Do Movers Disassemble Beds and Other Furniture?

Do Movers Disassemble Beds & Other Furniture

Yes, movers will couple and take apart your furniture. There are belongings like bed frames that will need to be disassembled to safely move them. Will movers disassemble my beds is one of the most famous questions we often receive in the moving industry.

Assembling and disassembling your furniture is not a simple task and when you hire the service of a full-service moving company, you would expect them to carry out the task. Most of the furniture items you own will not need disassembly. However, other items will.

The most famous belongings to be taken apart include a large table from your dining room, bed frames, vanities, and dressers. This article will mention the things covered concerning disassembling and reassembling furniture as an aspect of the relocation service.

Will Movers Disassemble Furniture Belongings?

Professional movers will take apart bookshelves, buffets/hutches, beds, dining room tables, or other furniture items if it is important for loading them safely on the moving vehicle. This belongs to their normal moving service. There are times that if you have assembled a piece of furniture in a particular room and didn’t end up moving into that room, it may find it hard to fit through the door. In those situations, your moving company will choose how it will be taken apart and get ready for moving.

What Kinds of Furniture do Moving Companies often disassemble?

During a move of preassembled belonging, it may be difficult to decide if the best thing to do would be to leave it as a single entity or break it into parts. The two options come with their benefits and disadvantages – moving them as one will save you more time and some problems associated with taking it apart; disassembling it will make the furniture item easier to pack and haul and will mitigate the chance of damage during the move.

Despite the options, there are large furniture items that are often taken apart before moving for safety and efficiency purposes. These include:         

  • Beds
  • Wall units – cabinets and bookshelves
  • Wardrobes and dressers
  • Tables

How do the Movers take apart my Bed?

If you have some furniture items that need to be disassembled before moving it and reassembled immediately you are at the new home, then notify the movers before the move. They may ask some questions which you will have to answer to make sure that they properly prepare and can take care of the furniture you want them to move. This can also ensure you receive an accurate quote to plan the best budget for your move.

Below is how movers take apart your bed:

  • Remove the exact bed frames: There are bed frames that will need to be taken apart. Movers will handle it perfectly before the move, but to do it yourself, you need to disassemble this before the movers show up.
  • Unscrew the head and footboards from the frame of the bed: If your bed’s head and footboards ate decorative, gently unscrew them from the metal bed frame. This will differ based on your type of headboard/footboard. As you take out the screws, bolts, and nuts, make sure you have a plastic bag ready to keep the hardware inside. Seal and secure the bad to the headboard with tape or plastic wrap.

Your bed normally comes in various types such as bunk beds and water beds depending on its shape, size, and space. If you own a bunk bed and are moving it, disassemble the top and bottom bunks from one another (do this by unscrewing the bolts that hold the upper part of the bed to the down part). Ensure you have a helper with you to hold the top bed as you try to separate them to prevent it from falling onto the bed under.

What Furniture will Movers not take apart?

Although moving companies perform disassembly and reassembly services for furniture items, there are certain exceptions to the furniture items that they will disassemble. Most movers will not disassemble:

  • Pool tables, antiques, and
  • Furniture items that are jointed or nailed together.

They won’t want to risk it, because they don’t have the time as well as wood-specific professionalism to reassemble that kind of complicated.

What Amount will it cost me to have Movers Disassemble my Furniture?

This depends on how complex the job is (disassembling highly elaborate furniture will take much time and much effort), your move’s type, and the exact tariffs of the moving company you choose (each moving company creates a list of additional services it offers and fixes their rates accordingly).

  • Hourly rate will be charged when you are moving short (local) distance. The overall cost of moving will be based on the number of hours it will take the team that is moving you to finish the job from beginning to end. You can ask for any extra services required such as for them to pack, disassemble and reassemble your furniture and so on, but your move will take more time and you will be paying for additional time, as well.
  • Your long-distance furniture move will be calculated depending on the weight of the entire furniture you are moving and the exact distance to your new destination. If you opt for extra disassembly and reassembly services, a pre-defined fee will be charged. Remember that the moving team that will unload your shipments when it arrives will likely not be the same one that takes apart your furniture and loaded it on the moving vehicle. The new movers will not know exactly what your furniture pieces look like and may find it difficult to couple them.  

Do Movers put Furniture back together?

When the movers deliver your belongings, the movers will assemble any furniture pieces they have taken apart for the move. Remember that your coupled furniture may not work or appear the same way it did in your former home – if the floor in your new space is not well level, for instance, your dresser’s drawer may slide open at all times, or a small gap may be between the floor as well as the first shelf of your mounted wall unit, and so on. This is not the fault of your movers. 

Should I hire a Moving Company to disassemble my Furniture?

A lot of people decide to disassemble their furniture since they can save money from that. If there is a belonging that is too heavy to disassemble on your own which will lead to damage, then hiring a moving company to handle it is a better idea for you.

Aside disassembling your metal bedframe, movers can take apart your large furniture pieces like: 

  • Large glass furniture: Any furniture pieces that come with a huge mirror or glass fixed to them that can be easily removed and protected will possibly be disassembled. If you own a glass coffee table or a China cabinet that is made of glass, it might be covered intact. If you are not sure as to whether to disassemble it or not, just hold on until the movers show up and they will be able to make a great decision depending on each case.
  • Large dining room tables: Dining room tables of regular size may only be wrapped and covered as is. But, if you have a heavy, bulky dining room table, the movers will possibly remove the legs and protect all the things separately. This prevents the legs and dining room table from breaking on the move since it is convenient to load it inside the moving vehicle if the legs are removed.
  • Bookcases unit: If there are glass shelves on your bookcases or the shelves come off immediately they are lifted, the movers will possibly take apart the shelves and separately wrap them.  
Pro Tips

Pro Tips

Ensure you store all screws and parts and keep them in a sealable bag and mark them appropriately.


If you will need some help to disassemble and reassemble your furniture, our perfect long-distance moving companies are all you need, as they will provide the best service for your needs. They don’t only charge additional, they provide a similar moving crew to you from start to finish. They make sure that your movers will have the right equipment to quickly and properly reassemble your furniture.

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