The Best Areas To Reside In Orlando

The Best Areas To Reside In Orlando In 2021's

Relocating to another city is usually challenging. And a huge part of that difficulty is finding a place to live. There are lots of things to consider when evaluating your options of housing styles, quality of schools, neighborhood safety and the ease of finding everything can be so tough.

Studies have shown that after researching and hiring the best Orlando moving companies, choosing the best areas to reside in the city is next.

To make things easier for you, we’ve researched the best places in Orlando, finding the best locations to reside.

We conducted research and created a list of our leading places to reside in Orlando. Go throughout the list below to get guidance on selecting your new home in Orlando.

1. Oviedo

Popularly known as one of the best places in Orlando, there are many elementary schools in Orlando, 2 high schools, and 3 middle schools – and almost all of them is rated A. This developing city is only 20-mins away from downtown Orlando and very close to the University of Central Florida. It is widely known for its chickens that roam freely all across the town, often blocking traffic.

There are also new and old parks here. The new aquatic center in Oviedo offers a large pool including its own small-sized water park. The distance of Oviedo Grove Apartments from the Aquatic Center is below 10 minutes. Oviedo has over the past many years famous for renovations and new developments. There have been major renewal projects on the Oviedo Mall and town center locations, and a new hospital was recently established.

2. College Park

This neighborhood is situated just few miles from downtown and residents know the neighborhood for its newer developments and mix of cottages. It is also famous for its great outdoor recreation. Numerous choices exist for water enthusiasts on the 280 acres of lakes. Lake Ivanhoe is included, where you can enjoy waterskiing and wakeboarding with amazing views of the skyline.

There are also walking trails, parks, and a family-friendly feel. The Orlando Shakespeare Theater and Mennello Museum of American Art are the best spots for cultural outing in the neighborhood. There are many restaurants such as Parisian and Caribbean cuisine, like Les Petit Pleasures. Locals of College Park meet after work at Tartine to have French-Southern fusion. One other famous location is Ollie’s House for beer rotation on tap.

3. Lake Nona Region

This famous neighborhood and well-structured community is located closer to the Orlando International Airport and is filled with bungalows, brand new single-family homes, as well as closed communities. Situated beside Lake Nona in the southeast part of Orlando, the distance of the Lake Nona Region to the Downtown only takes 20 minutes and just 30-mins drive from Cocoa Beach.

The USTA National Campus is located here; meaning that you can take tennis lessons and attend important tennis events that happen in this location. Lake Nona Region is an innovative and family-friendly neighborhood and is among the rapidly-developing neighborhoods in the Orlando metro area.

Providing amazing suburban feeling of living to residents, the neighborhood is a great place to raise a family because of its high safety ratings and top rated public and private schools. Turning to a hot spot for estates and mansions, Lake Nona is fast becoming one of the richest neighborhoods in the city of Orlando.  

4. Winter Park

While retirees are popularly found in comfortable Orlando suburbs, Winter Park attracts a different group. Winter Park is tree-lined and idyllic, but this neighborhood is also where the thriving food scene of Orlando gets its start. Winter Park opened the heart of the city of Orlando for amazing food when 4 Rivers Smokehouse started. This little starter is seen as a part of the best barbecue joints in the state. And since then, it has spread its branches to 14 locations successfully.

Today, Winter Park’s restaurant scene thrives with delicacies from genuine Indian fare to classy Mexican food. Winter Park is warm and welcoming, and thus attracts a diverse crowd. Since it is located at just 15-minutes north of downtown, Winter Park offers the whole lot of amenities of a modern city as well as the vibe of a small town.

5. East Orlando

Those that are searching for more diversity in their preferred Orlando neighborhoods can consider East Orlando. The neighborhood is famous with commuters and students and is where the University of Central Florida is located. It can be found within minutes from the Orlando International Airport. Head to Waterford Lakes Town Center to shop at the hubs. In addition, visit the locations around Alafaya Trail.

