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Are you planning to move to Tampa? Great! Tampa is beautiful and fun to stay.

But are you stressed and worried about how to manage it? Don’t worry. We have you covered.

The physical and mental stress of packing, decluttering, cleaning, loading, unpacking and all such activities involved in moving is overwhelming. Allow us to relieve you of this stress and strain of moving. Self-moving a short distance with fewer belongings may be viable. But for greater distances and a house load of goods, it is advised to engage professional movers in Tampa.

Read along to also know more about Tampa, the living cost at Tampa and its beautiful neighborhoods. We want your stay in Tampa, to be pleasant and joyful.

Adams Van Lines Top 3 Recommended Moving Companies in Tampa

Top 3 Recommended Movers in Tampa - iMoving


Top 3 Recommended Movers in Tampa - Go Bull Moving

Go Bull moving

Top 3 Recommended Movers in Tampa - Big Boy Moving & Storage

Big Boys Moving

Top 3 Recommended Movers in Tampa - iMoving


Top 3 Recommended Movers in Tampa - Go Bull Moving

Go Bull moving

Top 3 Recommended Movers in Tampa - Big Boy Moving & Storage

Big Boys Moving


We have evaluated a large number of Tampa movers and suggested the best long-distance moving companies for you.

Read along to also know more about Tampa, the living cost at Tampa, and its beautiful neighborhoods. We want your stay in Tampa, to be pleasant and joyful.

List of Top 5 Moving Companies in Tampa

Our experts and researchers have closely assessed many moving companies in Tampa, to shortlist the best five for you.  We had the customers perspective to guide us throughout the selection process. Our selection was based on critical criteria like;

  • Reputation/Reviews/Feedback: We checked their reputation by reading the reviews of their customers. Feedback and ratings of the company from independent third-party sites also help us judge the moving company’s credibility
  • Reliability: The ability to meet deadlines, without damage and loss of the belongings is critical in the moving industry.
  • Services: Not all of us would need the same kind of services or facilities. Hence, we also need to check the range of services that the moving companies offer to suit different customers.
  • Documentation and licenses: You shouldn’t entrust your belongings to unauthorized and unlicensed moving companies. Hence we check the legal documents of the movers to ensure they are legally authorized by the state and Federal government
  • Staff: You would expect the staff to be courteous, understanding and trained. We check the team and ensure that their antecedents are spotless and clean before employment.
  • Rates: ‘Moving’ should not burn a hole in your pocket. So, we look around for moving companies, that are reasonable and justified in their rates.

By closely securitizing on the above parameters and also checking on their license and permits.

We have found the following to be the top 5 moving companies in Tampa:

iMoving - List of Top 5 moving companies in Tampa


Overall Rating 4.8 / 5


Imoving is the organisation you are looking for if you want them to handle your complete moving from packing to delivery to unpacking at destination. They are known for timely and safe delivery. Their price down break the ceiling and are transparent ,reasonable and fixed once it is quoted.

Pick your choice  from various options of carriers, service, and facilities, to suit your convenience and budget. You get to decide your moving plan and they would executed it for you. That sounds amazing. Isn’t it?

Go Bull moving

Overall Rating 4.7 / 5


It is a local Tampa mover and operates as a moving company with expertise in residential and commercial moving. Bull Moving is specialized in local moving but can also handle all kinds of interstate moving. It is strongly present in all the 50 states.

They are incredibly polite and customer friendly. The operating team does not include any day labour, and hence the safety and security are fully ensured.

A 4.7-star rating for Bull moving by the Google ratings speaks volumes about its services and reliability. Bull moving company can be contacted at (813) 943-6043.

Big Boys Moving

Overall Rating 4.7 / 5


That is the best moving company in Tampa for the last ten years. You can trust them with your residential or commercial moving. They have expertise in handling specialty cargo and can also handle quick-moving. Engaging Big Boys Moving relieves you of all stress and strain of moving.

