How to Find Moving Help in Fort Lauderdale

How to Find Moving Help in Fort Lauderdale

Getting ready to move into a new home or apartment is never an easy task, as there is a lot that needs to be taken care of. Even if you’ve decided that you want to take care of some things on your own, there are still options that can make your move much easier. It’s not all or nothing – you’d be surprised at how much help there is when you need moving help in Fort Lauderdale.

Most of the time, finding help is overwhelming because people don’t know where to start or who they should look to for guidance or services. Continue reading and you’ll find the best options for your Fort Lauderdale move and get the information you need to get started with your move.

How to Find Movers

Finding a moving company can be tricky, as there are so many Fort Lauderdale movers from which to choose. With many reputable options, you’ll need to do some research on companies to find the right movers for you.

Many moving companies can be found online, where you can also find information on their business practices, past customer service, licensure, insurance, and more. You can verify that a company is dependable and provides good customer service. However, first you need to determine what type of moving help you need.

For instance, you may only need partial moving services if you plan on handling most or part of your move yourself. There are also companies that specialize in small moves if you don’t have many belongings to transport. If you aim to make things as easy as they can possibly be, then full service movers may be the best moving help for you.

Partial Moving Services

Not everybody needs full moving services, so consider working with a partial moving company. These companies specialize in providing only the services you need, so you don’t have to pay for full-service movers in Fort Lauderdale.

There are several options for transporting your items, such as portable shipping containers or renting a moving truck, and many times people think that they’ll have to do everything themselves. This isn’t the case, and you can find movers for:

  • Loading and unloading
  • Packing
  • Transporting belongings
  • Handling special items
  • Disassembly or reassembly
  • Loading & Unloading: If you’ve got a moving truck or shipping container, loading and unloading services can be very helpful. Moving labor specialists will handle loading your items onto the truck or into the container and will unload them when your shipment is delivered.
  • Packing Services: Packing services are provided so that all of your belongings arrive at their new home without damage. Professional movers will pack your items neatly and safely and you can also have movers unpack belongings once you’ve arrived at your home.
  • Transportation Services: If you’re not keen on driving a truck to transport items yourself, which may require driving hundreds of miles depending on the scale of your move, transportation services are available. Professional movers will drive your stuff so you don’t have to worry about it.
  • Special Item Services: If any items in your home are fragile, oversized, overweight, or highly valuable, movers provide help protecting, loading, and transporting these items. Whatever you need to ensure they are safe, movers will provide to the best of their abilities.
  • Disassembly & Reassembly: Some items in the home are difficult to transport whole or they may get damaged if attempted, so movers can disassemble them and reassemble them once they’ve been successfully shipped to your home. There are some things movers will not disassemble, though, so speak with your movers beforehand.

Fort Lauderdale moving companies may also offer additional help for your move, which makes it crucial that you make sure the company you choose provides the services you need. You can also combine services, customizing the moving help you get and ensuring that your move is efficient.

Small Move Companies

If you don’t have much to move but a small amount, such as a couch and end table, there are professionals that specialize in moving a few items or even just a single item. These small moving services are available from several companies, so you won’t have to rent a moving truck just to get one or two items to your new home.

Full-Service Moving Companies

Full-service moving companies in Fort Lauderdale provide you with everything needed to complete your move, so you don’t have to lift a finger. You can also customize your full-service move so that you only get the help you need – nothing more, nothing less – giving you more control over your move.

Some of the services full-service movers offer include providing packing materials and moving supplies, doing the actual packing of items in your home, disassembling furniture when necessary, loading and unloading moving trucks, and disposing of materials used during your move.

Movers will also plan your move from start to finish, handling the logistics and giving you a solid timeframe to work with so you can prepare ahead of time. You may find that some additional services are offered as well, making things even simpler.

Friends & Family

Aside from movers, you have the option of looking for moving help from your friends and family members. They may not be professional, but they can help you get your move completed. However, you won’t get the benefits of having the moving insurance, the specialty services, or the high efficiency Fort Lauderdale movers provide.

Know Your Budget

Now that you’ve gone over what type of help you need, you should calculate how much you want to spend on your move. Knowing your budget will make it easier to choose the right moving help in Fort Lauderdale, giving you a better idea of your available options.

Get Moving Help in Fort Lauderdale

There’s much to consider when you’re looking for moving help for Fort Lauderdale moves, but there’s no need to panic. Chances are that you’ll get better help from movers than from your friends, so don’t be afraid to work with movers near you. Figure out exactly what kind of help you’re looking for from Fort Lauderdale moving companies and you’ll be on your way.

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