Long Distance Moving Checklist – All You Need To Know

Long Distance Moving Checklist

Long-distance moving is not easy, but with the right planning and a team of skilled professional full-service movers, we believe you can move smoothly.

A long-distance move presents you an opportunity to explore new places, adapt to new places, and tackle new challenges in a new environment. It is also somehow stressful, laden with risks, pitfalls, and spending.

When you are moving long distances, finding out all the necessary steps to take can be difficult. If you feel like you don’t know where to begin, don’t worry.

We’ve gathered our long-distance moving checklist to help you reduce the stress in the process. Check, print, and begin to get ready for your moving day.

2 Months before Moving Day

  • Start getting organized: Create a new file on your computer or in a hard-copy file to monitor your entire moving-related document. You will also want to dedicate some space to notes, such as a timeline of when to make phone calls and when to complete tasks.
  • Decide on your moving approach: Will you hire a professional moving team to transport your items? What is your plan on packing services, or you require any custom crating? Will a storage unit be necessary? Assess everything you will need for moving services on moving day during this period.
  • Begin to gather moving quotes: Ask for recommendations from your people (friends and family) if they have any. They are the best and great source of genuine reviews and suggestions. Then begin to search the internet to discover any tangible information. Figure out if your potential moving company is affiliated with the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA). This organization sets the standard for movers in the moving world all over the country. Also, check their website. Do you find them professionally capable and well organized? 
  • Decide on the goods you’re moving: If you’ve spent more than two years living in your current home, you have likely stored up things that you are no more using or want. Moving is the best time to throw those things out of your life. You don’t want to pay for anything you are not going to use. Begin this process as early as possible.

6 Weeks before Moving Day

  • Book your mover: Immediately you decide on a mover and obtain a moving quote that you like, it is time to book them. Waiting too long to book could prevent you from getting your preferred and needed moving date. So avoid as delay as possible. 
  • Notify schools of your kids: If you plan on switching schools for your children, now is the time to notify them. They need to get ready for the change.
  • Request your medical records: If you have a new medical crew closer to your new home already, you can request your medical records to be transferred to them. Else, get copies of your family’s medical records for easy establishment at a new office in your new home. 
  • Plan a yard or garage sale or begin to donate: During sorting of your household goods, you will find out items you won’t be moving along, decide on what you should sell, discard or donate. Reducing your goods before you move is one smart move to save you time, money, and stress.

4 Weeks before Moving Day

  • Start packing: Packing is found on any long-distance moving checklist, and it is never too quick to begin packing your household goods to move. Reduce the inconvenience by packing items you occasionally use, like seasonal clothes and holiday decorations. Label each box as you work, so you won’t be confused about the room each box belong to when you get to your new home. It is advisable to use our packing checklist to streamline the entire process for you.
  • Contact utility companies: You will want to ensure that you have heat, water, and lights when you get to your new home. Your long-distance moving checklist should also contain scheduling for disconnection of the utilities in your current home and disconnection or transfer into the new occupant’s name. 
  • Notify your landlord: If you are terminating a monthly lease, most landlords ask for a minimum of one month’s notice. Give enough information to your landlord where necessary about your move-out date, and ask when your security deposit will be returned to you.

3 Weeks before Moving Day

  • Make a plan for your food usage: Check inside your refrigerator and pantry to know the items you need to use up. The moving companies will not move any perishable item, and food shipping boxes don’t make sense financially. Plan your meals for the coming few weeks to exhaust the food that you have without the need to do more shopping. 
  • Prepare your car: Whether you will be driving or shipping your vehicle, you want to be sure that your oil, brake pads, and tires are in great condition for the move.
  • Transfer your insurance: Renters’ and homeowner’s insurance may require some time to transfer, so begin this process in advance. Chang your vehicle insurance to your new home address. Handle these logistics as early as possible.

2 Weeks before Moving Day

  • Change your address: Another major task for your long-distance moving checklist is to change your address with the necessary companies with which you transact. This includes your insurance company, post office, brokerage, bank(s), your credit card company, and so on.
  • Create a plan for your plants, pets, and valuables: These items can’t be loaded on the moving truck, so what is your plan for transporting them? You can easily pack your jewelry and then move it with you. 
  • Properly throw away chemicals and hazardous materials: Harsh cleaners, paint, propane, as well as other chemicals cannot be loaded or transported on the moving truck. Figure out how you can properly dispose of them. 
  • If you are self-packing, start now: Two weeks is not enough to pack your home, but it is still better to start now than later. So if you want to self-packing, start now.

1 Week before Moving Day

  • Pack your bag of essential items: This bag will contain essential documents, a change of clothes, toiletries, and other items that won’t be loaded on the truck.
  • Confirm your entire services: Make sure you know when exactly the movers will show up. If you’ve hired a professional cleaning service, confirm their awareness of the plan as well. With just a week to move out, you don’t have much time to make any modifications to the already-scheduled plan.

1 Day before the Move

  • Get the house ready for your movers: That involves getting rid of clutters from the entryway, moving all your big items away from their way, and removing any last items that are not entering the moving truck.
  • Get rid of garbage: Clear out any item that is going to the dumpster. There will certainly be more mess created on the move, but the best is to start cleaning. 
  • Make a pile for ‘pack the car’:Carry your plants, valuables as well as any other items you are moving with you and not entering the moving truck. This will be in your luggage if you are flying.

On Moving Day

  • Support the relocation process: Give your movers enough information and instantly point out any delicate or valuable belongings. Signing the bill of lading implies that you are acknowledging that they loaded all your items into the moving truck to your satisfaction. Make sure you pay attention, as this will also make sure that they don’t load any item you were planning to transport on your own into the moving truck. 
  • Check the house once again: Ensure none of the people involved in the move leave anything behind, whether in drawers, closets, or the refrigerator. Ensure your items are cleaned as stated by your lease or get ready for the cleaner’s arrival. 
  • Hit the road: Regardless of the method you choose to travel (driving or flying), now is the time to begin the journey.


So, these steps are highly important and needed to take when moving long distances. Yes, you probably will have some other tasks to handle before the move, but these are the vital things for your task list.

The only thing remaining is to be mentally ready for this big transition. Endeavor to be calm and have a positive mindset on the move.It is surely a big change, but change is also good, so be excited about this new phase in your life. We hope this long-distance moving checklist will help you in organizing your move. 

Adams Van Lines has experience in organizing and moving home and business on long-distance moves. Call Adams Van Lines today to get a quote from long distance movers or check out our other blog write-ups for further reading.

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