They are adept at packing. And it would be a great idea to leave packing also to them if you find it difficult to do it. If required they can also supply your with packing materials, like various types of boxes, tapes, labels etc.

3 Guys Moving

Overall Rating 4.6 / 5


3 Guys Moving started way back in 1986 and has been engaged in moving for more than three decades now. They handle, residential and business moving with equal ease and skill.

They have an enviable and fantastic rating of 4.9 / 5. And they are good enough to handle all your moving requirements. They also move extra-large furniture and even fine art moving, which requires great care and expertise. If needed, 3 Guys moving are happy to set up furniture after delivering it to the destination.

They do offer an online quote for your moving requirement, and you can contact them at (888) 879-3489

Best Price Movers - List of Top 5 moving companies in Tampa

Best Price Movers

Overall Rating 4.6 / 5


If you are looking out for reasonable and efficient local Tampa moving company, bank on Best Price Movers for your requirement. They also offer long-distance moving along with local services.

They can handle the movement of all your large and heavy furniture with ease. If you need a storage facility, they are happy to provide one. They offer packing and unpacking services and specialize in senior moving. Residential or commercial moving, they can serve you for every requirement. They enjoy a five-star rating if you are concerned about the reputation and feedback.

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The 16 Different Types of Moving Boxes

Cost of Moving in Tampa

Your moving cost will be significantly influenced by the volume of your belongings, the services you avail and the distance of travel. The cost of moving a studio apartment or one-bedroom apartment will be lesser than that of a three-bedroom apartment, for the same distance.

Add on services

If you opt for value-added services like packing, loading, unloading, unpacking and rearranging the new apartment, it will cost more than just moving it. Some moving companies may offer intermediate storage also, which would be charged extra.

Flat charges

To move a studio apartment locally in Tampa, it would cost around 375 USD. However, the moving charges for a 3-bedroom apartment will be a little more than 1000USD. This difference in the price is because of the volume of moving.

Hourly charges

There is one more way of estimating the local moving cost if it suits you. It is based on the hourly charge with a predetermined number of movers employed. To give you an example, in Tampa, the rate to move a 1-bedroom apartment with two movers would be 40USD/Hr. And for a 3-bed room apartment, four movers would be deployed at the rate of 98USD/Hr.

The rates given above are to provide you with a ballpark estimate. It would be best to ask the mover to do a physical inspection and provide a firm quote.

Rental trucks

Just in case you are thinking of managing your move independently, you would need a rental truck. The average rental ranges from 40-60 USD for a one-bedroom flat on one end to 150-170 USD for a large four-bedroom apartment on the other. But remember this does not include any labor charges. You must bear all the incidental costs and arrangements. It could be stressful and a hassle. Opt for it if you have some strong and hefty friends to help you out with packing, loading, unloading, and other physical chores.

The Cost of Living in Tampa

Tampa is located on the West coast of Florida, near the Gulf of Mexico. With an approximate population of about 400,000, Tampa is the third-largest city in Florida.

You will love it for its Spanish and Cuban flavors and culture. Tampa offers an excellent environment to work, play and relax.

The cost of living in Tampa is very close to the national average.  It is about 4 -5% cheaper than the average cost of living in the USA. Except for grocery and transportation, other costs like health, housing, utilities, and miscellaneous expenses are lower than the national average.

The average Living cost for one person/month in Tampa is around 2000 USD against 4200 USD in San Francisco. You can save a lot on this by cooking yourself and using public transport.

City State Utilities Internet Gas (per gallon) Gas (monthly) Rent Food Total
San Francisco CA 123.22 66.62 3.88 197.88 3396.62 426.26 4210.6
New York NY 142.84 62.77 3.05 155.55 3126.35 468.6 3956.11
Tampa FL 150.82 60.03 2.62 133.62 1357.25 328.64 2030.36

The above table compares living cost for one person/month in Tampa against that in San Francisco or New York.

The Neighborhood

It is a nostalgic experience to see historical architectural masterpieces in Tampa. And on the other hand, beautiful modern complexes, add beauty and glamour to Tampa.

