belongings from the elements. Always find boxes that are strong, have properly-made bottoms, and functioning flaps that completely close.
  • No damage: A damaged moving box will probably damage its contents. This is why you should often pass on boxes that have tears, weak spots, holes, or rips. When a moving box is damaged, it is no more trustworthy to hold your items.
  • Cleanliness: Usually, free moving boxes have been used before. That is why they may contain effects of their previous contents, whether chemicals or fossils may come from a place with pets or from a smoker’s home. Your belongings will get contaminated when kept in contaminated boxes, so don’t gather boxes that show sign of debris, dirt or odors.
  • Dryness: Cardboard boxes only function when they are dry. If you find free boxes that are wet, moldy, or filled with watermarks, avoid them. Handling water damage is not worth the headache.


If you shop for free moving boxes and have no luck, buying new boxes might be faster and easier. You can often find sturdy moving boxes or storage providers, UPS stores, or online. Regardless of the case, always go for a quality box. During unpacking of clean, undamaged belongings in your new home, you will be happy you did.

To locate a reliable moving company, check our trusted long-distance moving services. We are license and have insurance to do a perfect job and we are the best hands for your successful move.

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