Cost to Hire Movers in Jacksonville

Cost to Hire Movers in Jacksonville

A move is stressful for anyone. In addition to packing and loading, many people find that staying within a moving budget can be a big challenge.

To stay within your moving budget, this guide will help you understand the cost of hiring moving companies in Jacksonville, along with helpful hints on cost-effective moving options and tips to save money during the process.

1. Costs for Local Jacksonville Moves

A local Jacksonville move is generally considered to be within 100 miles of your starting point.

1. Full-Service Movers

Full-service moves generally include removing all the packed boxes and furniture, loading the truck, transporting your possessions to your destination and unloading. Local moving services will charge anywhere from $75-$160 per hour for a studio or one-bedroom apartment. This usually includes two movers and will take approximately 3-5 hours in total, with the overall total costs ranging from $300-$800.

For larger homes or apartments with two or more bedrooms, the costs increase for the extra work and additional laborers needed. Generally, a two-bedroom move will need at least three movers, while moves involving four or more bedrooms will need at least 4-5 movers.

The hourly cost for a full-service local move for a larger property will cost anywhere between $1000-$2500. This fee can increase if you have specialty items that need to be transported, such as pool tables, spas, trampolines, pianos, etc., and if you request extra services such as packing and unpacking.

While these fees may seem high, saving time and physical exertion moving from one place to another can actually be worth the cost for those with busy schedules or who lack the equipment or physical where-with-all needed to move all of their belongings on their own.

2. DIY Pods & Trucks

Moving pods in Jacksonville from various moving services such as UHAUL will cost anywhere between $100-$200 for up to a 12-foot container. These pods can be filled at your leisure until you are ready to transport them to their final destination.

The average cost of a 20-foot rental truck is between $100-$200 for a full 24 hours based on rates from U-Haul. This total includes the cost of the rental, gas, moving equipment, and insurance.

3. Moving Labor Help

For DIY moves, it may be a good idea to hire labor-only movers for a couple of hours at a lower rate to help load a rental truck or moving pod. This way, you can facilitate the transport of your belongings to their final destination on your own but still get assistance with the heavy lifting.

Labor-only moves range from $65-$85 per hour, depending mainly on the moving company.

2. Long-Distance Jacksonville Moves

As a general rule, most long-distance movers categorize moves that are over 100 miles from the starting point or that cross state lines as long-distance moves.

3. Full-Service Movers

Much like local moving services, many Jacksonville movers will perform all the tasks needed to complete a long-distance move, including loading, transporting, and unloading. Services can also cover packing and unpacking, reassembling heavy or specialty furniture and accessories such as pool tables, children’s outdoor play equipment, and more.

How much movers cost will vary depending on the weight of your items, the number of rooms, the number of stops (such as at storage units), and the travel distance. On average, though, you can expect prices to be in the $3,500-$12,000 range.

4. Long-Distance Moving Pods & Trucks

Pods for long-distance moves are usually rented for a 30 day period, so you can take your time loading them before they are picked up and taken to their final destination. Fees for these pods vary, with some as low as $100 for 30 days while the average is around $150-$200 per month.

Rental trucks for long-distance moves range in price depending on the miles driven, size of the vehicle, and the number of days needed. For smaller homes performing a long-distance move, a rental truck may run anywhere from $500-$800.

For a larger home with three or more bedrooms worth of stuff, a rental truck can cost anywhere from $750-$1200 for a week-long move.

Much like local moves, you can save money on a long-distance move by hiring labor-only movers to help with the initial loading at the departure point and unloading at the destination.

Time & Cost Saving Moving Advice

Regardless of how favorable Jacksonville’s Cost Of Living may be, it’s always nice to save some money. Use our helpful tips to make your move more affordable and save some time, too.

  • Plan your move: Waiting till the last minute can end up costing you more in the long run. Be sure to map out your moving plan, including making a comprehensive packing checklist for moving, at least one month before the day you’ll begin packing. The more time you allow for preparation, the less stressed-out and overwhelmed you’ll feel on move day.
  • Search for second-hand packing materials: Many companies offer second-hand moving boxes for sale. These are often in great condition and an excellent way to save money on your move and reduce your environmental impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I move a pool table on my own?

Yes, but this will depend on the size and weight of your pool table as well as what you have available to secure it for transport. Generally, it’s best to hire professional movers to perform these tasks as there is some risk involved with moving over-sized heavy items such as a pool table.

What is the best way to protect delicate items during a move?

The best way to protect delicate items during a move is to pack them in a separate box or crate. Then, make sure to pad the items with bubble wrap, clothes, towels, newspapers, filler materials, or anything that will help prevent damage during transport.

What size moving truck should I rent for my move?

A standard 10′ moving truck can hold around up to 3000 lbs. of weight. If you think you have more than that, it’s best to get a larger moving truck.

Stay on Budget for Your Jacksonville Move

There are a variety of ways to stay on budget for your Jacksonville move, no matter how you do it. The most important thing to do is to plan ahead and shop around for the best price based on the weight of your items, the number of rooms you are moving to, and the distance from point A to B.

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