Top 8 Reasons To Move To Daytona Beach In 2022

Top 8 Reasons To Move To Daytona Beach In 2021's

For people who love to have fun in the sun or are NASCAR lovers, the thought of moving to Daytona Beach may seem perfect. The area has so many to offer as regards recreation and it also has so many opportunities for many professionals looking to give their career a start or continue a particular career path.

Living in Daytona Beach is the best for numerous reasons, and this is why it would be impossible to list them all out.

However, we’ve screened it down to eight (8) best reasons to move to Daytona Beach. If Daytona Beach is where you are moving to next, below are some reasons to know that you are making the best decision.

1. Great Attraction

Even though everyone has different criteria to consider when deciding on where to settle, it is still good to know more about all the great things to do when you finally move. Similar to the rest of Florida, Daytona Beach doesn’t lack where to spend free time. Below are some of the places you will surely visit over and over again when you start your life here:

  • Daytona International Speedway: This is likely one of the best reasons to relocate to Daytona Beach if you are a fan of NASCAR; it is a renowned racing spot and the ideal place for motor sports.
  • Lagoon: This is a nice place to spend the day with your children during summer; an amazing water park that has everything needed to throw birthday celebrations.
  • Daytona Boardwalk Amusement: This is an amusement park that you will quickly fall in love with within the evenings due to the bright, clear colors it displays early in the morning.
  • Tomoka State Park: This venue is more relaxing and is located towards Tomoka River where you can go boating or camping.
  • Daytona Beach Main Street Pier: A nice wooden pier where you can relax and watch the sea; the seafood restaurant located on the pier is also a spot to visit.

2. Job Opportunities

Different economies, with opportunities are available in Daytona varieties of workers in different industries. Similar to most parts of the state of Florida, tourism, and hospitality play a crucial role in the local economy, and that implies that jobs in restaurants, retail stores, and hotels are popular here.

Usually, a huge amount of workers is hired in the hospitality industry for entry-level jobs, so this can be a better option for gaining employment experience and starting your career in the industry. Also, since you can also get part-time entry-level jobs, it can give students or other people who need to balance other obligations with their work a better option. However, hospitality is only one of the many industries in Daytona Beach.

Similar to most of the Nation, healthcare professionals are in high demand. There may be positions at major hospitals, long-term care facilities, small clinics, and in-home care arrangements. You can also gain employment in construction and trade work, making it a perfect location for skilled professionals in those sectors.

3. Educational Opportunities

Daytona has many trade schools and universities from which you can choose. From Keiser College to the University of Central Florida Satellite Campus, to Bethune-Cookman University, to Daytona State College, and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, residents of different ages and interest can further their studies inside the community.

4. Low Cost of Living

Daytona Beach can be significantly affordable to live in, especially when compared to cities of the same size. Real estate prices are lower than the national average, and daily living expenses like food and utilities can also be lower here. When you choose a city that has a lower cost of living, your money will cover more for you than in other cities, which can be so helpful for people starting in their career or that o enjoy more while surfing and taking in the sun.

5. Community Center or Senior Center

Daytona Beach Shores City Center is widely known for keeping its community active, using the fun and cheap Community Center and Senior Center. Residents of Daytona Beach can go to the Community Center which is located at 2290 S. Atlantic Ave. and offers lots of exciting games, classes, and activities to ensure you are active and entertained in your new condominium home. Continuous events are happening at the Community Center such as Pilates, mahjong, yoga, Zumba, backgammon, dominoes, as well as line-dancing classes.

Normal fees are charged apart from membership for some of these activities, but its easy location at the Center to any building on the city shores makes this a wonderful choice for active residents and seniors. For those above the age of 62 in Daytona Beach Shores who are ready to enjoy life to the fullest, the Senior Center offers varieties of activities that match your lifestyle.

The Senior Center can also be accessed easily by most Shores Condos, and it partners with the Community Center to offer lots of similar exercise and game options, including planning trips and participating in different events. Membership costs just $20 per annum and offers opportunities for fun and entertainment every day as you live beside the beach in Daytona Beach Shores.

6. Great Quality of Life

The numerous activities one can participate in while living in Daytona Beach is one of the reasons people find it so attractive. Together with the huge beaches are incredible fishing opportunities, several museums, great antique markets, and many more. Also, Daytona Beach is available for people who enjoy an active, outdoor way of life from its great weather. In general, Daytona Beach is an amazing city, so there are specific things to do for almost everyone.

7. Friendly Residents

It is clear that there is possible to be a specific number of stresses that come with relocating to a new location. You might be surprised that this stress can be greatly reduced by having the right people in your circle. Becoming one of a friendly, supportive, and sociable neighborhood can help you a lot. This is also one other reason to move to Daytona Beach.

The residents of this city are just so friendly. Even though this is a major city, people in this place are not so irritable and are friendly, unlike people living in NYC for instance. They appreciate the value added to their community by newcomers. And you will be made to feel at home in no time.   

8. Great Number of Dining Hubs

One of the best things about a city of Daytona Beach’s size is that local, family-owned, or standalone businesses and restaurants are many. Lots of big chains will not establish in cities with lower populations thus enabling small businesses to flourish. Daytona Beach Shores has lots of dining options from delicious fresh seafood options to hole-in-the-wall breakfast spots, and high-end cuisine.

These amazing local restaurants offer creative and original dishes together with their close locations to any home in the city. Daytona Beach Shores sure have a lot of things to offer that this article can contain.    

FAQ about Reasons to Move to Daytona

Why should you pick Daytona Beach, FL?

Daytona Beach. Florida is a vibrant city located on the east coast of the state. It is not just a great place to visit, but also an incredible place to live in. Together with beaches made for playing and relaxing, it prides itself on employment opportunities you won’t find elsewhere. Most people moving to the beach are drawn to the warm climate.

Where in Daytona Beach is the nicest location?

The best area in the city is New Smyrna Beach where you can stay if you love the beach. The beaches here are even better than the ones that are in Daytona Beach, and it is also a surf town.

What month is the best to relocate to Daytona Beach?

Between March and May is the best time to go to Daytona Beach. You will the series of events and races that in the city around that time. Also, you will get cheap rates from the tourism hangover from February which is always busy.

Is living safely in Daytona Beach?

Daytona Beach is claimed in a new report to be among the top 40 worst cities to live in the country. There were 6,297 property crimes and 1,221 violent crimes for every 100,000 residents of Daytona Beach in 2016, each almost triple the national crime rates. 


Whether you are a NASCAR fan, have a career in the hospitality industry, or just love good weather and outdoor activities, you will find numerous reasons to relocate to Daytona Beach. It is a great city, offering opportunities everywhere you look. And when you choose to move to this place, you might be making the best decision of your life. You will be greeted with both arms by the Sunshine State.

If you would like to move to Daytona Beach and would need help with moving your goods, click to see the network of the best moving companies from Daytona Beach for a smooth relocation experience. 

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