Negotiating With Your Mover The Best Way

Negotiating With Your Mover The Best Way

The best way to negotiate with your mover is to obtain many moving quotes from a minimum of three trustworthy companies.

Each moving estimate should contain the same list of goods to be moved and any extra services like packing and other fees. Then just select your preferred moving company and request that they beat the price.

Price matching is a perfect means to bargain but there are numerous ways to also negotiate.

You need to understand the pricing models, flexibility, and timing to obtain the best price.

In this article, we will reveal to you how to obtain the best moving price from your preferred moving company and reduce your total moving costs.

Do you want to know how to negotiate and enjoy a good price from your long distance movers? Follow these tips:

1. Obtain an Estimate from as many Movers as you can

Moving estimates can be gotten from many moving companies near you, and you should make a comparison of those moving estimates as much as you can. You can screen down the list of moving companies that you want to hire, and you should ensure you contact those companies to begin negotiation.

You can find out about the companies, and you can perform your research while you begin your negotiations. You should request an email and a printed copy of the estimate because you can easily read printed copies.

2. Research each Company

Make sure you research each moving company before you begin to negotiate. You can research them to figure out how they provide service to customers, how they help customers, or if they have unique selling points of any kind.

You also can contact referrals provided by the company. If you discover that you are not comfortable with something, you can proceed.

On that note, you may want to obtain some recommendations from family and friends that might have to employ the service of these companies before.

As you go through these companies, there may be a need for you to call them severally to ask questions. If the customer service begins to reduce, you may want to select a company that is much more kind and accommodating.

3. Find Special Discounts

You should find full-service moving companies that offer discounts and special deals to customers. Special discounts are one great way to determine the best company to work with you. This is a brilliant way to obtain a simple discount, and you might also want to hire a company that you know will provide more discounts for you.

Special discounts may include necessary special services, or you might obtain a discount on the moving truck that you decide to use. Some families would like to use more than one moving truck to finish a move, and you could obtain a discount for early scheduling.

4. Seek for Seasonal Sales

Many people move in the summer due to the nice weather and there is no need for kids to miss school. Seasonal sales will be helpful for you to obtain a very nice rate on moving services, and you can make timely scheduling in the future that helps to secure your move.

You can also find out if the moving company plans to have a summer sale. Inform them that you will relocate with them during the summer season if they can provide you the summer sale price.

5. Remove Unnecessary Services

You can remove any service you don’t need from the contract. Many moving companies will offer packing services for you, a large moving truck, special pads for furniture, and many other services you are not using.

You should check the whole contract to remove every unnecessary item there. You could reduce your moving costs in half if you cross out every unwanted service.

You also can make strict decisions about how packing, moving, and management of personal belongings will be done. If you find the price of the mover too expensive, you can decide to pack yourself if you have our packing checklist when moving.

If the moving company is overcharging you to pack your valuable or fragile belongings, you might also pack that stuff on your own. If the moving company wants to transport a car for you, you can ask them to get that charge deducted from the move.

You can enlist a family member or friend to drive the other vehicle for you. As you cut the estimate, you will continue to save costs.

6. Remove Things that make the Move Too Costly

You should bring down the items from the moving truck to make the move cheaper. Your shipment will become lighter as you remove items from the moving truck. The moving company will charge less, and the fees you pay will be lesser if your move is on some hundred miles.

Speak to the mover about how you can benefit from removing items from the truck. You may like to move some belongings to the house yourself, and you can let the movers transport only the complex belongings.

7. Ask the Moving Company to match the price you get from other Companies

You should ask your moving company to match the price you are given by other movers you have contacted. You need to ensure that you have spoken with every moving company to find out what they will do. It may surprise you how the moving company responds, and you will obtain the best price since you were bold enough to ask.

Some moving companies will refuse to match the prices, but they will offer you a discount that will provide you the entire services you need for a nice price. You need to be straight when you are talking to moving companies because every business varies.

8. Check on Extra Fees or Charges

Some moving companies will add extra fees to your total cost that might include small things you don’t plan to pay for. Ask for a complete receipt for the move, ask them to remove these fees, and do not sign until the fees are removed.

All the charges should be contained in the contract you are given when you agreed to pay for the move. If those charges are expunged from the contract, do not pay.

9. Be Persistent when Contacting Movers

Make sure you are persistent when speaking to a moving company for estimates or discounts. Some moving companies will not provide you everything you want for the first time you contact them, but with persistence through call, you may be able to get new sales or deals off of them.

You can wear the moving company down until they provide you your desire, and you can receive the lowest price possible since you worked hard to obtain a discount.

Can Moving Companies Allow Negotiations?

Immediately you get good moving quotes from different reputable moving companies, now is the time to benefit from the quotes to obtain the best moving deals from movers.

These tactical moves will guide you on how to further negotiate for a reduced price with your movers with the help of smart trick:

Choose your moving season wisely:

Most moving companies would rather reduce the moving price you’ve been quoted than allow other companies to win your business. Unless you are trying to move during peak moving season, make use of the negotiation leverage.

Matching the price trick:

Right now, there should be a moving company whose services you prefer to hire. If that moving company has offered you the best moving price, then you don’t have much to worry about. Else, speak with the company to let them know that you would like to use their moving services but you have received a lower price.

Let them know your lowest bid and ask if they are ready to match the price or even beat them to be the best moving deal for you. If they truly want to get your job, they will try to match or beat the price.

Be ready to compromise a little:

Don’t forget that negotiating with moving companies is armless to you and the movers. The important factor of a successful negotiation is to agree on what is beneficial to both parties.

If you are ready to make some compromises and ready to be flexible about some terms of the moving (early booking, selecting a good moving date), then there is no reason for you not to get the best moving deal.

Try some other days:

If the moving company doesn’t want to reduce the quoted price, you may wish to negotiate with them again in two days or less. This is to give you chance to speak with another moving company representative who may be willing to propose a new and better deal to you or maybe offer a price discount for you that will be much agreeable.

Avoid Getting Scammed When Searching for the Best Moving Companies

When you begin to research moving companies, you must be careful to make sure you don’t hire fraudulent movers. Finding affordable movers is the best but you have to prevent yourself from being scammed. Do your research and screen the movers by checking their background to prevent yourself from being scammed.


Be flexible, so you can obtain a good deal. Your moving company may ask you to change your moving day so that they can add your move with the need of other customers. If your household goods are moved with other customers’ shipments, the price will be much cheaper. Therefore, be ready to allow some compromises to arrive at a conclusion that will benefit each side.

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