Moving from NYC to Fort Lauderdale

Tips For Moving From NYC To Fort Lauderdale

Moving anywhere is a challenge, whether you are relocating from an apartment in Midtown to one in Brooklyn, or making a new life in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

If you are planning on moving all your belongings from your present residence in New York to an apartment or house in Fort Lauderdale, you are probably looking for help from moving experts. Hiring the best long-distance movers and conducting the move affordably can be challenging, as you may not be sure how to get the best service for the lowest rates.

Below are five tips to help you have comfortable, minimal stress, and affordable experience moving from New York City to Fort Lauderdale.

1. Reduce the Size of Your Move

When you are movers to move from NYC to Fort Lauderdale, the cost of the relocation depends significantly on the size of moving truck required. Those who are relocating a three-bedroom house pay a lot more than people moving from a studio apartment, as the former will likely require a much larger truck.

If you have a lot of belongings, or you are moving from a large house or apartment, then you may want to sell, donate, or throw away belongings, furniture, and appliances that you no longer need.

Such a step not only purges your belongings of anything that is unneeded, unwanted, or unnecessary, but ensures you are paying a lower rate for a smaller moving truck. If you are relocating to a smaller apartment or home in Fort Lauderdale, such a step may be even more relevant.

2. Pack Your Belongings Yourself

Long-distance moving companies have different packages you can select depending on your needs. The all-inclusive package typically includes a packing and unpacking service, along with loading and unloading your supplies onto the moving truck, and driving the truck to the destination city.

If you are hoping to move from New York to Fort Lauderdale quickly and with minimal fuss, you may prefer to choose the above package. All you must do is decide what items are going and what you are selling, donating, or throwing away. The movers handle everything else.

To save some money on the move, pack up everything that is going, apart from furniture, or very large or heavy items. The movers will then wrap up your heavy items, transport them onto the moving truck, and quickly load your moving boxes as well.

Packing your belongings yourself can potentially save you hundreds of dollars on a move to Fort Lauderdale.

3. Find Free Packing Supplies

If you do choose to pack your belongings without the help of professional Fort Lauderdale movers, you can avoid paying over the odds for packing supplies. Moving from an apartment in NYC to Fort Lauderdale will likely involve using many moving boxes, bubble wrap, plastic sheets, tape, and other supplies.

There are ways you can secure free or very low-cost moving supplies, including checking Craigslist ads for moving supplies (people often sell recently purchased moving boxes rather than find a place to store them), asking movers if they have any leftover used boxes to donate, visiting nearby grocery or department stores, or scouring college dorms during move-in or move-out weeks.

While you may have to buy some items, getting any free moving supplies will bring down the cost of your upcoming move to Fort Lauderdale.

4. Claim Tax Credits for Moving

Most people are not aware that you can claim a tax credit for moving from NYC to Fort Lauderdale when you file with the IRS. By using tax software or manually calculating the credits, you can claim the cost of moving as a deduction on your next tax returns.

Not every moving expense is deductible, but relocating yourself, family, and possessions can be claimed as part of your tax return. You can deduct the cost of relocating household goods, along with any temporary storage expenses for your household items in the initial or destination cities.

While you cannot receive a tax credit that covers the entire cost of your move, you can effectively claim a 10 to 15 percent discount on your move using this method. If you do go ahead with the relocation, be sure to save the relevant invoices for tax season.

5. Find Reliable and Affordable Movers

The best way to save money on a relocation from NYC to Fort Lauderdale is to thoroughly research and vet the movers you are thinking about hiring. Assess online reviews, ask friends or work colleagues if they have used the company in question, and compare their rates to other movers with similar reputations.

By narrowing down your search to the companies that offer competitive rates, decent perks, and affordable moving insurance, you can secure a low rate on your upcoming relocation. Top movers do not charge exorbitant fees, and they will offer you a binding quote if one of their representatives can come to your location in NYC to assess your home or apartment before the move.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a binding vs. non-binding moving quote?

A non-binding moving quote refers to a price quote that may change when the movers arrive at your location. In contrast, a binding quote means that if you are only receiving the agreed-on services during the move, you will not receive any surprise price increases after you sign the initial moving contract.

Can long-distance movers relocate my car or motorcycle?

Not usually. If you are moving from NYC to Fort Lauderdale, you must relocate your car or motorcycle independently. Some long-distance movers may also offer car relocation services, but those are separate from the moving van that transports your belongings to your new home or apartment.

What is the best time of the year to move to Fort Lauderdale?

Scheduling your move in the winter, late fall, or early spring is the best way to save money and get the ideal time slots. Although winter weather can get dicey for east coast moves, moving companies are a lot busier (and often charge more) in the late spring, summer, and early fall, as most people tend to relocate during those months.

Final Thoughts

Although planning a move from the Big Apple to the Venice of America is a challenge, how excited you’ll be when the move is over and you’re enjoying the warm Fort Lauderdale weather! Use our tips to make moving from NYC to Fort Lauderdale as easy and stress-free as your new life in Florida will be.


Adam Palme - Author
Adam Palme

Adam grew up in military family, which meant he moved more than 20 times before he graduated high school. The experience taught him a lot about adaptability (and loading boxes), which he leveraged into a career in the moving and storage industry 7 years ago. He’s been working in sales and customer service management for 20 years, and he uses his own experiences to write content about moving, storage, leadership, and teamwork. Outside of work, Adam enjoys coaching youth football in Miami and enjoying some beach time with his dog. Go Dolphins!

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