How Much Movers Cost?

You will be required to contact a cross-country moving company as you plan your long-distance move to have the idea of how much a cross-country move will cost you.

The national average of a cross country move is $2,443, while the typical cost is between $1,304 and $4,101. However, the cost will be determined by the number of belongings you are moving.

Moving a three-bedroom house may cost between the ranges of $6,000 to $10,000 while moving very few household belongings from one side of the country to another can cost as low as $800.

There are a number of factors that determine the amount you pay for your cross country move, but there are steps you can take to reduce the cost. We will discuss all these tips to help you decide right.

What are the Options for a Cross-Country Move?

There are three options available to you when moving across the country. You can rent a moving truck or trailer, or container, or hire a professional moving company.

Kindly note that the costs you will find in this write-up are estimated for moving a three-bedroom home with not much furniture on a distance of 1500 miles.

What is the Cost of a DIY Cross-Country Move?

Although a DIY move will take some of your time and also leave you with a lot of stress; however, a do-it-yourself move is cheaper compared to hiring a professional moving company.

You can choose to rent a moving truck. You will be required to do the packing and driving of the moving truck to your new home. You can as well pack your belongings while the company drives the packed moving container onto a moving truck to your destination.

There is not much difference between the options. After everything, you can decide if you really need to suspend hiring a mover.

There is not much difference between hiring a mover or DIY smaller-moves, but for a 4-bedroom do-it-yourself move, you can save as much as $1,000.

For instance, assuming you are moving 1,000 miles:

Get ready to pay between:

  • $750 and $1,500 – to move a studio,
  • $1,900 and $2,500 to move a 2-bedroom home, and
  • $5,500 and $8,000 to move a 4-bedroom home.

What is the Cost of Cross-Country Move using a Container Company?

Container services are a widely known option people opt for in place of DIY move (rental truck), and you will enjoy all the benefits available with professional movers without being charged the overhead costs at just $4,500.

You will be responsible for packing and loading while the company handles the transport to your destination. You might want to consider another option if you have items like fine artwork, TVs, and other items that require special care as container services vary in price and offerings.

Hiring a full-service national mover might come at a more significant advantage compared to these services, as they will work based on your budget, which might not be helpful enough for your needs.

How much is the Cost of Hiring a Mover?

Hiring a professional moving company can cost you up to $7,500 based on the size of your home and the number of items.

The general cost is always around $1,000 for each room, along with the experience fee from the beginning to the relocation day.

The majority of the national moving companies will provide you with checklists and planning materials and some of them will help you with packing supplies to aid the moving process.

Long-distance movers offer insurance coverage while in transit, and they will help you move your delicate items that require special care/handling.

Some movers will even provide storage services for you to reduce cluttering when you get to your destination.

Although the cost of hiring a national mover may be much; however, the peace of mind that comes with it is worth the cost, as you will be served with nothing but the best quality all through the moving process.

How does Cross-Country Moving Cost get affected by Distance?

Many factors determine the distance involved in your long-distance move, but the distance traveled is one of the major factors. The longer the distance, the higher the moving cost. Moving across the country will be between the ranges of 1000 – 2000 miles.
Size of Move 1,000 miles 2,000 miles
Studio apartment ( ~2,000 pounds) ~ $1,000 ~ $1,500
1 bedroom (2,500 – 3,500 pounds) $1,000 – $1,900 $1,800 – $2,500
2 bedroom (5,000 – 6,000 pounds) $1900 – $2,500 $2,500 – $4,000
3 bedroom (7,500 – 10,000 pounds) $2,500 – $5,500 $3,500 – $6,500
4 bedroom (10,000 – 15,000 pounds) $5,500 – $8,000 $ 6,500 – $9,000
Note that we only use the numbers in the charts as estimates. Contact your mover for a more accurate moving price.

How does the Weight of my Belongings affect my Cross-Country Moving Cost?

It is important to evaluate the weight of your belongings in the house for a proper moving plan. You can also take inventory of all your items, including their price for protection purposes.

  • Bedroom(s): Start by calculating the weight of all the items in your bedrooms. The weight should be between the estimated 1,000 – 3,000 pounds.
  • Living room: The living room is next. This is where you are likely to have 1 or 2 couches, which has a lot of weight and will require a lot of space.
  • Kitchen: Remember the kitchen. The overall weight of your appliances, pots, plates, chairs, pans, and tables will also amount to something.

Tips for Moving Across the Country

Pack a separate bag that contains everything you will need for the first night in the new home. You might be overly exhausted to unpack that same day, and you will definitely need to access some essential items the first night.

  • Get a notebook and take inventory of all your items in advance and make sure you have copies of your documents.
  • Host a garage sale for items you won’t need in your new home to reduce moving costs and also make some money.
  • To have a sweet moving experience, make sure you follow a relocation timeline so you can do things at the right time. Remember to close or transfer accounts with local service providers and find new ones before the moving day.
  • Contact your mover on the valuation provided for your belongings. This serves as a protection for your household items as they are in transit.


Opt for a do-it-yourself move by paying about $3,000 to rent a moving truck or trailer. You will only pay about $4,500 if you are considering container services as an alternative to a DIY move. It will cost about $1,000 per room to hire a professional full-service moving company for your move, although it depends on the weight of your belongings in each of the rooms. Whichever option you consider, weigh the stress and the cost involved.

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