Find the Best Moving Companies in Miami

It must be quite an exciting feeling to move to Miami. But finding an appropriate moving company whom you can trust with your belongings can be challenging. It is not easy to select the best movers among several of them.

There are various factors to evaluate before you can handover your valuable belongings to the mover. Are you worried about how to find the most suitable mover?

Do not stress! Adam Van Lines is in the moving business for more than 20 years. And we shall help you find a couple of the best moving companies in Miami. Our experts have evaluated dozens of Moving companies in Miami, to select the most reliable, economic and dependable ones.

Adams Van Lines top 3 Recommended Miami Movers

Top 3 Recommended Movers in Miami - Moving APT

Moving APT

Top 3 Recommended Movers in Miami - All My Sons

All My Sons

Top 3 Recommended Movers in Miami - ProMOvers


Top 3 Recommended Movers in Miami - Moving APT

Moving APT

Top 3 Recommended Movers in Miami - All My Sons

All My Sons

Top 3 Recommended Movers in Miami - ProMOvers



Miami has small moving companies, as well as big organizations. And they move domestic as well as commercial belongings. Based on their performance, and user reviews, we list the top 3 recommended movers in Miami.

Further, in this article, you can also read about the best ways of getting around in Miami. Also, get to know the Interesting and important places to see in Miami. We have also added information about Miami’s living costs and other useful details to help you settle down with ease.

Well Researched list of 5 Best Miami Moving Companies

The Experts of Moving from Adam van Lines have conducted in-depth research to identify the best five moving companies based on crucial parameters like;

  • Reliability and reputation
  • Legal and licensed
  • Reviews and feedbacks
  • Experience and expertise
  • Punctuality and commitment

A brief description below about these selected moving companies will help you make the right choice.

List of 5 Best Miami Moving Companies - Moving APT

Moving Apt

Overall Rating 4.9 / 5


If you are looking for world-class moving service, with expertise and experience, look no further. With over two decades of moving experience, Moving Apt can handle any move size, any state, and any distance.

You can entrust them with your belongings as they are duly licensed and certified. Be it packing, loading, unloading, special goods moving or any other services, they are dependable and efficient. The antecedents of the moving staff are thoroughly scrutinized for the safety of your belongings.

For the fantastic quality of long-distance moving service offered their cost is very reasonable. You can seek a free online quote from them to plan your moving budget.

Moving Apt has special quotes for military personnel and senior citizens too.

List of 5 Best Miami Moving Companies - All My Sons

All my son’s Moving

Overall Rating 4.8 / 5


If you are looking out for a local, trustworthy, and customer-friendly Miami mover check out All My Son’s Moving & Storage. Customers are in great praise of their services, and they enjoy a rating of 4.5 / 5, which is quite impressive.

Be it residential, business, office, or any other move, All my son’s moving is experienced and adept at handling it. They promise to make your move stress free with their comprehensive and specialized services. They have services to Plan, pack, label, load, unload, and offer any customized services that you would need.

A free moving quote is available on call based on your requirements. They also offer storage facility if you wish to have it. Local or long-distance, they have you covered in every way.

List of 5 Best Miami Moving Companies - ProMovers

Pro Movers

Overall Rating 4.7 / 5


You can pass on your moving stress to Pro Movers. They handle everything from packing, boxing, loading, moving, unloading and anything else that you desire.

They keep their promise of delivering your belongings in pristine condition and on time. Duly licensed and with good staff, they are more than equipped to handle all kinds of local and long-distance moves.

Don’t worry about the costs. Despite their excellent services, ProMovers are reasonable, and their representative would be happy to quote for your move.

In case you need to move quickly with short notice, ProMovers can manage the emergency move. And that is the reason they claim to be one of the best moving companies in Miami.

List of 5 Best Miami Moving Companies - Fuentes moving

Fuentes moving

Overall Rating 4.6 / 5


One of South Florida’s leading moving company, Fuentes Moving, is good at handling all your residential, corporate or other moves. It carries the reputation of being one of the three best moving companies in Miami.

