Moving From Atlanta, GA To Tampa, FL

Moving From Atlanta, GA To Tampa, FL

When you are changing home to Tampa from Atlanta, you will find out why Tampa is ranked as one of the best outdoor cities as well as a Gamma world city.

Tampa offers a lot for you and your families, such as year-round warmth, low tax rates, a rising economy, an above-the-national-average cost of living, as well as access to the gorgeous Gulf beaches and Tampa Bay.

When you relocate to Tampa from Atlanta, you will be wondering why you waited till now to move to Tampa, Florida. If you already have work in Tampa, this is the perfect option for you.

If you make a comparison between Atlanta and Tampa, the latter is doing well in every aspect. And this is not with a small margin, but a glaring difference.

When it comes to employment opportunities, Atlanta outperformed Tampa. But in general, Tampa is the better choice of the two.

Let us discuss the two cities and make a comparison of what living in the two cities like.

Atlanta vs. Tampa: The Best Place to Live

The information provided below gives detailed explanations as to why moving from Atlanta to Tampa could be the best decision you’ve ever made.

1. The Cost of Living in Tampa is Cheaper

Tampa is 5.9% lesser than Atlanta. Many other commodities are highly cheap in Tampa. For instance, rent is one of them. It is much lower unlike that of Atlanta. When you are moving to Atlanta, you would need to earn about $5,100 monthly to live well. Living in Tampa with a similar standard of living will cost you just $4,900. This calculation implies that to enjoy the same quality of life, you would need a lesser amount in Tampa.

This means Atlanta is costlier than Tampa. When you consider the consumer prices in Atlanta, it is 1.11% more than in Tampa. And this excludes rent. When we add rent, the story is still the same.

At 5.99% higher, Atlanta is highly costly than Tampa when it comes to consumer prices and rent.

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2. Climate is Fairer in Tampa

Tampa and Atlanta are famous for warm summers as well as mild winters. The two cities see consistent rainfall all through the year. Although Tampa may experience light freeze occasionally in winter months, residents of Atlanta must face the hassles associated with ice storms as well as occasional snow. You will not face such weather conditions in Tampa.

The city not only enjoys a median temperature of 730, the city currently holds the record for the most days of sunshine. Florida is not only regarded as the Sunshine State for nothing.

3. Rental Costs in Tampa are Affordable

Rent is one of the major commodities you need to consider during a move to any given location. This is because one is assured of safety when it comes to renting. In the end, you would never relocate to a city and become homeless. You need to rent a place to live. When you compare the two, Atlanta is costlier as regards renting.

The difference is so much huge at 15%. If you take a closer look at the prices in the two cities, the differences may vary. Some apartments may have differences that are around $15 or so. There are apartments that their differences may be in hundreds of dollars.

For instance, a 1-bedroom apartment at the Tampa city center costs about $1,535. A similar apartment in the city center in Atlanta costs about $1,550. This is only a $15 difference. If a similar apartment is located outside the city center, the price in Tampa is about $1,085. It can cost around $1,130 in Atlanta. The difference here is $145.

4. Tampa's Economy is Booming

Tampa doesn’t stress the economic difficulties that continue to affect Atlanta. On the other hand, Tampa projects continue to grow their economy. Tampa is famous for the entrance to the High Tech Corridor of Florida, which includes nanotechnology, sciences, and aviation/aerospace as well as homeland security/defense.

Insurance, retail, professional sports, service, tourism, finance, national defense, shipping, and real estate, all play a major role in the economy of the area.

A lot of large banks and telecommunication companies have their regional offices in Tampa, and many fortune 1000 companies have their headquarters in the metropolitan area. These include Health Plans, Inc., Raymond James Financial, OSI Restaurant Partners, TECO Energy, and WellCare Health Plans. MacDill Air Force Base is still a major employer here.

5. Groceries and Dining out Expensive in Tampa

Groceries in Atlanta are cheaper. In general, the difference is below 1%. The numbers reveal that the variance would only be at about 0.53%, with Tampa being the most expensive option. Considering the numbers, this may be true. Of all the most popular grocery items, only beef is cheaper in Tampa than in Atlanta. The difference is at about 2% to 3%. All other grocery items are costlier in Tampa unlike in Atlanta.

But if we check the overall numbers, assuming that the difference may not be much would be much safer. There is a general difference of 0.53%. The difference between every grocery item is not huge.

Consider a liter of milk as an example. It cost $0.95 in Tampa while it cost $0.82 in Atlanta. The variance is just at $0.13. A loaf of bread in Tampa is 4% costly, the same thing with most grocery items.

