What Is Jacksonville’s Cost of Living In 2022?

What Is Jacksonville’s Cost of Living In 2021?

Jacksonville is more affordable than Colorado Springs and Columbus, Ohio, with $1,577 as the average monthly expenses – just a few dollars above Plano, Texas.

Jacksonville has one of the most affordable costs of living in Florida and is even on the lower side of the list in a just-concluded analysis of the cost of living in the top 75 cities in the country. Most people find Jacksonville, FL, as the best place on earth. Why?

Its great weather, amazing coastline, and diverse population are incredible. Jacksonville also receives a strong B for schools and a B+ rating for being family-friendly.

However, what about the cost of living in the city? How does it stand amongst the rest of the U.S? Is it affordable, more expensive, or just about average?

Here, we will discuss and answer these important questions.

What is Earning Wage in Jacksonville?

The minimum wage in Jacksonville is $7.256 per hour. One of the most essential parts of the cost of living calculation is considering the salaries of the location. As regards the economic picture in Jacksonville, the average income is $41,000.

The unemployment rate for the area is 6.6 percent, which is above the national average of 3.7 percent.

The household income is also around $41,000, which is lesser than the country’s average by almost $16,000.

Tax rates also affect salaries, and Jacksonville’s rate is 5.5%. Chief Executives, Pharmacists, and Veterinarians have the best salaries in the area at $155,000, $125,000, and $114,000 respectively.  

Jacksonville Housing Costs

New residents will possibly like Jacksonville’s housing cost. When placed beside the United States’ average, housing costs are just 58.6%, which implies that around $59 will purchase the same number of housing in Jacksonville as $1-00 in the average neighborhood. Since housing costs are usually one of the highest expenses, that reduction can make life convenient for lots of people. In general, the average home cost for the whole community is $136,000. This is lesser than the U.S. average of $231,000.

It is also much lesser than the state average of $187,000. Just like home prices, rental costs vary by area and location. A studio apartment in Jacksonville costs around an average of $768.

This is highly affordable than the country’s average of around $821. A 1-bedroom inside the area will attract a monthly payment of about $773, and $205 for a second bedroom. You can save money in both situations by residing inside the suburbs, with even 2-bedroom apartments which cost just $843. Those that need more space will spend almost $1,415.

Pro Tips

Pro Tips

People may save more money by finding a location in the metro area with cheaper rents or housing prices. With the population of a metro area below 200,000, there may be a shorter commute from the suburbs than most cities.

Jacksonville Food Costs

Grocery in Jacksonville costs cheaper than the national average. The sad part is that they are only a bit under that number, scoring 99.2/100.

Another good news, though, is that placed beside the total grocery score of Florida which is 102.8/100, we are also affordable. This means, you won’t save much on groceries in Jacksonville, but you also won’t pay more.

Cooking at home in Jacksonville may be cheaper, but there is more fun in going out for a nice meal with friends and family. A Fish Po Boy sandwich at Cajun Seafood goes for $7.99. You need $4.99 to add an order of flaky Crab cakes, and Cajun Fries go for an extra $1.99. People watching the game may request Abruzzo’s Pizza which will cost about $19, or taste a Meatball sub for $7.90.

Jacksonville Transportation Costs

We pointed out before that some costs affect families more than others. Transporting is among these costs. If you are a young worker, these will affect you unlike it will for a retiree, for instance. The overall score of Florida is 112.6/100, which is so poor. Jacksonville, however, scores 101.4/100, just a bit more than the national figures. That is not amazing, but it is not also terrible.

However, the median commuting time in the city is 26 minutes every day. That is not bad, with not up to 15 minutes in the road in all directions. The sad part is that only 10% of people in Jacksonville carpool.

Healthcare Cost in Jacksonville

Healthcare is among those necessities for many people. Staying healthy is a vital part of getting the most in life, so you importantly need to consider medical costs before they need the service. Health insurance is the best way to be covered against unexpected losses.

The cost for monthly premiums for catastrophic insurance was around $284 for a 40-year-old. The best coverage for a 40-year-old per month was $663. A 21-year-old’s coverages were a bit lesser at all sides, while the same protection for a 60-year-old was usually above twice the rates of the other packages.

Utilities Costs in Jacksonville

New residents of Jacksonville will find the utilities inside the city almost the same as the country’s average. The cost of living index revealed that utilities in Jacksonville cost around 97.7% of the median community. Therefore, moving will save just around 2.3% on these expenses. Amazingly, the water bill in Jacksonville also includes sewer, sanitation, and stormwater.

The median bull is $92.97 monthly for around 5,000 gallons of water.

The electricity bill in Jacksonville costs an average of $117 monthly, making the community 9.35% costlier for that bill above the country’s average.

Users of Natural gas in North Carolina pay an average of around $67.87. However, this figure may reduce electric costs in some situations.

Internet bills inside Florida will reduce another $60 on the average from the monthly budget, and you have to prepare around $85 for cable. Cable and Internet costs are different based on the exact package and data plan you choose.

Entertainment Costs in Jacksonville

Fun is also one of the costs you need to worry about when you are moving. Since the cost of fun is also an essential part of choosing a location, don’t forget the sales tax rate of your preferred destination and include it on any relevant costs. Beach lovers in Jacksonville will have many options.

Catch some sun and fun on the beach, or visit any campsites or trails. Together with the tradition of walking trails, there are also kayak water trails in the area. You won’t pay for most activities as they are free, but a ferry to Bear Island will cost you $5, or you can pay a daily $50 to rent a kayak. You also can rent a yacht for a 2-hour lunch for $350.

Other Expenses in Jacksonville

Other expenses are sometimes difficult to figure out. They include items like clothing, household supplies, taxes, vacations, and so on. You don’t see them always, but they add to the total cost of living you will pay. Fortunately, in Jacksonville, we are mostly the same as the country’s average at 100.4/100. That is a bit above the state’s average of 96.9/100.

Cost of Living in Jacksonville Compared to other Major Cities

Overall, Jacksonville is one of the reasonably affordable cities in the country. The city has many colleges, parks, a thriving nightlife scene, and top-rated restaurants, so it’s turned into a famous destination for people who want to enjoy all the advantages of a big city while still able to save money, buy a home, access the outdoors, and more.

Jacksonville has a total cost of living index of 93.5 of 100 which is the U.S. average. Nerdwallet reported that you would need to make the following to keep your standard of living compared to Jacksonville’s pre-tax income of $70,000:     

  • Austin: $78,113 (the cost of living in Austin is higher by 12%)
  • Miami: $88,698 (the cost of living is higher by 27%)
  • Nashville: $73,168 (the cost of living is higher by 5%)
  • Denver: $87,152 (the cost of living is higher by 25%)
  • Manhattan: $196,788 (the cost of living is higher by 181%)
  • Orlando: $70,000 (the cost of living is higher by 0%)

Final Words

And that is it, the cost of living in Jacksonville, FL, given for easy comparison and decision making.   Hope it helps you make a more manageable and direct decision. If you have interest in locating a man over to assist you to move to Jacksonville, contact our top-rated Jacksonville movers today.

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