There are varieties of big-box trailers and smaller brands there. Eclectic fare is also hosted here. East Orlando is beginning to clear its reputation of being unsafe, unlike nearby Orlando neighborhoods. However, taking precautions is often a wise decision, especially at night. In the evening, you can take rideshare with friends. Take a stop by Marlow’s Tavern and see a movie at Regal Cinemas 20.

6. Thornton Park

This neighborhood is seen as one of the hippest neighborhoods or Orlando and is where Indie music starts from different great locations, and restaurants are located amongst condos and bungalows on the eastern part of Lake Eola Park. Thornton Park is an amazing neighborhood that is filled with shops, restaurants, festivals, as well as a weekly farmers’ market, which provides an urban-suburban vibe.

This might be a perfect neighborhood for young professionals. Being among the central street districts of Orlando, you will discover that there is always something to celebrate, such as an Art & Wine Walk, which is done every second Thursday of the month.

Thornton Park has been ranked as the 2nd largest neighborhood in the city of Orlando, and part of the beauty of the neighborhood comes from its luxury apartments and historic homes as well as its 10-mins walk from the Downtown commercial center. Public schools in the area are rated higher than the average and include Howard Middle School, Boone High School, and Hillcrest Elementary School.  

7. Park Lake Highland

One other best location to call home in Orlando is Park Lake Highland and it offers amazing views of the city skyline. Providing a mix of modern single-family homes as well as historic lakefront homes to residents, the environment is safe and calm. Popular for its sufficient of Vietnamese restaurants as well as small businesses, Park Lake Highland can be found in the Mills 50 district of Orlando which is a small diverse commercial district.

Filled with walking and biking trails, commute round the area conveniently. Appreciate and engage in some of the top-rated restaurants in the neighborhood. A destination for foodie, enjoy various types of cuisine starting from Spanish tapas to homemade southern barbeque. With amazing and hip nightlife, enjoy weekends at dive bars and local brewpubs with live Indie music.

With its population not up to 3,000 people, this community is perfect for families and young professionals giving their career a start. In addition, there are many amazing public schools and private schools like Lake Highland Preparatory School, so relocating here surely has its benefits.

8. Downtown

Seen as one of the highly sophisticated parts of the city, the Downtown area has been rated as one of the best neighborhoods to reside by Orlando Magazine. Filled with incredible business high-rises that made up the entire city, the metro area is a thriving commercial hub, perfect for people who like to work, live, and play. There are some of the best seafood markets here where you can eat from and also clubs, parks, theaters, and museums to visit.

The nightlife is an important attraction to the neighborhood, including the Walt Disney Amphitheater, which is a famous location for festivals, outdoor concerts, and dance performances all through the year. The neighborhood is also among the safest areas of Orlando and has leading schools.

FAQ about Best Areas to Reside in Orlando

Is relocating to Orlando, FL worth it?

The cost of living in Orlando, Florida is around three percent below the state’s cost of living; which makes Orlando a great choice if you would like to move to Florida. Orlando enjoys a cheaper cost of living when compared to Florida in all aspects except housing. 

Is living in Downtown Orlando good?

Downtown is located in Orange County and is among the best locations to reside in Florida. Living here offers a dense city feel for residents and most of them are renters. There are many bars, parks, coffee shops, and restaurants in Downtown.

What neighborhood costs the most in Florida?

Palm Beach, located in South Florida, costs the most to live in compared to the entire state. Palm Beach is famous for its classic estates and boutiques, including its widely known beaches.

What Florida city has the highest number of retirees?

Venice is the number one Florida city with the most retirees on our list for so many reasons. The state definitely has some of the leading places in the United States for retirees.


We hope you find that helpful, and if you choose to proceed with the move, be free to contact Adams Van Lines’ best long-distance movers. As we mentioned, we perform local and long-distance relocation services in Orlando and we would be glad to help.

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