How To Find Moving Supplies In Fort Lauderdale

How To Find Moving Supplies In Fort Lauderdale?

If it’s time to move from your Fort Lauderdale home, chances are you are going to need some moving supplies to ensure that your possessions are damaged in transit. However, if you have never moved before or no longer have your packing supplies from your last move, you’ll need to find moving supplies before you can even begin to start packing.

Finding the right supplies in Fort Lauderdale can be a time-consuming task, especially if you are looking for something specific, like special packaging for delicate china or wardrobe boxes. Moving companies in Fort Lauderdale will have supplies, but if you want to get your own, where do you look?

Fortunately, this list of how to find moving supplies in Fort Lauderdale should give you all the information needed to make the right purchases and get your move underway in no time.

What will I need to move from Fort Lauderdale?

The type of moving supplies you’ll need will vary based on:

  • The distance you are moving
  • The size of your property
  • The weight of your items

While the specific type of supplies will vary based on the answers to these questions, the basic materials themselves will include:

  • cardboard boxes
  • packing tape
  • protective wrap
  • labels/markers

Specialty materials such as rope, mattress covers, wardrobe boxes, etc., may also be necessary to ensure all your belongings stay safe and secure throughout the move. If you are working with local or long-distance movers, don’t hesitate to ask them for advice.

How do I find moving supplies in Fort Lauderdale?

The first thing you should do is check with friends and family in Fort Lauderdale to see if they have any moving supplies they can give you. This will be an excellent way to save time and money on your move. After contacting friends and family, you should check other online and retail locations to get any additional moving supplies you need.

Retail Locations

1. U-Haul

America’s most recognizable moving company, U-Haul, sells a variety of moving supplies for just about any item a person could own.

If you are packing up delicate objects, they have special bubble-wrapped envelopes that can hold delicate china and other kitchenware, along with wardrobe boxes for hanging clothes. Their packing technologies also make it easier to store and organize items in slats and boxes, allowing for a faster, more organized packing and unpacking process.

For those on a tight budget, check out U-Haul’s box exchange program. This program facilitates drop-off and pick-up locations for used and recycled moving boxes offered free of charge.

3. Home Depot

Home depot is a retail location that sells moving supplies to both individuals and business owners. They have everything you need to pack your belongings, including bubble wrap, tarp, boxes, ropes, packing tape, etc. If you are looking for multiple types of packing materials or are buying in bulk, Home Depot is the place to go.

4. Fed-Ex

While known for their shipping supplies, Fed-Ex’s retail location also has a wide variety of moving supplies for packing your items. Being one of America’s leading shipping services means that they’ll have a wide variety of packing supplies focused on protecting your most valuable items.

Online Stores

If you don’t have the time to go into a physical location and pick up the packing supplies you need, there are many online stores and vendors that can ship packing supplies right to your door.

1. New Packing Supplies

Consider checking out the websites for the physical locations listed above to order new packing supplies. Online shopping for these vendors may provide additional discounts not found in-store, saving you money on the overall cost of your move.

2. Reused and Recycled Moving Supplies

Many community forums online are dedicated to sharing and cycling used moving supplies to help reduce the cost of your move. Consider browsing through community forums such as:

  • Craigslist
  • Facebook
  • Freecycle Network

Once you have organized with someone to take their used moving supplies off your hands, you can use site and apps such as Dolly or TaskRabbit to have someone pick up your items and drop them off at your residence.

Additionally, you can check out sites such as to get recycled, or once-used moving boxes delivered right to your door. These boxes come from commercial clients looking to offload moving boxes used by those who have already completed their move.

Full-Service Packing Solution

The final way to find moving supplies in Fort Lauderdale is to hire a moving company to do all the work for you. This includes supplying the packing materials needed to box up everything on your packing checklist for moving and transport your belongings to a new location.

This option will increase the cost to hire movers in Fort Lauderdale, but considering the amount of time it takes to pack up a large home with many rooms, it could be the best way to save time and money on your move.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better, new or used moving boxes?

While new boxes will likely provide the best protection for your items during a move, used moving boxes may be a better fit for those on a tight budget. Used boxes can often be purchased for half of their original cost and usually are much easier to find than new boxes, thus saving time and hassle moving.

What should I wrap my furniture in before moving?

Heavy-duty plastic wrap is considered to be the best for protecting furniture during a move. Be sure to cover every inch, including the legs and smaller pieces, to ensure no damage is done during the move.

What should I pack my items in?

It largely depends on your budget and the need for the portability of your packed items. Moving boxes are ideal for packing larger, more bulky items such as books, records, and lamps which you may not want to get dirty or scratched. Bubble wrap, moving blankets, and tarps are great for protecting fragile items that can be damaged easily.

There are Many Ways to Get Moving Supplies in Fort Lauderdale

There are many ways to find moving supplies and packing materials in Fort Lauderdale. Having a good idea of the type of supplies you’ll need for your move will help you determine where to go and what to buy, especially if this is your first time moving.

Don’t forget that if you want to reduce your carbon footprint and do your part to help the environment during your move, you should consider donating, reusing, or recycling your packing supplies.

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