The 15 Best Chicago Neighborhoods To Live in 2024

The 15 Best Chicago Neighborhoods To Live In 2021

Have you been looking into Chicagoland for a move and confused about which neighborhood offers the most suitable features or career opportunities? Your move may be also to settle down with family or after retirement in Chicago, choosing the best neighborhoods is important.

Chicago is famous for its great neighborhoods and lots of eclectic communities. The neighborhoods are no different but there are some considerations for your choice of location.

If you are set to hit the hustle and bustle of Chicago city or relocate from another city to Chicagoland, such as moving from Tampa to Chicago, this guide has everything you need to select the most ideal suburb for you.

Whether you are a fan of Chicago Bears, deep dish ‘za, or just a lover of great people, Chicago’s neighborhoods have everything you need to enjoy your stay. And since we know that when looking for your permanent home, the number of information can be overwhelming; remove assumption out of the case and use our article to walk you through the waters of the Chicago suburbs.

Here are the 15 best Chicago suburbs or neighborhoods to live in 2022.

1. Western Springs

  • Population: 13,272
  • Median Income: $174,760

This is a small and interesting Midwest town that offers everything from many restaurants, to bars, to small individually owned shops. Western Springs is a great place to live. This town has many of the best public and private schools in Illinois. There is little to no crime in this neighborhood, which makes residents feel highly safe.

After exploring, make sure you visit the local Hillgrove Tap for a bite and a drink. This friendly and vibrant restaurant provides great food and an amazing outside patio. Hence, if you are looking a neighborhood to move to in Chicago, Western Spring is one of them.

2. Buffalo Grove

  • Population: 41,613
  • Median Income: $96,768

This is a big town nestled between Cook and Lake County, popular for its family-friendly, amazing, and diverse atmosphere. This highly safe neighborhood is filled with lots of great parks and many outdoor activities for residents to benefit from. Buffalo Grove offers great schooling options, recreational activities as well as a continuous educational experience. Not to talk of the many restaurants, shops, and activities in town which are highly appealing, Buffalo Grove offers a lot more. For instance, the No Escape Room is a developing entertainment trend that challenges people to find their freedom.

3. Naperville

  • Population: 114,108
  • Median Income: $109,512

This is a densely, safe, and wealthy city in DuPage County. Naperville offers many public schooling systems which simplify the journey from high school to college. This great and bustling community has been ranked as one of the best neighborhoods of Chicago consistently because of its ability to raise children, its low crime rate, and the different housing options available. If you visit, endeavor to get a seat at Catch 35 for a premier seafood experience that’ll stay with you forever.

4. Round Lake

  • Population: 18,444
  • Median Income: $74,011

This is also one other nice places to reside outside Chicago with many other young families. Round Lakes has the most rates of children below the age of 5 and the youngest married couples. However, you might likely want to further your search because the schools here are not as great as the ones from the suburbs we will consider.

5. Clarendon Hills

  • Population: 8,548
  • Median Income: $106,601

This is a small, friendly, and upper-middle-class community located in DuPage County. It is filled with great and polite people, excellent public schools, and tempting housing options. The community offers a much safer environment, together with a bustling downtown area targeting the provision of a lively, educational and diverse lifestyle. If you wish to enjoy your Italian fix, grab a seat at Zaza for a great white-table clothed dining enjoyment.

6. Cary

  • Population: 174,762
  • Median Income: $56,284

Despite that there are not ready numbers of demographics, this place is famous for its top-rated schools. It is rated by at 9/10 as regards student growth, college readiness, and test scores. However, this place is much costly to reside in, so you might like to look into the convenient options. Cary’s population is 84.7% White, 2.83% Asian, and 9.4% Hispanic. Cary, IL, has a population of 14.3% non-English Language speakers, and 95.1% are United States citizens.

The largest universities in Cary include First Institute Inc that has 212 graduates, Regency Beauty Institute-Crystal Lake that has 32 graduates, and Cosmetology & Spa Academy that has 110 graduates.

The average property value in Cary, Il is $213,900, and the rate of homeownership there is 85.5%. Most residents of Cary, IL commute via Drove Alone, and the median commute time is 34 minutes. The median car ownership in the town is 2 cars per household. Cary, IL is a census area situated in McHenry County, IL. It is surrounded by Algonquin, IL; Lake in the Hills, IL; Trout Valley, IL; and Crystal Lake, IL.

7. Long Grove

  • Population: 8,017
  • Median Income: $190,966

This Lake County neighborhood has a laid-back, diverse and, friendly atmosphere people rush to. It is filled with rich history and seasonal events people from all over, come to see, like Chocolate Fest, Vintage Days, or Irish Days. This wide diversity of original boutiques and shops in town will surely please you. Long Grove doesn’t only offer a cultural view, but beautiful dining options, taverns, and bars.

8. Wilmette

  • Population: 27,413
  • Median Income: $132,110

A comprehensive, classy, and small-town in the northern suburbs that offers a family-centered lifestyle. This community loves bringing people together for civil and charitable organizations; the schooling system is completely ranked all over the country.

