Top 5 Cheap Places to Live in Jacksonville

Top 5 Cheap Places to Live in Jacksonville

For quite some time now, Jacksonville, Florida has been a premier destination for those seeking cheap living costs along with favorable weather, dining options, and entertainment activities.

The city itself sits below the national average for living costs and offers widespread employment opportunities in the service, business, financial, and technology sectors.

Check out the top five cheap places to live if you plan to move to one of America’s fastest-growing and opportunistic cities.

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#1 - Beach Haven

Aptly named for its proximity to Jacksonville’s most prominent beach, Beach Haven offers residents an affordable way to get a coastal-adjacent living without the high prices.

Situated on the east side of Jacksonville, Beach Haven is a safe, family-friendly neighborhood within a 20-minute drive to downtown Jacksonville and 15 minutes from popular coastal attractions such as Neptune, Atlantic, and Jacksonville beach.

Families seeking excellent schools in the area can enroll their children in one of the best elementary schools in Jacksonville: Chets Creek Elementary.

Median monthly rents are well below the averages for other major cities in the USA, with many 1 and 2 bedroom rentals available for as low as $1100 per month.

Families or retirees looking to make Beach Haven their permanent residence will also find that median home prices are pretty affordable, with many houses available for under $200,000.

#2 - Grand Park

Grand Park is an excellent choice for retirees on a budget or those looking to purchase affordable housing for incredibly low rates.

This northwestern neighborhood is only a 10-minute drive from downtown Jacksonville’s many attractions and about a half-hour from the beach.

Most property in Grand Park can be purchased under $150,000, and rents are often under $1000 per month.

Many Grand Park residents work in downtown Jacksonville or at the nearby University of North Florida, providing an excellent middle ground between the city’s attractions and a quiet neighborhood.

Grand Park is also close to what many consider to be Jacksonville’s number one high school, Stanton College Preparatory, for families looking for excellent school options.

#3 - North Beach

Those seeking affordable beach adjacent properties and rent should consider the neighborhood of North Beach. For the outdoor enthusiast that loves swimming, surfing, mountain biking, and boating, North Beach is an excellent location for relocation, offering all of these outdoor activities within a 10-minute drive.

Located on the eastern side of Jacksonville Beach, North Beach contains safe neighborhoods within its secure, family-friendly suburban borders. Many property managers offer affordable housing for those with limited budgets or retirees on a fixed income.

With median home prices under $200,000 and rent as low as $975 per month for a two-bedroom unit, North Beach is an excellent choice for relocation properties that won’t break the bank.

#4 - San Jose

Riverfront living and affordable housing merge in the neighborhood of San Jose. Tucked up against the eastern edges of the St. Johns River, this downtown-adjacent neighborhood offers affordable housing and living for any looking to be close to the city’s cultural attractions.

San Jose was already a thriving community before being annexed by the city of Jacksonville. San Jose’s central location allows residents to access the city’s best shopping, dining, and entertainment options within minutes while still feeling secluded enough in the neighborhood to relax after work.

With rental units available for as low as $800 per month and properties available for purchase under $150K, this neighborhood is the perfect location for families, retirees, or first-time homebuyers looking to live in an affordable urban location.

#5 - Secret Cove

Young professionals and families seeking a cheap place to live in Jacksonville that is still close to the many employment opportunities downtown, will find that Secret Cove’s diverse housing options offer all of the desired amenities and space for a reasonable price.

Approximately a ten-minute drive from downtown and a 20-minute drive to Jacksonville’s beautiful coastline, Secret Cove is the perfect location for those looking for reasonably priced rents and properties within the city limits.

The most significant benefit of living in Secret Cove is that you do not have to walk far to access a variety of dining, entertainment, or shopping options, but you also don’t have to deal with the noise and congestion of living directly downtown.

Bordered by some of Jacksonville’s most peaceful suburbs to the southeast, Secret Cove offers all its residents the safety and security of a quiet, family-friendly neighborhood while still providing all the conveniences of living within a city.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is property tax high in Jacksonville?

One of the benefits of moving to Jacksonville is its relatively low property tax rate, coming in at 0.94%. This low tax rate is ideal for first-time home buyers or retirees looking to downsize their living expenses.

Is the unemployment rate high in Jacksonville?

Jacksonville has a relatively low unemployment rate compared to national averages around the country and in Florida. As a result, Jacksonville, as one of the fastest-growing cities in America, actually boasts a plethora of job opportunities for a variety of industries, including customer service, banking, transport, technology, and logistics.

How much is cheap car insurance in Jacksonville?

According to the most recent data, car insurance premiums in Jacksonville are about 21.3% less than the Florida average, with most paying under $1700 per premium.

Do I have to pay taxes if I live in Jacksonville?

One of the best cost-saving parts about living in Jacksonville (or anywhere in Florida) is no personal income tax requirements for Florida residents. Additionally, the overall tax rate is significantly lower than most of the USA, and many products such as groceries and other household items are not taxed at all.

Live Cheap and Live Well in Jacksonville

Jacksonville is a great place to live for a number of reasons, including its affordability, proximity to outdoor activities, and low crime rate. If you are looking to save money on rent or home purchases, living in Jacksonville can help make that happen.

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