From the smallest to the biggest size and irrespective of any distance, Fuentes is equally efficient and capable in moving. Even for the last-minute emergency moving, you can trust on Fuentes. They also specialize in moving delicate belongings like a piano.

In case you are wondering from where to buy the packing material, Fuentes can help you procure it.

List of 5 Best Miami Moving Companies - Two Men And a Truck

Two Men And A Truck

Overall Rating 4.6 / 5


They started as local movers some 30 years back and understand moving like the back of their palm. They have professionally progressed to handle long distance and interstate moving as well.

It might interest you to know that along with all services like packing, loading, moving and unloading, they can also manage junk removal. If you need a temporary storage facility for any reason, that can also be managed by Two Men and a Truck Moving.

They enjoy an impressive rating of 4.8 / 5 based on their services and efficiency. You can ask for a free quote on moving from them and plan your moving budget accordingly.

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The 16 Different Types of Moving Boxes

Getting Around in Miami

Miami is a big city and travelling around with your car is fine. But don’t worry if you do not have a car or are intimidated by traffic. Finding parking slots can also be a hassle in Miami. Several public transportation options are available to save you from all this trouble.


It operates about 95 routes all over Miami. Travelling by Metrobus may be a bit time-consuming. And you may have to walk some distances from the bus stop to your destination. If you intend to travel on direct and popular routes, the Metrobus operated by Miami-Dade Transit is a good choice.

Metro rail

Miami does not have a subway, but the Metro Rail and the Metromover turn out to be a good substitute for the metro rail. The 25 miles route from Hialeah to Dadeland is well covered by the Metro rail with 23 stations. On a weekday the Metro rail is operational till 11 pm whereas on weekends it runs till midnight. It entails a fare of $ 2.25.


If you intend to travel inside the downtown area, Metromover is very convenient. And it is also free. The Metromover has frequent trains running, and you do not have to wait long. It stretches over a distance of 4.4 miles and covers all significant parts of the downtown.  


For travelling in Miami, Miami Beach and Coral Gables, avail the free services of trolleys.

They are timed well to provide a good connection with the Metrorail and the Metromovers. You will find them of great utility, to attend the events organized in the city. The frequency of trolleys is enhanced during major events and festivities in the city.

Tri-Rail system

Also known as the Tri-county rail, this mode of transport is ideal for residents west of downtown areas. It is very suitable if you stay and work near the stations and do a daytime job.

Ride-sharing and Taxis

If you still feel like travelling by road and not use your car, Lyft and Uber offer great ride-sharing and taxi services. You will find them to be of great use in Wynwood, South Beach, Brickell and other places, where parking is difficult to find and expensive. Regular call-taxi services are also available if you wish to have one.


Available in the Miami and Miami Beach area, these are great options to navigate through the heavy traffic. But on long routes, it can be dangerous and better be avoided.

Living Cost in Miami

Well, living in Miami is a bit expensive. Miami lists 15th in the list of living cost. The median living cost in Miami is about 14% higher than the National Average.

Housing is the most expensive of the total living cost. Compared to the national average, it is approximately 44% higher. But the utilities are either around the national average of about one percent less than the national average.

Transportation is also 12% higher than the national average, while the groceries are about 5% higher than the national average. However, healthcare expenses are about 3% lesser than the national average.

The rentals for the apartment close to the city centre are expensive. But as you move towards the suburbs, the rentals decrease. Close to the city centres, a one-bedroom apartment’s rent hovers around $ 1900, whereas in the suburbs it may reduce to $1300.

If you are a family of four, leaving apart the rent, the living cost is about $3800 per month. However, if you are single, you can live comfortably at around $ 1100 a month.

You can reduce your living cost substantially by cooking meals at home and travelling by public conveyance.

Places of Interest in Miami

Do you know that Miami’s official name is ‘City of Miami’ and it is the third-most populous metropolitan city on the East Coast of the United States? It is also referred to as the ‘Capital of Latin America’.  

Miami is a major hub of commerce, finance, and international trade. It is equally famous for its culture and art. Greater Downtown Miami is known to have one of the largest concentrations of International Banks in the USA.

The city you are planning to move to is the third richest city in the USA and the eighth richest city based on purchasing power. Isn’t that cool?

