How Do I Make Long Distance Move Easier?

How Do I Make Long Distance Move Easier?

Every move comes with different challenges that need to be dealt with once in a lifetime; however, you need to do your best to get ready and plan your long-distance move. So, you don’t get swiped aside by the popular unexpected issues usually experienced by movers.

Long-distance moving is particularly hard but there are always some ways to make it easier.

Things might get out of hand at different stages, but the best thing is to have a plan of attack to make sure your move is done smoothly.

To have an idea of what your interstate, cross-country, or long-distance move might present to you, the following are the ways to make the move easier:

Decide on the Items to Move

Figuring what action to take with your items can cause a lot of stress, especially when you have kids. Moving companies charge on the actual weight of your goods and the distance you are moving.

Only move with items you know you are using to avoid unnecessary charges. Go through your items and figure out the items that are still needed, get rid of or donate any items that are no longer useful for you. If you need additional money for moving expenses, you can even sell some of these items.

Packing up for a Long-Distance Move

There are important differences between packing for short-distance and long-distance moves. Moving companies want to be sure of the safety of your household items from one home to another.

However, when moving several hundreds of miles, the risk is much that items may be damaged. If your budget is accommodating, professional packing is the best.

Well experienced moving companies make use of specialized moving and packing materials for interstate moves. Packing for a local move is not as tedious as it is for long-distance moves due to the number of distances involved.

When moving long-distance, there are different extra precautions to put in place:

  • Wrapping furniture twice using shrink wrap and clean moving blankets
  • Corrugated boxes of double layer for increased protection
  • Specialized boxes for breakables and fragile items (request for custom crating).

The organization is crucial here. Moving companies will generally use labels and barcodes on all boxes linked with your move.

You can make things easier by using a color-coding system and label each moving box based on each room. If you choose to self-pack, we recommend you write your full name on every moving box.

Choose the Best Long-distance Moving Company

You need to select a reliable long-distance moving company for your next move regardless of where you are moving to. A moving company, such as Adam Van Lines is committed to easing some of your moving stress, especially when it involves cross-country moves.

You want to make sure that your household goods are protected and that your movers are right on time. You importantly need a reliable plan with your moving company for traveling cross country.

Make sure that the mover you hire has the right experience in relocating other people across the country. This will serve as peace of mind for you and also help you in figuring out the moving company’s reliability.  

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Moving Furniture and other Large Appliance into a New Home

One of the toughest parts of long-distance moves is hauling furniture back and forth from one residence to another, especially if you are getting ready for the move properly.

If possible, make plans to visit the new residence with a note, pen, and measuring tape to measure important passages, such as where your major appliances will be, how you will move larger items through doorways, windows, hallways, and so on.

You may need to keep the communication line open with the previous occupant who may be ready to help you obtain the necessary measurements and plan for your move-in day.

This will reduce the time and cost of relocating in total and also make the moving day as smooth as it can be.

How to Determine Moving Cost

One of the biggest mistakes you can make during a move is to assume that this long-distance move will be calculated similarly to how your local moves were calculated. The situation here is different.

In local moves, the workloads, as well as the time needed, are the major factors. However, when moving on a long-distance, one major price influencer is weight, together with distance.

These two are so much important to moving companies and any changes to these two, regardless of the size, will reflect highly on the price.

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Lost or Damaged Items

Even when you pack and relocate all your valuables, some items are prone to get damaged or broken. Moving companies are so much careful with moving boxes that have ‘fragile’ label on them, and organizing your moving boxes is so much important.

For example, it is never a good idea to pack all of your heavy dishes into a large box; the best idea is to distribute the weight of your belongings evenly and pack them properly using the right padding.

This will make sure that when any box gets mishandled, you won’t have the whole set of broken items in a single box when you get to your new home.

Also, if you have specialty items, such as the piano that can easily get damaged while on the move, you might have to buy moving insurance. You can check the insurance of the moving company before the move so that you can prepare as required.

It should even be one of the factors you consider for choosing a trustworthy moving company. Based on their policies, you might have the chance to ensure certain goods that are highly valuable while on the move.

Work with a Delivery Timeline

Customers should never forget that there is usually a delivery timeline for a long-distance move. However, there are some options when it comes to people in a rush:

  • Consolidated shipping: The real basic long-distance move. FlatRate Moving ensures labels and bar codes are placed on moving boxes for a long-distance move. This is surely a question you must ask your potential movers. This option is cheaper and ideal for those on a deadline.
  • Express tip: Moving companies experienced in long-distance moves can even offer you a private moving truck for an extra cost.

For an extra cost, some moving companies can just streamline the delivery timeline or even provide a guaranteed date.

Storage between Homes

It is widely common that customers require storage when moving on a long-distance or to another part of the country.

Known as Storage in Transit, many moving companies can store your household goods right from few days up to a month or longer.

You, therefore, need to ask the company if the storage facility they use is third-party storage or is owned and operated by the moving company.

If the storage facility is owned by a third-party company, there is more possibility of your goods being misplaced or not treated with care upon delivery. Make sure you ask about the safety of the facility and if it is climate controlled.

Prepare for Adverse Traffic Conditions

People typically decide to move on weekends or around the end of a month, most often because of rental agreements and stipulations; however, planning your move during the week and the middle of the month might be the best for your interest.

Even though the major reason for planning a weekend move is to possibly avoid traffic conditions, you will discover that traffic on weekends is very hectic while traveling on long distances, especially on ever-busy highways and freeways.

If you relocate during the week you can make sure your move is planned around the busy rush hours and complete your move before traffic ever hits.

Furthermore, you will be able to save money on moving costs, because moving companies often lower their moving rates in the middle of the month and also in the middle of the week.

Connect your Utilities can take a lot of Time

When you arrive at your home, the utilities are almost certainly turned off. Your first week there will have to be spent on making appointments to have the phone, water, electricity, gas, and internet turned on. If the utilities are already on, then you will have to get them transferred into your name.

Regardless, some companies mandate a deposit to create a new account, so you may have a new unplanned expense to pay.


If you have a long-distance move in view, we understand that you probably are under a lot of stress. Reduce your stress and make things easier by making sure you hire a reliable moving company, lowering your load, and making sure your belongings are safe.

Stick to the tips discussed above and you will have nothing short of a great cross-country move.

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