However, when talking about local beers, Tampa is 5% cheaper. The same thing applies to soda, water, and coffee. Tampa is less expensive, around 2% – 14%.

In general, Tampa is costly when talking about food. The percentages may be much in certain items. But when you take a closer look at the exact prices, the differences may be lesser. Based on the item, the difference may vary from small cents to a few dollars.   

6. Tampa Offers Unlimited Entertainment

From biking to canoeing on the Hillsborough River, or Jogging towards Tampa Bay, or enjoy your gulf game at an area’s numerous golf courses, there are unlimited activities in Tampa. Treasure Island, Ana Maria Island, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater beach, and Siesta Keya, all close by when you decide to catch some swimming in the Gulf’s calm waters.

The sports lovers in your family can cheer up teams in all three major professional sports leagues, as well as for the Bulls from the University of South Florida and Spartans from the University of Tampa.

Together with different stage and performing arts locations and theaters, there are many famous nightlife districts in Tampa. Make sure you move with your party hat as well as your briefcase. Tampa is ranked one of the best party cities in the country. 

7. It is Easy and Cheaper to Get Around Tampa

The cost of getting around is cheaper in Tampa than in Atlanta. One perfect example is a 1-way ticket on public transport in Tampa. It costs around $2.

1-way ticket in Atlanta often costs $2.50. And these are only daily passed. As regards monthly passes, the story is the same. Monthly tickets in Tampa cost about $65 unlike Atlanta’s $95. This is a huge difference.

This would have a great effect on your budget, especially if you commute while going to work. And if we have one thing to emphasize, it is the traffic. Atlanta traffic is one of the worst in the country. While the passes are costly, the traffic condition is also poor.

8. Tampa Education is Hard to Beat

About 208 schools are in the School District of Hillsborough County (SCHC), filled with elementary, middle & high schools, K-8s as well as career centers. The district also has 73 charter, Exceptional Student Education (ESE), and optional educational centers. Twelve (12) of 25 high schools in SDHC are ranked among the country’s best in Tampa and it offers a level of educational excellence that is difficult to beat.

Adult students can select from lots of major colleges, technical schools, trade schools, and universities. Tampa Bay has lots of prestigious medical schools, highly-ranked law schools, private national liberal arts colleges as well as many graduate schools. There are no restrictions to what you or your child can gain as regards academics in Tampa.

9. Utilities Costs in Tampa are Better

The cost of utilities is one other commodity. This is something you need to consider. When one considers the cost of living, one also sees electricity, water and many more bills. Tampa is leading when it comes to comparison with Atlanta. One month of utilities for an 85-square meter apartment in Tampa would cost about $160.

In Atlanta, it is around $167. Electricity, as well as heating and cooling services, would be included in this amount. Usually, the cost given up there would also include trash removal and water. In general, Tampa is a cheaper place.

However, some items or commodities may be on the expensive side in Tampa than in Georgia, but the difference may not be that huge. When you live alone or with a small family, such a price difference may not be a thing to worry about. Tampa is in this aspect alone a better place to reside.  

10. Tampa is Safer

The amount of rising crimes in Atlanta is much than that of Tampa. The amount of home being burgled is higher in Atlanta than in Tampa. Atlanta is one of the most dangerous locations in the country. This is why Tamper is the safer option to choose. Many times, Atlanta records the highest numbers than Tampa as regards crimes.

The two cities are rated high when it is about people worrying about getting robbed at home. However, the number shows that Atlanta (61) is higher than Tampa (69).

One other major worry in Atlanta is that of getting attacked. For some reason, the attack may be a popular incident in the city. Tampa sees a lesser amount of incidents. Lastly, there are three other higher crimes in Atlanta than in Tampa.

The first is on those using prohibited drugs. This is on the high side in Atlanta than in Tampa by about 20%. The same thing goes for crimes that only involve vandalism and theft. These types of crimes are mostly seen in Atlanta. And the final popular crime in Atlanta is cases of assault. This would include armed robbery and other related crimes.   

Are You Considering Moving To Tampa?

Regardless of your reasons for relocating to Tampa from Atlanta, you will be surprised. During the comparison of the two, Tampa is better than Atlanta to live, no matter any angle you look at it. A booming economy and a low cost of living, cheap housing, and great schools make a Tampa move a wise choice.

We believe that when you compare these two, you have an obvious answer already.

If you are ready to move to Tampa, or within Tampa, our reputable top Tampa movers are ready to handle your move to make sure your move goes smoothly.          

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