This north shore suburb is home to Gilson Park, a neat, family-friendly, and safe beach, ideal for enjoying picnics, and Lake Michigan. Immediately you are settled and no more running around, ensure you grab a seat at Walker Bros Pancake House to enjoy many of their Original Chocolate Chippie Pancakes, including Cheesy Hash Browns.

9. Glencoe

  • Population: 8,824
  • Median Income: $171,250

This is a village in the northern neighborhoods of Chicago that sits beside the west side of Lake Michigan and has a lot to offer. Starting from three classy golf courses to the beautiful scene from Chicago’s Botanic Garden as well as entertainment from Writers Theater; this neighborhood is the ideal place to relax and have some enjoyment.

Glencoe is also home to highly rated schools and different kid-friendly activities, making it a perfect area to raise a family. If you visit the area and celebrating a birthday, check out Guildhall Restaurant to enjoy some European-style dishes and delicious cocktails in lit and modern space.

10. Winnetka

  • Population: 12,472
  • Median Income: $211,773

A prominent and family-friendly neighborhood that offers top-quality living. Winnetka is famous for its luxurious and amazingly constructed town. This village is located on the shores of Lake Michigan and offers great academics, recreational activities, and sports for residents to enjoy. Winnetka may be a bit far from downtown Chicago, but the three platforms it offers enable easy access for people into the Windy City.

11. La Grange

  • Population: 12,472
  • Median Income: $211,773

In this neighborhood, you will surely get worth of your money because the schools are good, and the crime rate is pretty low. Also, its huge population of young demographics of less than 5 years makes this neighborhood a perfect location if you wish to raise a family. La Grange, IL population breakdown: 6.9% Black, 80.7% White, and 9.3% Hispanic. 13.3% of residents of La Grange, IL speak a other language than English, and 97.5% are United States citizens.

Northwestern College-Southwestern Campus that 64 graduates and Tricoci University of Beauty Culture Bridgeview, which has 106 graduates are the largest Universities in la Grange, IL. The average property value in La Grange costs $444,100, and the rate of homeownership here is 2 cars per home.

12. Hinsdale

  • Population: 17,628
  • Median Income: $162,722

This beautiful, family-friendly, and accessible town makes city life attractive to everyone. With Hinsdale closer to the city, working professionals are easily able to go to work. The schools available are perfect for all grades, which makes raising a family perfect in this western neighborhood of Chicago. Also, the multiple restaurants, shops, and activities available for residents are a huge reason why people don’t leave.

13. Northbrook

  • Population: 33,663
  • Median Income: $118,480

This neighborhood is located at the northern extreme of Cook County; this Chicago neighborhood has a large number of shops and restaurants in town. Downtown Northbrook is home to local family-owned stores, as well as eco-friendly parks and the Metra, which make it easy for commuters and nightcrawlers to enter the city. If you visit the brook, ensure you check Graeter’s Ice Cream, you will love it. Fun fact: many parts of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, as a shot in Northbrook. Do you by chance recognize Glenbrook North’s stairs as Ferris went to school to pick his girlfriend?

14. Lake in the Hills

  • Population: 28,416
  • Median Income: $114,578

Just as the name sounds, this Chicago neighborhood is a magical location to live in. Its Parks and Rec Department have built up different programs that your kids will surely love. They will enjoy swimming in the Woods Creek lake, hitting the Goose lake for fishing, and the amazing nature of the place. To further make it great, this neighborhood has one of the lowest rates of crime in the city, which makes it safer for your kids. 

15. Mundelein

  • Population: 30,787
  • Median Income: $74,000

Famously known as one of the safest American cities, Mundelein is a great place to live in. It once won the Governor’s Hometown Award. Top 100 safest American cities: it is because of this factor that this neighborhood has much population of young kids. The breakdown of the population in Mundelein is 9.7% Asian, 28.1% Hispanic, and 57.7% White. 38.4% of residents of Mundelein, IL are non-English Language speakers, and 83.9% of them are United States Citizens.

The largest Universities in this neighborhood include the University of Saint Mary of the Lake that has 44 graduates. The average property value in Mundelein, IL is $228,300, and the rate of homeownership is 75.8%. Majority of residents of Mundelein, IL commute via Drive Alone, and the median commute time are 27.9 minutes. In Mundelein, IL the median car ownership is 2 cars for each household. This neighborhood is a census neighborhood situated in Lake County, IL. It is surrounded by Hawthorn Woods, IL; Indian Creel, IL; Vernon Hills, IL; Libertyville, IL; and Long Grove, IL. 


Finally, Chicago suburbs are some of the best livable places. You will have access to the best schools, restaurants, parks, bars, and camping sites for you and your household members to enjoy. In addition, the Chicago suburbs are accessible on Google. Immediately you are prepared to settle in one of these neighborhoods and need reliable and affordable long distance moving assistance, contact Adams Van Lines to get help in finding cheap-moving and delivery professionals.

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