6 Best Schools in Jacksonville

6 Best Schools in Jacksonville

Jacksonville, the nation’s 12th largest city, is home to hundreds of thousands of residents. Included among them are many families that are looking for good schools.

Many choose to enroll their children in Jacksonville public and private schools because of the many choices available. Duval County, Jacksonville’s public school system, is one of the larger districts in Florida and includes 196 public, private, and charter schools designed to fit the needs of any child.

Thanks to Duval County’s School Choice Initiative, parents aren’t limited to sending their children to public schools solely within their area code. Instead, the program allows parents to choose the school that is best for their child. And if one school does not work out, decisions can be changed during the year.

Duval County has an impressive academic reputation, which means it’s no surprise to find Jacksonville schools on many “best” lists. So if you are considering a move to Jacksonville to enroll your child in one of the best schools in Jacksonville, consider these highly ranked K-12 institutions.

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Jacksonville Best Elementary Schools

Elementary education is the foundation for learning, and as such, it’s imperative to send children to one of the top elementary schools in Jacksonville.

1. John Stockton Elementary

Located in the Ortega neighborhood situated against the western bank of the St. Johns River, John Stockton Elementary School is a learning community that encourages staff, students, families, and businesses to work together in a spirit of mutual respect and cooperation for the betterment of all.

With a focus on inspiring students to be lifelong learners, the school has many programs that include after-school tutoring, summer instruction, and more.

In the spirit of caring for children’s minds and bodies, John Stockton Elementary school also offers students free virtual health care consultations, enhanced school security measures, and de-escalation techniques for conflict management.

2. Chets Creek Elementary

Located on the southeast side of Jacksonville between Beach Haven and Sans Pareil is Chets Creek Elementary. Focused on international benchmarks for education standards, this elementary school uses a variety of diagnostic tools and techniques to measure student progress.

If a problem is found, teachers work with students to adjust their learning styles, and instruction plans to help them reach expected levels of achievement. In addition, teachers are able to track students’ progress in real-time using integral class management systems that keep parents, students, and faculty up-to-date on their progress.

Jacksonville Best Middle Schools

Middle School students are often at a crucial point in their education, especially if they have recently moved to the area or are new to Florida. For this reason, many families select one of Jacksonville’s top middle schools to help with the transition from elementary to high school.

1. Springfield Middle School

Located just north of the Jacksonville city center in the neighborhood of Springfield is the aptly named Springfield Middle School.

A magnet school focused on STEM learning, students who attend Springfield Middle School will be able to engage in all things related to science, technology, engineering, and math.

As a repeat National Blue Ribbon Winner, Springfield Middle School is ideal for students who want to be challenged academically. With a variety of extracurricular programs, clubs, and after-school programs, parents who enroll their children at Springfield Middle School are also ensuring that they are getting plenty of opportunities to grow socially.

2. Palm Valley Academy

For those living on the southeast side of Jacksonville close to the beaches, Palm Valley Academy is one of the best middle schools in Jacksonville.

With strong ties to its neighboring community, Palm Valley Academy is committed to creating “a family” for students who want a smaller school environment to foster a sense of community and support.

With an emphasis on student-centered learning, Palm Valley Academy provides individualized attention to students who need it in order to succeed academically and socially. With a rigorous academic program that includes AP courses and honors classes, Palm Valley Academy is also well known for its extracurricular activities and community involvement.

Jacksonville Best High Schools

Jacksonville is home to some of the best high schools in the state of Florida. However, with 45 high schools in Duval County, choosing the best one can be challenging. For parents wanting the best schools to prepare their children for college, consider the following best Jacksonville high schools.

1. Stanton College Prep

Located northwest of Jacksonville’s downtown area, Stanton College Prep is rated the top high school in the city. But, don’t let the name fool you; this college prep is a public school that offers students the highest quality education.

Stanton College Prep offers students AP-level courses, college credit opportunities, and industry-recognized certifications. With a graduation rate of over 92%, Stanton College Prep consistently ranks among the top high schools in Florida for its academic rigor and student success rates.

2. Paxon School for Advanced Studies

One of four International Baccalaureate schools in Duval County, Paxon School for Advanced Studies prepares its students for a future of higher learning.

With a small student-to-teacher ratio and an up-to-date curriculum emphasizing project-based learning, Paxon School for Advanced Studies is the best high school in Jacksonville for creative thinkers who want to learn in a supportive environment. With a freshman retention rate of 96%, parents can rest assured knowing that Paxon School for Advanced Studies is their child’s best shot at high school success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my child take the bus to school?

Yes, Duval County operates a school bus system for students living within its boundaries.

Is it easy to get into one of the top schools in Jacksonville?

Public schools are open enrollment, meaning anyone can attend regardless of where they live. Parents enrolling their children at a private school need to check that the school is accepting new students for the upcoming year.

What are the differences between public and private schools?

Public schools are funded by taxes raised in their respective school districts. Private schools are tuition-based, meaning parents need to pay for their children to attend.

Get an Excellent Education in Jacksonville

The Duval County School System in Jacksonville has a long history of providing the best education, with some students going on to become leaders in science, art, and business. The school district continues to grow as it introduces various opportunities for learning that help students prepare for college, career, and life in general.


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