The Top 9 Largest Cities In The United States

The Top 9 Largest Cities In The United States

Considering a move to one of the largest U.S. cities? You may want to gather some important information before you move – considerations like the median salary, average price to purchase a home, and rent are very important.

We’ve researched the largest cities in the United States by population, including the important things that make them attractive options and came up with the entire details of the top 9 largest U.S. Cities.

9 Largest Cities in the US by Population

  1. New York City— Population: 8,398,748
  2. Los Angeles— Population: 3,990,456
  3. Chicago— Population: 2,705,994
  4. Houston— Population: 2,325,502
  5. Phoenix— Population: 1,660,272
  6. Philadelphia— Population: 1,584,138
  7. San Antonio— Population: 1,532,233
  8. San Diego— Population: 1,425,976
  9. Dallas— Population: 1,345,047

9. Dallas, Texas

  • Population: 1,345,047
  • Average salary: $69,000
  • Average home list price: $365,000
  • Average monthly rent: $1,700/month

Dallas is one of the most developed and well-defined older city of the 3 largest cities in Texas, and it is where you will find great dining, shopping, nightlife, as well as the Dallas cowboys. Situated in the northern part of the state of Texas, Dallas remains a bit cooler than San Antonio and Houston, but still sees more sunshine.

Dallas is a contemporary city famous for its amazing skyline, which includes the Bank of America Plaza and Reunion Tower. There are many jobs available in the education, trade and transportation, government, and health and services sectors in the Dallas job market.

8. San Diego, California

  • Population: 1,425,976
  • Average salary: $75,000
  • Average home list price: $699,900
  • Average monthly rent: $2,750/month

Do you find the ocean, beaches, sunshine, and art lovely? San Diego is an amazing city for those searching for that relaxed, California, surf break during launch kind of living. Well known for the most temperate weather in the country, San Diego is situated nicely near great hiking, beach, and also national parks. It is also packed with relatively bustling restaurants, outdoor patios, and nightlife.

There are many employments available in San Diego in food preparation and service, business financial operations, and office and administrative support. Whether you are touring the museums of Balboa Park or watching wildlife at the San Diego Zoo, there is a lot to see. Most residents of San Diego benefit from these sights with annual passes to these beautiful parks.

7. San Antonio, Texas

  • Population: 1,532,233
  • Average salary: $61,000
  • Average home list price: $235,000
  • Average monthly rent: $1,300/month

Situated exactly in the center of Texas, San Antonio is a relaxed and sunny city that offers a southwestern feel. It is famously known for historical spots, including the Alamo and its beautiful San Antonio River Walk, which is filled with local shopping and craft markets. Leading industries in the city of San Antonio are the government, health and education services, and trade and transportation.

Sports lovers can watch the San Antonio Spurs play. And for lovers of craft breweries and the food scene, they can explore the Pearl District that is filled with breweries, restaurants, and the latest historic hotels. 

6. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • Population: 1,584,138
  • Average salary: $68,000
  • Average home list price: $234,900
  • Average monthly rent: $1,490/month

Philadelphia is the second-largest city on the East Coast in the United States, and it is a great place to live in thanks to its perfect location. Those who reside in Philadelphia benefit from the Amtrak fast-speed train for convenient access to Boston, New York, D.C., and Baltimore. Being one of the oldest cities in the country, Philly has an amazing history and architecture, including great dining and nightlife scenes.

Employments are numerous in the city in various industries such as education and health services, trade and transportation industry, and professional and business services. With quick and convenient access to lots of other large cities in the United States, Philly residents commonly commute outside their city for work.

5. Phoenix, Arizona

  • Population: 1,660,272
  • Average salary: $65,000
  • Average home list price: $289,900
  • Average monthly rent: $1,475/month

If you enjoy the outdoors, sunny, desert mountain weather, in particular, which is ideal for biking, hiking, and river rafting almost every day of the year – then this city is the best location for you. The cost of living is on the lower trend unlike other big cities in the country, and public transportation is perfectly structured.

Phoenix offers a lot of employment in education and health services, trade and transportation, and professional and business services. There are also many museums that honorerican History and art in Phoenix, 4 professional sports teams, as well as several golf courses that are available year-round.

