Sunniest Cities In The United States 2022

Top 10 Sunniest Cities In The United States 2021's

Summary: To enjoy the most sun year-round, your best option is Arizona, with Yuma, Phoenix, and Tucson leading the list. However, Yuma greatly leads the list as the sunniest place with sunshine experienced in 242 days – that is 2/3 of the year seeing bright skies.

Do you need your share of vitamin D? Has it been so long since you saw the sun? Have you ever returned from a cold day, put on a bikini, and take a front seat with many SAD lamps trying to re-enjoy the warmth and happiness you once felt during the summer months? Arizona is your best bet; with a lot of cities to enjoy the rays.

For people searching for a new start in a new location, moving to a place that experiences more sun may provide you that additional dose of vitamin D as well as the boost you need.

If you are not certain where to head to, we are here to help. Using the data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), we listed the sunniest cities in America from the most to the least yearly clear days.

10 Sunniest Cities In The U.S.

The first 10 cities for most percentages of median annual possible sunshine were given as follows:

  1. Yuma, Arizona: 90%
  2. Redding, California: 88%
  3. Las Vegas, Nevada: 85%
  4. Phoenix, Arizona: 85%
  5. Tucson, Arizona: 85%
  6. El Paso, Texas: 84 %
  7. Fresno, California: 79%
  8. Reno, Nevada: 79%
  9. Flagstaff, Arizona: 78%
  10. Sacramento, California: 78%

1. Yuma, AZ

  • The yearly median percentage of possible sunshine: 90%\
  • Years of data gathered: 42

All through history, Yuma has been seen as the safest place all over the Colorado River. The river provides a better way to cool off the harsh heat and bright sun – you can boat, Jetski, swim, tube, and also fish from the shore.

2. Redding, CA

  • The yearly median percentage of possible sunshine: 88%
  • Years of data gathered: 10

The Sundial Bridge is a popular pedestrian bridge found in Redding and one of the biggest working sundials in the universe. Catch sight of it in action by walking over it on any day of the over 300 sunny days in this Northern California city. Here, prepare for hot summers and rainy winters, but that doesn’t prevent locals from getting outdoors and enjoying beautiful nature on the famous bike trails of the city. 

3. Las Vegas, NV (tie)

  • The yearly median percentage of possible sunshine: 85%
  • Years of data gathered: 47

Las Vegas is undisputedly the capital of gambling in the United States, with over 100 casinos in the city. The sunniest days in Vegas are bright and hot, with the sun causing a dry heat that can increase temperatures into the 100s. If you do not give attention to the slots and gaming tables, you can enjoy sunny days hiking at the nearest Valle of Fire State Park or go and ride roller coasters at many casinos on the strip.

4. Phoenix, AZ (tie)

  • The yearly median percentage of possible sunshine: 85%
  • Years of data gathered: 101

The capital of Arizona has the most population of all capital cities in the United States, and the summer sun is highly extreme. Phoenix sees an average of over 100 days per year reaching the `1000 cap, with temperatures over 110 not unusual. On those extremely hot days, most locals remain indoors or visit museums, air-conditioned malls, or the movies. When the weather is cool, hit the South Mountain Park or popular Desert Botanical Garden to enjoy the sunny day. Also, Phoenix is among the largest cities in the US.

5. Tucson, AZ (tie)

  • The yearly median percentage of possible sunshine: 85%
  • Years of data gathered: 53

Tucson is encapsulated in the Sonoran Desert and is famous for its large saguaro cactuses, cooler temperatures than Phoenix, and Mexican food. The summers in Tucson are extremely hot, with temperatures always getting past 100, but the heat is dry and easy to cope with than the high dryness of other parts of the United States. Put on the sunscreen then embark on a cattle drive, take a hike, visit Mount Lemmon or play golf to cool off.

6. El Paso, TX

  • The yearly median percentage of possible sunshine: 84%
  • Years of data gathered: 54

El Paso directly sits on the Unites States – Mexico border and is home to one of the largest military centers in the country. The sky is bright year-round, with hot and dry summer days, as well short, cold winter days. One good place to take in the sun is at the Franklin Mountains State Park; it is the largest city park in the country totally inside a city’s borders.

7. Fresno, CA (tie)

  • The yearly median percentage of possible sunshine: 79%
  • Years of data gathered: 46

Sunny days in Fresno are affected by bad air pollution, but that doesn’t imply that the good weather needs to be a waste. When the sun sets in February and March, visit the Blossom Trail to see nicely colored fruit and almond trees.

8. Reno, NV (tie)

  • The yearly median percentage of possible sunshine: 79%
  • Years of data gathered: 45

Reno is generally famous for being one other city in Nevada that offers great gambling. But with limited rainfall and hot, clear summer days, lots of residents abandon the gambling and visit downtown to places like Whitney peak Hotel’s climbing wall and Truckee River Whitewater Park.

