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Moving out of state can be an intimidating task regardless of the reason behind it, whether to accept a job, move closer to your family, or just to start a new life in a new place of residence in another state aside from your current residence. I understand the stress associated with choosing the best moving option that matches your budget. The task can be overwhelming and hopeless in most cases.

Of course, saving money could be easy if all your household belongings could fit into the trunk of your small vehicle. However, if you live in a house fully packed with belongings, there are still ways to relocate everything at a reduced cost – and we will show you all you need to know.

Best Way to Move Out of State

Use the savings tips discussed in this article to back up the excitement that comes with your new moving out of state adventure. Below are tips to move out of state and stayed organized:

Declutter to Move Fewer Items

One of the ways to reduce your moving cost is to get rid of unwanted junk. There are some items in your home that need to be taken away into the trash, just like broken furniture, VHS tapes, and incomplete gadgets. You probably don’t want to dispose of other items like the fishing boat, the football table as well as the treadmill. However, these items will probably increase your moving costs.

Pro Tips

Pro Tips

Sell those large and bulky items and use the money to buy another one at your destination home.

Get Free Supplies for Packing

This is not difficult at all as there are many free packing boxes all around. Visit your local grocery store, Movie Theater, and mall to source for free supplies. They mostly recycle many boxes every night. Ask if they can give you the boxes for free, and if they do, you have a lot of packing boxes to your use. When it comes to packing supplies, everyone enjoys popping bubble wrap when packing.

However, when packing delicate items, you can also make use of towels, blankets, newspapers, and pillows for padding. You are moving those towels and pillows in the first instance. You can also make use of a permanent marker instead of purchasing a fancy label maker. Read our post on where to find free moving boxes.

Negotiate for a Moving Package

This might be the cheapest option you get for your out-of-state move, it might even come for free. A moving package is when your employer pays all or part of your moving expenses. Although this benefit is not always available, some employers do it in order to employ the most talented staff. So if your relocation is based on work, make sure you ask if there is a relocation package for you.

Below are examples of what it might cover:

  • Trips to hunt for a house in your new destination
  • Costs associated with buying and selling homes
  • Shipping costs to relocate all your belongings with packing and unpacking costs
  • Travel expenses for your final relocation
  • Temporary housing

Generally, a relocation package is delivered in the form of a reimbursement for all your relocation expenses or a lump sum. You could attempt negotiating for a better relocation package if you are not satisfied with the coverage offered to you. Conduct private research on the cost and see if your employer is willing to match the cost, you might be surprised they will.  Also, if you are moving using movers, you can as well negotiate your move with your moving company.

Rent the Cheapest Available Moving Truck

Another cheapest and best way to relocate out of state with your furniture is to rent a moving truck and do all the moving work yourself. However, this option is also the most stressful, tiring, and accident-prone.

This is your best option to move on a budget if your possessions can fit perfectly in a moving truck or small trailer, and you have no money to hire a moving company. This is because you will handle all the packing, loading, driving, and unloading.

Pros of renting a moving truck

  • The cheapest method of relocating home with furniture
  • It allows moving of 1 vehicle behind it if you have the right truck and upgraded tow package
  • Your belongings will get to your destination home at the same time as you.

Cons of moving truck rentals

  • You are responsible for gas payment and can be very high
  • You have to purchase insurance even though it is an optional upgrade
  • Any damage to your uninsured items is your responsibility
  • Possibility of accidents during lifting, driving, and unloading
  • Only two or two and a half seats available in a truck
  • You must be careful when backing up as moving trucks don’t have a rear-view mirror
  • Relocating to a long distance in a rental moving truck can be so strenuous
  • Be careful as these moving trucks get easily blown around by strong wind gusts
  • Some moving trucks contain speed governors that get exhausted at 65mph
  • If not pack properly, the furniture will shift, slide and break
  • The drive receives even worse with bad speakers and AM/FM radio
  • Driving and parking in cities with much traffic can be difficult
  • Costs increases during weekends, summer, or holidays

However, you experience some problems if you don’t use the right rental service.

Which Company Offers the Cheapest and Best Moving Truck Rental?

The cheapest moving truck rental in the United States of America is reported to be Budget based on the national average according to data received from previous research by The Penny Hoarder. Other companies with good records are U-Haul, Penske, and Enterprise.

Portable Moving Containers

PODS, U-Pack, or U-Box, are the most popular moving container services you probably know about. These companies will drop off a huge storage unit at your doorstep for you to load for a few days. The company will then return to transport it to your new state for unloading.

Averagely, the cost of renting a moving container is between $700 and $5,000. This option might be cheaper than hiring a moving company or renting a moving truck in some cases. Be sure to request price quotes from the best available options.

Mode of operation of moving pods:

  • A portable container will be dropped off by a moving pod company to your location
  • You will handle the secure loading of your belongings into the container
  • The company will come and pick up the loaded container with their truck
  • They will haul it and drop off at your new home
  • You will handle the unloading of the container
  • After unloading, the company will come and pick up the container

Pros of using pods to move out of state

  • Driving of large moving truck loaded with belongings is not involved
  • A little bit cheaper compared to full-service moving companies
  • You and your household can ride in your vehicle comfortably.
  • You can save money by sharing a container with others in some cases.

Cons of using moving containers

  • Your area will determine rental centers and availability as they are not present everywhere, and this could make things expensive
  • Make sure you ask for laws on drop-off for apartment complexes as well as inner-city areas as there may be restrictions
  • To save money, you will be responsible for the packing, lifting, and loading of your items.
  • Costs are higher during weekends, holidays as well as summer

Hire Interstate Moving Companies

The best and easiest way to move out of state without stress is to hire one of the best interstate movers in the country. You don’t need to involve in any of the moving processes as your professional mover will handle it all, from packing to lifting to loading, to hauling, and unloading of your belongings at your new home.

The only hard task required of you is to find the best mover that offers the specific quality moving services at reasonable prices. You are probably thinking of how you can’t afford to hire a moving company.

Let me enlighten you on why hiring movers can be the best option to move. It’s fast, free, and you can compare moving estimates gotten from up to six out-of-state movers without paying.

Finding the Best Deal on Out of State Moving Companies

  • Go to our online moving quote tool and fill our brief form with few necessary details about your relocation
  • Our system will make comparisons and get you all the available movers that match your needs. These movers will provide you with free moving estimates for you to compare.
  • Choose the mover with the lowest rates or use the rate as your base rate for other movers to beat.


You certainly have many ideas on how to handle your long-distance move after reading these tips. You will have a smooth and sweet moving experience by following these moving tips.

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