Do you like nature and being out in the open? The Urban parks, Tampa Riverwalk, Hip Bars, and fantastic restaurants with exotic delicacies are a great Tampa attraction.

Have fun paddling at Hillsborough River. The Margarita festival, the sports events, and a visit to the Starz Centre is a must when you are in Tampa.

Downtown St. Petersburg

It is the most exciting neighborhood in Tampa bay, full of life, energy, and vigor. July 4 celebrations and the New Year celebrations at Downtown St. Petersburg are incredible. Saturday morning market is also a great draw at Downtown St. Petersburg.

Expect to see lots of restaurants, offices, museums, retail outlets and a fantastic view here.

Ybor City

Enjoy the Latin, Cuban and Italian culture and flavor at Ybor city. It is one of the three historical landmark districts in Florida. If you like an original hand-rolled cigar, this is the place to buy Cuban cigars.

Downtown Tampa

This developing township has excellent facilities for sports and art lovers and enthusiasts. You can never have a dull moment here. The Straz centre for performing art is located here, and so is the historic Tampa Theatre.

If in downtown Tampa, do not miss the world-class Florida Aquarium. The aquatic life will draw away your breath. And of course, how could you miss the Tampa Riverwalk when in Downtown Tampa.

SoHo/Hyde Park

This is the chic urban neighborhood loved some much by the young professionals. The office and home are close here and leave you with ample time for yourself.

Hyde park village and Bayshore Boulevard brings great relief at the weekends and after office hours.


That is the funky neighborhood snugly located between St. Petersburg and the beaches. Replete with coffee houses, chic designer shops, mouth-watering eateries, and great pubs, it is a great place to unwind.

A stroll in the open is most welcome and refreshing here. If you are a sea-loving guy, the waterfront will be a great attraction for you.

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The 16 Different Types of Moving Boxes

Frequently Asked Questions about Tampa

The most popular language spoken in Tampa is English.  Close to 20% of the population also speak Spanish. That is because a good number of Tampa residents are from Latin America.

Quite a few residents of Tampa are bilingual with good English as well as Spanish. Though spoken by very few people, French Creole and French are also used for conversation in Tampa.

Tampa is relatively safe to live. But like any other city, you should avoid certain nasty places when in Tampa. Please coordinate with local agencies to get a list of avoidable places in Tampa.

Some of the notorious and dangerous neighborhoods of Tampa would include, Historic Ybor, North Tampa, Drew park, and Highland Pines

Yes, education in Tampa is quite good. There are several excellent elementary and high school in Tampa. Some of the prominent and reputed schools in Tampa below.

  • Plant High School
  • Brooks Debartolo Collegiate High School
  • Newsome High School
  • Some known colleges in Tampa are
  • Eckerd College
  • Florida College, and Pasco-Hernando State College

Tampa offers good employment opportunities, and Tampa’s employment rate is higher than that of the national average. Some of the highest paying jobs in Tampa are physicians, dentists, computer and Information systems manager, Financial Managers.

Some prominent business activities in Tampa are agriculture, food processing, electronics, and the health care industry.

There are a number of good hospitals in Tampa. But the overall rating of medical facilities in Tampa is not impressive. Some of the best hospitals in Tampa are Advent Health Carrollwood, St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital, Tampa General Hospital, Memorial Hospital of Tampa.

The Tampa General Hospital has listed in the top 50 hospitals for cardiology and heart surgery in the  USA.

The average cost of moving to Tampa for a one-bedroom apartment is around $450. And on the other hand for a four-bedroom flat would amount to approximately $1450.

If needed self-storage space is also available in Tampa. A 5ft X 5ft storage rental for a month would be around $32. And for a 10ft X 20ft the monthly rent would be about  $178.

The average rental of a one-bedroom apartment in Tampa is $1220 while a two-bedroom apartment would be available for $1420.

Tampa bay figures in the list of the top 10 best places for investment in real estate in the USA. As compared to other places, the real estate in Tampa is reasonable.


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