How To Choose Between Long Distance Movers

How To Choose Between Long Distance Movers

The process of choosing between long-distance moving companies can be stressful under the best of situations. But choosing the right moving company can help in moving your items and in reducing the much stress attributed to moving.

You would not just hire anyone off the internet or street to haul your belongings to another part of the country. You know that already, but how do you find the best long-distance movers in the middle of all the options available online? 

They all claim to be the best in the business, so the best you can do is to have a complete checklist of qualities and requirements that can help you screen out the rogues and find a team of interstate movers who will make your moving process enjoyable for you.

Selecting the Best Long-Distance Movers

You will want to hire a licensed full-service company that is fully insured, has to experience with your type of move, and has a great reputation in their community.

There are many sad stories from people who paid huge amounts of money to professional movers upfront, only never to see them on a moving day.

Another tactic used in the moving industry is lowball bids and then storing your belongings until you pay an extra fee to have your belongings delivered instead of delivering as agreed.

Below is what you should consider as a checklist when you’re choosing between long-distance moving companies:

Are your Long-Distance Moving Companies Licensed And Insured?

This should be what you know already, but the best interstate moving companies should be able to provide proof of their insurance and license quickly and easily with no stress.

You can also check the FMCSA’s website for the interstate mover’s license, but you shouldn’t have to do that research yourself. Normally, the moving company has a license number from FMCSA shown on its website and gives a full explanation of their moving insurance and options for additional coverage when you request your moving quote.

Are Your Long-Distance Moving Companies Experienced? 

When looking into interstate moving, the summary is that experience is essential. Adams Van Lines is a company that has been offering moving services for decades, making them one of the leading companies in the long-distance moving industry.

A long-distance move involves a lot of worries that can’t be found in a local move. With different state and federal laws and regulations that must be strictly complied with, a long-distance move also involves greater risk for the shipment since it is traveling farther.

These are the reasons you must be sure that you must leave your household goods to an experienced long-distance mover.

Are your Long-Distance Moving Companies an Established Company?

The best long-distance moving company gets there gradually, having spent several years building their moving process, training their workers, and getting rid of those early learning mistakes. When moving state to state, there are many details that a moving company needs to put into considerations that are not in a local move.

Crossing state lines requires extra licenses and paperwork. Your household goods are also traveling farther, so the moving company must be sure that all your items are well secured and able to withstand the long haul. Don’t leave your long-distance move to newbies.

Do your Long-Distance Moving Companies have Good Moving Reviews?

Even though no company can sometimes escape customer complaints, a moving company with a history of moving-related complaints or one with particular numerous serious complaints should be screened out.

You can make a safety rating comparison on long-distance moving companies you are considering on the FMCSA’s website. Another source for getting an overall rating on any mover is the Better Business Bureau.

Do your Long-Distance Moving Companies Offer a Complete Moving Quote, Estimate, or Guaranteed Moving Price? 

A verbal moving estimate is not reliable when it comes to moving services. So, when making moving-related cost comparisons with your long-distance movers, ensure that you are making apples to the comparison.

The top-rated long-distance movers are clear and straightforward about the cost of the long-distance move and provide a detailed breakdown of their quote. Consider looking elsewhere if you’ve found moving companies that want to give you a number without breaking it down to services included.

Do your Moving Companies Ask For Large Deposits?

Most moving companies will not ask for more than 20% of your total estimated moving cost as a deposit unless your move involves different circumstances. Many movers don’t ask for payment until your household belongings are delivered to your new home.

Some might request fuel and labor charges to cover their packing, driving, and truck unloading expenses. If a deposit is necessarily required, then make payment using a credit card so that the charges are easily contested if the company failed to honor agreements.

How to find the Best Long-Distance Moving Companies Near Me

How to discover the best long distance movers in your location? Below are the steps to do that: 

  • Step 1: Fill in the no-fee moving quote to contact reliable long-distance movers. You will be connected only with the rightly licensed and sufficiently insured professional movers that service your moving route from one point to another. 
  • Step 2: Ask for in-home visual inspections of your home from all your long-distance moving companies immediately after the first contact. The importance of those in-home inspections is that they are the only way to obtain accurate estimates for your move. So, if the on-site survey is not offered by a cross-country mover but instead wants to give you an estimate of your move over the phone or through e-mail only, say NO and move to the next mover. 
  • Step 3: Have a minimum of four to five in-home surveys arranged. Moving experts will come to your home at the agreed time and day, and will carefully check the things you plan to move (remember to show it all) and, will survey your home for the possibility of moving day accidents, such as tight doorways, staircases, displaced elevators, narrow corridors, and oversized (antique) furniture or other items that require special packing and moving methods. 
  • Step 4: Ask the representative of your long-distance moving companies all the questions in your mind. The answer provided to those questions will give you enough information about your possible expectation for each moving company regarding professionalism and reliability.
  • Step 5: Obtain a written moving cost estimate from all the moving companies after completing in-house surveys that will enable you to choose a long-distance moving company that is just perfect for you.    

Picking a Long Distance Mover 

There is no complication to choosing a long-distance mover. Still, it takes time to complete important movers’ research before booking the services of the long-distance moving company that you have discovered to be the best for you.

Also, below are the summary of the steps recommended for you (concisely) to choose a good long distance mover: 

  • Get contacted by long-distance moving companies near you by using a cost estimator.
  • Ask for in-home surveys for accurate moving cost estimates.
  • Compare the quotes received from movers. Focus on the additional moving services and their prices.
  • Avoid ridiculously good cost estimates. Lowball estimates are commonly used to lure customers by dishonest movers 
  • Check the reputation of your movers by reading moving reviews from customers and making a comparison of overall ratings.
  • Check the moving companies’ USDOT numbers as proof of their licensing by the United States Government and sufficiently insured to operate in the country legally.
  • Check if the movers you are considering are ProMovers with the American Moving Storage Association (AMSA).
  • Check if the movers you are considering are BBB-Accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), as it shows the company can be relied on by consumers. 

Watch! Look for any other Warning Signals

We’ve already discussed many warning signals in this write-up, including checking licenses, negative (or no reviews), and phone moving estimation rather than in-home estimation.

When moving long-distance, another huge warning signal is moving companies that ask for a huge amount as a deposit to secure their service for a move. While each company charges customers differently (some before and some at delivery), you should treat any request for a large deposit before the move as a red flag.

Ensure during quoting; you receive it in writing. Also, a good moving quote should include a detailed list of all charges. 


Most long-distance moving companies will give you great care and competitive moving rates. Make sure this guide is with you when planning your long-distance move to make sure that your moving experience goes as stress-free as possible. 

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