9. Flagstaff, AZ (tie)

  • The yearly median percentage of possible sunshine: 78%
  • Years of data gathered: 15

Are you aware that Pluto was discovered in Flagstaff at the Lowell Observatory? It may have been due to the clear skies, and low humidity; an elevated altitude; and numerous cloud-free days. Visit the 50-mile Flagstaff Urban Trail System or the ruins located at Walnut Canyon National Monument at the east of the town to enjoy the city’s sunshine.

10. Sacramento, CA (tie)

  • The yearly median percentage of possible sunshine: 78%
  • Years of data gathered: 46

The capital city of California is popular for its numerous greenery and over 200 public parks. The weather all through the year is indeed comfortable with dry and clear summers as well as rainy winters. Residents spend so much time outside attending street festivals and listening to live music.

Cities in The U.S. According To Sunny Days

Rank City State Yearly sunny days Percentage of the year in sunshine
1 YUMA AZ 242 66.30 percent
2 PHOENIX AZ 211 57.81 percent
3 LAS VEGAS NV 210 57.53 percent
4 BISHOP CA 201 55.07 percent
5 FRESNO CA 194 53.15 percent
6 TUCSON AZ 193 52.88 percent
6 EL PASO TX 193 52.88 percent
8 BAKERSFIELD CA 191 52.33 percent
9 SACRAMENTO CA 188 51.51 percent
10 LOS ANGELES CA 186 50.96 percent
11 STOCKTON CA 184 50.41 percent
12 WINSLOW AZ 177 48.49 percent
13 SANTA MARIA CA 176 48.22 percent
14 BLUE CANYON CA 174 47.67 percent
15 REDDING CA 172 47.12 percent
16 ROSWELL NM 168 46.03 percent
17 ALBUQUERQUE NM 167 45.75 percent
18 ODESSA TX 165 45.21 percent
19 MOUNT SHASTA CA 164 44.93 percent
20 FLAGSTAFF AZ 162 44.38 percent
20 CLAYTON NM 162 44.38 percent
22 SAN FRANCISCO AP CA 160 43.84 percent
22 LUBBOCK TX 160 43.84 percent
24 LONG BEACH CA 159 43.56 percent
25 RENO NV 158 43.29 percent
26 AMARILLO TX 157 43.01 percent
27 SAN ANGELO TX 154 42.19 percent
28 WICHITA FALLS TX 151 41.37 percent
28 MILFORD UT 151 41.37 percent
30 ABILENE TX 149 40.82 percent
31 ALAMOSA CO 148 40.55 percent
32 LOS ANGELES AP CA 147 40.27 percent
33 SAN DIEGO CA 146 40.00 percent
34 GOODLAND KS 143 39.18 percent
35 PUEBLO CO 139 38.08 percent
35 OKLAHOMA CITY OK 139 38.08 percent
37 WINNEMUCCA NV 138 37.81 percent
38 DODGE CITY KS 137 37.53 percent
39 GRAND JUNCTION CO 136 37.26 percent
40 FORT WORTH TX 135 36.99 percent
41 KAHULUI HI 131 35.89 percent
41 CONCORDIA KS 131 35.89 percent
41 ELY NV 131 35.89 percent
44 ELKO NV 130 35.62 percent
44 WACO TX 130 35.62 percent
46 APALACHICOLA FL 128 35.07 percent
46 WICHITA KS 128 35.07 percent
48 COLORADO SPRINGS CO 127 34.79 percent
48 TULSA OK 127 34.79 percent
50 SEXTON SUMMIT OR 126 34.52 percent

American Cities with the Least Sun

When compared, you will see the least sunshine level in Alaska, which produces 6 of 10 top locations on the list of least sunny cities. Planning to explore Hawaii for retirement? Hilo, Hawaii, gets around 3-4 times more rain annually than the country’s average – so you won’t get to see much sun on the rainy part of the Big Island.

Top 10 least sunny cities in America

Top 10 least sunny cities in America
Rank City State Yearly sunny days Percentage of the year in sunshine
1 Cold Bay AK 10 2.70%
2 Paul Island AK 18 4.90%
3 Hilo HI 36 9.80%
4 Annette AK 40 10.90%
5 Yakutat AK 41 11.20%
6 (tie) Juneau AK 44 12.00%
6 (tie) Washington NH 44 12.00%
8 Elkins WV 48 13.20%
9 Astoria OR 50 13.70%
10 (tie) King Salmon AK 51 13.90%
10 (tie) Quillayute WA 51 13.90%

Seeing Oregon and Washington on the list of least sunny cities in the country may not seem surprising. Even the least sunny city in New Hampshire is named in Washington. Particularly, the Pacific Northwest has some great sunny days but the cloud dares is more than what the rest of us receive. Want to know what it feels like to be in cities that have less sunshine? Go throughout least sunny cities report, which considers the most populous cities in the United States and ranks them by cloudy days.


The advantages of moderate sun exposure as well as vitamin D may include bone growth, improved mood, lower blood pressure, sleep, a highly robust immune system, and even weight loss.

But with that aside, having lots of sunny days means you can easily get outside and have some fun – or even relax without worrying about the need to shovel snow. If you can decided to move to any of these cities, our professional and affordable long-distance movers are here to help you. Get a quote now!

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