Moving From Miami to Texas: Movers, Costs, and Benefits

A Miami to Texas move can cost between $5,200 and $15,000- but it’s not just about the money. Check out our Miami to Texas moving guide to learn more.
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Heading out west from Miami to Texas? You may be moving to the Lone Star state, but you don’t have to do your entire move solo. It’s time to get a head-start on your planning and preparation, and Adams Van Lines can help.

At Adams Van Lines, we know a thing or two about moving. We’ve been in the game for over 20 years, and in that time we’ve rubbed shoulders and gotten to know the best movers in the business. We’ve also learned how to make your out of state move as easy and simple as possible.

If you’re ready to get packing, we’re ready to get you on the right track. Put down the bubble wrap for a sec, and check out our guide to Miami to Texas moving done right:

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Movers from Miami to Texas?

Hiring movers from Miami to Texas can set you back between $5,200 and $15,000, sometimes more and sometimes less. It’s a pretty sizeable window, but for good reason.

When long distance movers are calculating the price of a move, they base the final figure off of two main factors: the distance traveled, and the amount of stuff they need to transport.

If you’re moving a studio apartment from Miami Gardens to Beaumont, it’ll be a lot cheaper than moving a five-bedroom home from Florida City to El Paso.

You’d expect a smaller move to take less time, right? Think again. Read on to see how long a Miami to Texas move will take.

How Long Does Moving Take?

A move from Miami to Texas will take anywhere from 2 to 21 days, and in rare cases a little bit longer. Much like the overall price of your move, the duration of your move depends on the distance and the amount of your belongings – but it’s not always what you’d expect.

Movers don’t like to send half-empty trucks all over the place. It’s inefficient and expensive. Instead, they’ll usually bundle several smaller moves into the same semi trailer. If you’re just moving a studio apartment, you may have to deal with delays as your movers make pickups and dropoffs along the way.

On the other hand, if you manage to fill an entire semi trailer with just your move, you can expect your movers to take it directly to your destination. After all, if there’s no more room in the truck, there’s not much point to making stops for other moves.

By the way, if you’re concerned about sharing a truck with some strangers, don’t worry. Movers will partition the trailer with cardboard and padding to keep your stuff separate and safe through the whole move. And in some cases, you can shell out extra for direct moving – but be prepared to pay a pretty penny.

What Factors Affect the Cost of a Miami to Texas Move?

A move from Miami to Texas can be expensive or surprisingly cheap. It all comes down to the following factors:

1. Distance of the Move

As we mentioned earlier, the distance of your move is one of the biggest factors behind your price. The farther your stuff has to go, the more you’ll end up paying.

2. Weight and Volume of Items

Along with the distance, the weight and volume of your items plays a huge role in how much you’ll pay for your Miami to Texas move. You can’t make the distance any shorter, but we always recommend downsizing your stuff to save a few bucks on moving day.

3. Packing Services and Materials

Some people prefer to pack everything themselves. Others are allergic to packing peanuts. If you’re the latter, you can check out professional packing services to make your life a little (or a lot) easier. Just keep in mind you’ll end up paying extra for the service.

4. Special Handling and Additional Services

If you have items like pianos, artwork, or antiques, you’ll need some extra TLC to keep things in one piece. Special handling isn’t something you want to skimp on: It’s more money spent, but it goes a long way for added security and peace of mind. Don’t forget to look into furniture disassembly if you have some large or cumbersome pieces.

5. Insurance and Liability Coverage

When it comes to insurance, movers are legally required to provide a bare minimum of $0.60 per pound of items lost, damaged, or destroyed. This is great in a pinch, but guess how much you’ll get if your Macbook takes a tumble? A whopping $2.40. If you want full-value coverage, you’ll have to pay extra for it. Otherwise, you’re taking a risky gamble.

6. Seasonality and Moving Date

The time of year can influence moving costs, with peak moving season (June, July, and August) usually being pricier due to higher demand. Weekends, holidays, and the ends of each month are also more expensive, for much the same reason. Try to shoot for a mid-week, mid-month move, far away from any holidays or vacation times.

7. Storage Services

Moving isn’t always an exact science. Sometimes you have a little too much stuff, and sometimes you need a bit more extra time to find a place for all your furniture and anime figurines. Storage can give you some much-needed flexibility, usually at a monthly rate. Do some digging beforehand, because some movers offer a whole month free!

8. Moving Company and Service Level

Every mover is different, and so is every quote. We always recommend getting at least three different quotes from three different movers. This will give you a better idea of how much you should expect to pay on average, and what kinds of services you’ll really need.

Why Do People Move from Miami to Texas?

