Tricks To A Quicker, Easier, And Less Stressful Move

Tricks To A Quicker, Easier, And Less Stressful Move

Each move starts as a joyful and exciting process, but the moment you slowly begin to pack all your items; it begins to appear more difficult. This happens to everyone; regardless of whether you are a first-time mover or this is your ninth time, you are not an expert mover, and you don’t know each and every moving trick.

We are here for just that! To share the idea and knowledge based on our years of experience in the moving business.

The greatest dream of all the people that are moving is for everything to run smoothly. But, the case is different almost all the time. Some items just get broken, lost, spilled, and so on.

However, don’t panic at the start since we have all the relocation ideas and tips that could save your move.

The following moving tricks are the ultimate guide to remain on top of your move, regardless of the size and type..

Getting Ready for the Move

Starting earlier is the best way to pack for a move, and not later. There are many things you can do before you even start to pack your first box to help ensure a convenient move. So before we enter into packing ideas and tricks, below are some moving tricks that will assist you begin on the right step:

  • Contact the utility providers immediately you know you are moving: You will be able to get this done quickly and also make sure you don’t forget to do it in the process.
  • Quickly find a mover: Find movers in your area that have already been researched for safety, reliability and, quality.
  • Set your budget: Moving can be costly, and you want to avoid not having enough funds after everything. Use our online moving calculator and find out the amount you can prepare to spend.
  • Arrange for packing supplies: Our packing checklist is available for your use into a good insight of quantity you will need as regards packing supplies. This will make sure you get all that you need on the first visit to the store.
  • Eat up: Be determined to eat up the food you have in your house before your moving day. You can make it a game and be creative with recipes to determine how much food you can use up. You can also be nice and donate unopened/unexpired food to a nearby local food bank.

Getting Rid of Items

We can’t overemphasize how easier your move will be if you arrange your goods and dispose of, recycle or donate items you don’t need instead of transporting them to your new home. It is a task; but these tips can help do:

  • Purge your closet: If it is out of style, doesn’t fit, and you haven’t put it on in twelve months, dispose it of.
  • Dispose of belongings you wouldn’t buy again: When choosing whether an item is essential to your life, ask yourself whether you would still like to spend money to buy it if you don’t have it already. If not, you possibly don’t need it.
  • Arrange for donation pick-up: If you are donating some big household items like rugs and furniture, arrange a pick-up in advance so you can make sure you have an organization that comes to pick them up. See this list of charities that offer donation pickup so that you don’t stress much on how you will haul everything.
  • Try temporary storage: If there are certain goods that you just can’t bring yourself to dispose of yet, but are also not sure you need, you may want to temporarily store them and then perform evaluation later. 

Saving Money on your Relocation

Together with being much work, moves can also be costly. Consider these moving budgets tricks to reduce your costs:

  • Obtain quotes from 3 separate movers (at least): This helps make sure you receive the best price, and you may even discover a company that is prepared to lower their estimate if it means that they get your job.
  • Consider all your options: The best way to relocate is the one that is reasonable for your moving needs and budget. Compare the price of moving companies against renting a truck for your move or renting a portable moving container to determine the most cost-effective option for you.
  • Get free packing supplies: You can always get free boxes by reaching out to local retailers or just asking friends and household members.
  • Be flexible: Do you have flexibility as regards when you have to move? Save cost by choosing a mid-day or mid-week move.

How to pack for a Move

Packing to relocate might just be the most time-demanding part of the entire process. Our best tips for packing for a move are all about taking shortcuts so that you can save a lot of time while still ensuring that your goods are protected.

Having that in mind, below are the packing tricks for relocating that you must know for a convenient and smoother move. 

  • Don’t clear out your dresser drawers: Remove the drawers from the dresser, pack some items in there, and wrap them up with plastic wrap to secure them. You can leave the drawers inside the dresser if it is not too heavy, just use plastic wrap to cover the dresser itself.
  • Don’t remove your clothes from the hanger: Leave clothes on their hangers and maybe group them up and pack them in large garbage bags or hang them inside a wardrobe box.
  • Put your towels, linens, and other soft materials to use: Use socks to wrap up delicate items like glasses or fragrance bottles and add cushioning to delicate, tough to wrap items like lamps and vases using linens and towels. Securely wrap knives and other sharp kitchen objects in dish towels, using a rubber band to secure them.
  • Keep small items in pots: Instead of using extra boxes for small kitchen items such as gadgets and spices, keep them in your large pots and other sealable containers instead.
  • Use plastic wrap to secure items that can spill: Use plastic wrap to hold the lid of items that can spill such as shampoo, cleaning supplies, soap, and much other stuff that you don’t want to be spilled out on your belongings.
  • Pack your suitcases: You can perform packing many heavy belongings in suitcases since they can be easily moved with their wheels. Pack items that are difficult to haul in boxes inside suitcases, like books and heavy serving dishes.
  • Color code boxes: Save more time with box labeling by using sheets of various colored stickers and allocating a room to each. That will make sure you can identify the things that should go where faster, and you won’t have to find the market each time you are done packing a box.
  • Take photos of the contents of the box: Take a quick snap of them after you have packed them in case there is a need for you to refer to whether to know what’s where. While you will not be able to capture all the contents in the shot, it should assist you to have a general insight into the contents of each box.
  • Snap the back of your TV: It can be tough to remember where to fix all those wires. While you are yet to unplug your TV, take photos of the back so you can easily remember how to later set it up.
  • Pack a bag for moving essential: Pack a small suitcase or duffel bag with the belongings you will need to use during your relocation and immediately you get to the destination, like medications, basic toiletries, important documents, chargers, some change of clothes, and so on.

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Final Minute Tricks

Having so much time to plan, prepare and carry out your move is the best; however, it doesn’t always work out as planned. Carry out these packing and moving tricks if you are rushing.

  • Begin with logistics: Determine how you are transporting from one point to another before you do any other task. You can hire people to do many things during a move, apart from this.
  • Pack now and sort later: The best time to pack is now. Make sure you wrap valuables, sharp belongings, and breakables properly, but don’t apply pressure on yourself to arrange or label your moving boxes as you will determine all that when you are not rushing.
  • Leave some tasks for your movers: If you hire a moving company, you can let them carry out some tasks, like wrapping up fragile items, furniture and handle some last-minute tasks. Just be ready that this make makes some more contests then cost more money.


Moving tricks are all about ensuring things are a bit easier on you. Follow the ones mentioned in this article and you will discover that, by this time, maybe your move is not that as hard as you might think.

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