Once in Miami, you will find it interesting to visit these famous places during your weekends and holidays;

South Beach

Also known as the SoBe, it is a very glamourous and extravagant location, preferred by celebrities. The pristine white stretch of sand is sure to win your heart if you are a beach lover. Lincoln Street at the location offers you an incredible shopping opportunity. Do not forget to visit restaurants and bars for excellent food and fun. It is easily accessible and is just 6 km from the city centre.

Little Havana

If you long for the Cuban vibe and Latin music hit the Little Havana. Enjoy the Mediterranean style architecture and Cuban cigars (if you like them) at Little Havana. A wide range of food and ice creams awaits to tickle your taste buds. But be cautious and careful while staying away from the Eastern part, which is notorious for crime and gang wars.

Jungle Island

If you are a game for outdoor life and jungle surroundings, do not miss the Jungle Island. It has the rarest and exotic collection of a variety of animals in natural surroundings. Enlist for a guided tour and get an immersive experience of the wild terrain with live animals. Expect adventure, fun, and play on this excursion to the Jungle Island. And it is just 3 km from the city center, so you reach there whenever you feel so.

Miami Seaquarium

Marine mammals, fishes, sharks, sea turtles, birds, reptiles, and manatees are a rare sight to behold at Miami Seaquarium. The daily shows and events are awesome and fun to watch. You can also book to stay there overnight. It is only 4 km from the city center.

Bayside Marketplace

An all-time happening place, Bayside Marketplace, offers great food, music, games, fun, and lots of activities. Are you a foodie? Enjoy international food, Italian, Argentinian, and many more. A visit to this place is sure to boost your mood and spirit, any day, any time.

Some other attractions that you should visit are Wynwood Walls, Port of Miami, and The Wharf Miami.

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The 16 Different Types of Moving Boxes

Frequently Asked Questions about Tampa

The moving cost much depends on the bulk of the belongings, and the distance moved. But as a ballpark estimate, local moving in Miami may cost from $300 to $1500.  Long-distance moving is costlier, ranging between $2500 to $5000 again depending on the distance and the move’s size.

For example, to move a one-bedroom apartment using two movers, the base cost would be $ 275 (for 2 hours) and every additional hour would be charged at $60 per hour. Similarly, if you have a bigger apartment of 4 bedrooms, the base moving cost would be $425 (for four movers and first 2 hours) and every additional hour would be charged at $ 98.

Miami is a great place to stay. The city is fantastic with excellent job opportunities. The lifestyle and the culture of the city are truly metropolitan and very welcoming.

Whether young or mature, everyone has something interesting to look forward to Miami. The people generally are friendly and helpful. All basic amenities required for life are in place. Whether working or student, married or bachelor, you are sure to love this place. So just move in.

As a practice, it is good to tip the movers. You can tip them at the beginning of the move or at the end of it as it suits you. However, the movers are generally tipped at the end of the activity. It keeps them interested in the job.

On average, you can tip $10 per mover, which is the standard. Nevertheless, if you are delighted with the service, you can of course, tip them higher.

The time required to move a house is strongly dependent on the size of the house and the number of belongings to be moved.

But just for the sake of estimate, it would take around 3 hours to move a one-bedroom apartment. But if you have a larger house, say a four-bedroom apartment, it might take as much as 8 hours.

Any neighbourhood in Miami is good to move in, but the following neighbourhoods are more suitable to live;

  1. South Beach also affectionately called the SoBe is a great urban place to live. It is a very popular and crowded neighbourhood populated with people young in mind and body.
  2. Miami Beach is the place to live if you love living around with people of diverse culture and enjoying scenic beauty.
  3. For a well-developed and luxurious residential neighbourhood, you can try Key Biscayne.
  4. Live at South Miami, if you want to enjoy this ancient city (it was established in 1927). It is an ideal place for educated families to settle down.
  5. Looking out for a laid-back neighbourhood, dash off to Coconut Grove. The relaxed atmosphere and serene beauty are sure to steal your heart.
  6. If you are a student, find a place in Coral Terrace. It is teeming with students and scholars because of its close vicinity to the University of Miami.


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