Miami’s a great place, but if you’re looking for a change of scenery, there’s plenty of reasons to pack your bags and head to Texas:

  • Cost of Living: On average, Texas boasts a lower cost of living compared to Miami. You’ll find more affordable housing options and, in some areas, lower utility and grocery costs.
  • Employment Opportunities: Texas is home to a diverse range of industries. Transplants can enjoy varied employment opportunities in sectors like technology, energy, and healthcare.
  • No State Income Tax: Texas is one of the few states that do not levy a state income tax, which potentially allows for more disposable income.
  • Educational Institutions: With a plethora of esteemed universities and schools, Texas is an attractive option for anyone pursuing educational opportunities.
  • Space and Scenery: The vast landscapes of Texas provide a stark contrast to the comparatively compact city life in Miami. Feel free to stretch out a little, and enjoy life in more spacious and diverse scenery.
  • Family-Friendly: Texas is often noted for its family-friendly cities and neighborhoods, offering a variety of activities and community events for all ages.
  • Business Climate: Leaving Miami, but taking the grindset with you? Entrepreneurs and business owners are drawn to Texas in large part due to its renowned business-friendly policies and dynamic economy.

This list is definitely just a glimpse – otherwise we’d need a whole new article just to talk about why people are making the move to the Lone Star State. Everyone moves for their own reasons, but the Texas attractions are open to anyone

Things to Do in Texas

Texas is a huge state, and it’s teeming with a whole menu of activities, attractions, and adventures for newcomers to explore. Whether you’re drawn to natural beauty, historical sites, or vibrant cultural experiences, Texas has something to offer for everyone:

  • Visit the Alamo: History nerd? Tourist? Whatever the case, every Texan has to see it at least once. Check out the Alamo, but leave your Twitter takes at the door: You’re moving to a new state, so learn to respect how the locals love their history.
  • Explore Big Bend National Park: The Lone Star State has plenty of the great outdoors, and Big Bend National Park has plenty of natural beauty to appreciate. Keep an eye out for wildlife.
  • Attend the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo: What’s more Texas than a rodeo? Experience authentic Texan culture at this renowned event featuring rodeo action, concerts, and various exhibitions.
  • Stroll Along the San Antonio Riverwalk: Got some cash to burn? Or maybe you’re just looking for a nice day out. Enjoy shopping, dining, and scenic walks along this iconic urban waterway.
  • Experience the Dallas Arts District: When people think “Texas”, they may not think “art”, but it’s definitely there. Explore a multitude of museums, galleries, and theaters in the largest arts district of its kind in the nation.
  • Discover Padre Island: Relax and rejuvenate on the beautiful beaches of Padre Island, the world’s longest undeveloped barrier island.
  • Tour the State Capitol in Austin: Immerse yourself in the state’s history and governance with a visit to the impressive Texas State Capitol. Plus, there’s plenty to see in the rest of the city. Take a walk down 6th street and check out the bars and nightlife.
  • Delight in Texan Barbecue: If you’re into food, you’d better be into barbecue. Savor the flavors of Texas by indulging in its world-famous barbecue. There’s a go-to joint in every neighborhood.
  • Explore the Space Center Houston: You’ve had the food, you’ve seen the history – time to give your left brain a workout. Check out the Space Center to learn more about space exploration and NASA’s ongoing missions.
  • Attend Austin’s SXSW Festival: This is one of the largest and most renowned film, culture, and music festivals in the world. From sneak peaks to panels of makers, creators, and producers, SXSW is a major force in the entertainment industry.
  • Visit the Texas State Fair: It’s just once a year, but you definitely don’t want to miss it. Enjoy rides, concerts, culinary delights, and family activities at this iconic annual event.

Whatever you’re into, the Lone Star State has plenty to offer. We didn’t list everything (we’ve got to wrap this article up eventually), so feel free to hit the road and explore your new state. You’ll find your niche in no time.

Miami to Texas FAQ

What is the cost of living like in Texas compared to Miami?

Texas enjoys a lower cost of living compared to Miami, especially in terms of housing prices: You’re looking at a median home price of about $302,000 in Texas, compared to Miami’s median home price of about $689,000. Aside from housing, groceries and utilities will usually cost less as well.

Where are some of the best places to live in if I’m moving to Texas?

Cities like Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio all offer diverse living experiences, and each city has its own charm and lifestyle. If you’re looking for family-friendly suburbs, take a look at Plano or Round Rock near Austin.

What is the cheapest way to move long distances?

A DIY move is always going to be the cheapest option – but just barely. We’re not saying this because we’re professional movers, we’re saying this because we’ve run the numbers: After renting a truck, paying for gas, lodging, and food, and taking time off work to handle your move, your savings might not be what you expect. Sometimes, it’s just easier to spend a bit of extra cash for a full service move.

How far in advance should I hire movers in Miami?

Ideally, you should hire your movers at least 2-3 months in advance – especially if you’re planning to move during peak season (June, July, and August). This allows for ample time for planning and coordinating, and your movers may cut you a discount if you’re flexible on the exact move-in date.

What items can’t be moved long distances?

Every mover has their own no-go list, but they usually have a few items in common. Movers can’t handle anything flammable, pressurized, alive, or perishable. Also, if you have any really priceless possessions, or items that have serious sentimental value, you should keep those on-hand at all times.

Ready to Head from Miami to Texas? Get Packing and Let’s Get Started!

A Miami to Texas move can be a major undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be stressful! If you’re ready to pack your bags and head out west, check out our moving cost calculator and get in touch with us to get moving.

PS: Don’t forget to check back in with Adams Van Lines for more helpful tips and tricks for moving day!

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