Top 5 Jacksonville Universities & Colleges

Top 5 Jacksonville Universities & Colleges

One of the largest cities in Florida and a thriving metropolis, Jacksonville is an area where many people choose to move. Whether you are arriving from within Florida, out of state, or from the West Coast, you may be wondering whether the Jacksonville area is the right place to build your future.

Those who are considering attending university, or have children who will soon graduate high school, may want to know about the best colleges and universities in the region.

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Below is a list of the five best Jacksonville university and college campuses.

1. Florida State College in Jacksonville

Florida State College at Jacksonville is a highly reputable public college in the area that offers both two-year and four-year programs. A large school that has more than 50,000 students at a given time, FSC in Jacksonville has four different campuses.

There is the Downtown Campus, North Campus, South Campus, and another campus that primarily serves residents of Nassau County. As FSC in Jacksonville is one of those Florida community colleges that recently became a four-year institute, there are no graduate programs for its students at this time.

Anyone who wants an urban college experience, while slowly taking classes as they also work part-time, will find a great deal to like about Florida State College in Jacksonville.

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2. Jacksonville University

A private school, Jacksonville University offers both undergraduate and graduate school programs to its students. Founded in 1934, the school has a proud, long history of excellence.

Even though Jacksonville University started as a two-year school, it quickly expanded to offering four-year degrees. The school’s student body comes from more than 40 different states, while there are also students from almost 50 countries around the world.

Students can choose from over 100 majors or minors at Jacksonville University, while there are also 23 masters’ and doctorate programs. The school is split into a College of Arts and Sciences, College of Business, College of Fine Arts, College of Healthcare Sciences, Marine Science Institute, and a Public Policy Institute.

3. Flagler College

A private liberal arts school near Jacksonville, Flagler College has 33 undergraduate majors for its students to select from. There is no graduate program at the school, while Flagler also has a campus in Tallahassee, Florida.

With an admission rate of roughly 55 percent, Flagler College is reasonably competitive to gain entry to. Students must show they have good grades, reasonable test scores, and the ability to pay their way over a four-year period. Financial aid and scholarships are available to those who qualify through need and/or merit.

The campus at Flagler College is almost 20 acres, and its centerpiece is the historic Ponce de Leon hotel. Built in 1888, this old luxury hotel is now integrated into the Flagler campus.

4. University of North Florida

A public university in Jacksonville, Florida, the University of North Florida is a part of the state’s university system. With an acceptance rate of close to 80 percent, most students should not have a difficult time getting into this school if they have reasonable grades and test scores.

With a well-rounded program that includes both undergraduate and graduate courses, the University of North Florida is especially known for its music department. Its School of Music is exceptional in terms of its jazz studies program, as it was founded by jazz player Rich Matteson and headed by saxophonist Bunky Green.

The University of Florida also has a very competitive business school, with the Coogin College of Business having flagship programs in transportation, logistics, and international business.

5. Edward Waters College

A private institute, Edward Waters College is among the top 100 schools in the Southern United States. The tuition and fees for each school year are roughly $15,000, but students do have the opportunity to earn scholarships and receive financial aid.

The college takes roughly 3,000 undergraduate students a year, making it a relatively small school. That is a significant advantage for people who enroll at Edward Waters, as it means they can get a lot of attention from their teachers for each course.

Admission into Edward Waters is competitive, but students with a GPA of higher than a 3.50 should have no issues gaining admission.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transfer all my credits from an out-of-state college to a university in Jacksonville?

Yes, every top-rated college and university in the Jacksonville area allows students to transfer credits from other programs. How many credits you can transfer depends on the specific coursework you took, the program you are intending to pursue in Jacksonville, and the college or university where you obtained the credits.

When is the best time to apply for admission to an undergraduate college in the Jacksonville area?

If you are hoping to attend an undergraduate university in Jacksonville, you should apply for admission to the fall program. That is when most undergraduate schools begin their year, and it would ensure that you are on pace to graduate within four years. The admissions cycle for fall admission usually begins in the previous winter.

How much does a year cost at a typical Jacksonville university?

The amount you can expect to pay to attend university in Jacksonville varies significantly depending on your circumstances. The degree you choose, and the university you attend will heavily impact those figures. As an example, Florida State College in Jacksonville costs roughly $2,500 per year for a full load of undergraduate courses. If you are a part-time student, you can expect to pay less, while graduate students will likely pay more per course.

Propel Your Future Forward in Jacksonville

Not only is Jacksonville growing in population because of the job opportunities and pleasant weather, but due to the wonderful schools in the area. Jacksonville and its surrounding cities are home to top-rated colleges and universities for people with an interest in all fields.

Whether you are hoping to become an engineer, accountant, or historian, you can find the appropriate college and degree in Jacksonville. Most of these schools are also very affordable, especially if you are an in-state resident.

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