4. Houston, Texas

  • Population: 2,325,502
  • Average salary: $70,000
  • Average home list price: $283,000
  • Average monthly rent: $1,500/month

Houston is one of the cities in the United States that are quickly growing, and for good reason. It has a lot of space to develop since the city is very wide. Houston is so wide that you will nearly need a vehicle to travel around. Houston has jobs in education and health services, trade and transportation, and government jobs. As a bonus, Houston also boasts of cheaper real estate market with zero income taxes.

Together with its huge size, Houston is an amazingly well-rounded city that offers arts, fresh seafood, and culture. NASA’s Johnson Space Center, the Astros Major League Baseball team, and an amazingly performing arts scene situated in the Downtown Theater District are also found in Houston.    

3. Chicago, Illinois

  • Population: 2,705,994
  • Average salary: $70,000
  • Average home list price: $325,000
  • Average monthly rent: $1,761/month

This is the largest American city located in the Midwest, which gives it all attractions of big city living but at cheaper prices, unlike the New York or Los Angeles prices. Considering its location scenic Lake Michigan, lots of Chicago apartments’ amazing water views, and are near world-class shopping, public transportation, many restaurants, culture, and food trucks.

Chicago is home to famous museums, Sears Tower, and 5 big sports franchises, such as the Bulls and the Cubs, there is surely something for everyone in Chicago. Located in Illinois, where it is closer to 6 other states such as Missouri, Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Kentucky – it is also mostly easy to reach by car for many Americans. If the trade and transportation, health and education services, or professional business services in your field, you are fortunate. These fields are the best for employment-seekers in Chicago.

2. Los Angeles, California

  • Population: 3,990,456
  • Average salary: $74,000
  • Average home list price: $859,000
  • Average monthly rent: $3,500/month

If you search for the keyword ‘why you should relocate to Los Angeles,’ you will discover that many YouTubers are talking about why you should not move there. We can see through the line. Between the amazing weather, great shopping, and an unmatched music scene, Los Angeles is for a good reason one of the largest cities in the United States. Los Angeles is a nice place for people in the entertainment sector, including business management, computer or mathematical, or architecture sectors.

For outdoor lovers, Los Angeles offers all the adventures you’ve been dreaming of. With a coveted terrain, you can head to the beach to surf or the mountains to ski on one nice weekend. The food, nightlife, and enough opportunities to see celebrities are enormous in Los Angeles too. Many Hollywood stars and professional athletes are living in Los Angeles, which includes Los Angeles Lakers Basketball team.

1. New York City, New York

  • Population: 8,398,748
  • Average salary: $89,800
  • Average home list price: $760,000
  • Average monthly rent: $2,900/month

There is a saying that everyone should at least live in NYC for once in their lifetime. Being the biggest city in the country, New York prides itself on some of the best diverse cuisine, museums, top-notch fashion, and culture in the entire universe. If you are a person who prefers location over space and is up for a bustling life, NYC might be just the ideal city for you.

The subway system in NYC runs all the time, nonstop, this makes it relatively convenient to get around without a vehicle of your own, which is good news since you will want to spend that money on many other things to do in NYC. New York City is home to famous spots and structures like Central Park, the Empire State Building, Times Square, and Grand Station, as well as the Statue of Liberty. You can surely reside in NYC for many years and still feels like a tourist in your city.

FAQ about Largest Cities in the US

Which is bigger between Dallas and Chicago?

Dallas is roughly 343 square miles. To explain that; Chicago sits on 234 square miles. Manhattan covers a small 34-mile plot of land. That is smaller than the mass of land that the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) alone covers.

What city name can be found in all 50 states?

Springfield is always thought to be the only city name that comes up in each of the states in the country, but when last counted, it was just 34 states. The latest count reveals that ‘Riverside’ occurs 186 times in 46 states; only Louisiana, Alaska, Oklahoma, and Hawaii doesn’t have a community named of such.

What city is the smallest in the country?

Today, the United Census revealed that Monowi is the only incorporated location in the United States with only one resident, and Eiler is the Mayor, librarian, clerk, bartender, treasurer, and the only person residing in the tiniest town of the country.

Ready to call One of these Cities Home?

Whether you prefer the warm weather and easy access to world-class restaurants or hiking, and incredible beaches, these amazing cities in the United States have the most populations of people in the United States for good reason.

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