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Hire the Best Orlando Moving Companies

Looking for Moving companies in Orlando to handle your local or long-distance moves? You are at the right place to choose one.

For any move, thoughtful planning, time, patience, research, and flexibility are all required.

For residents of Orlando, it also involves hiring local movers.

To help with this, we’ve compiled a customized list of the best moving companies you can find in the Orlando area, together with their respective services, prices, and other important information.

We screened over 25 Orlando moving companies, just for your need.

Regardless of the type of items you are moving, you want Orlando moving companies that will perform a smooth moving job for you.

We put in our best to touch everything regarding your move: an online calculator for moving cost, properly maintained moving checklist to ensure smooth preparation, and lastly, the best selection of moving companies.

Top 3 Recommended Orlando Movers

Top 3 Recommended Orlando Movers - Two Men And a Truck

Two Men And A Truck

Top 3 Recommended Orlando Movers - Flatrate

Flat Rate Moving Services


My Guy Moving & Storage

Top 3 Recommended Orlando Movers - Two Men And a Truck

Two Men And A Truck

Top 3 Recommended Orlando Movers - Flatrate

Flat Rate Moving Services


My Guy Moving & Storage


We went through genuine customer reviews and compare estimates issued by movers from our list of moving companies in Orlando.

You will also find photos, license numbers, contact information, and services offered in each profile of our moving companies.

Figure out the best Orlando mover for your needs and save money on your upcoming move.

List of 5 Best Orlando Moving Companies

Are you moving on a budget? Here is a list of affordable moving companies in Orlando that provide the best moving services at affordable pricing.

Click the ‘GET A QUOTES button to input your moving details on a quote form. You will get different free moving estimates from professional moving companies in Orlando, FL.


Below are our picks for the best Orlando movers:

List of 5 Best Moving Companies in Orlando - Two Men And A Truck

Two Men And A Truck

Overall Rating 4.9 / 5


This is a top moving company that is highly rated as the best. The company considers the requirements of each home and business relocating in the Lake County and West Orange regions, including the Leesburg neighborhood.

Two men and a truck has a fleet of 13 moving trucks and a team of expert movers, therefore, they are always available to surpass your expectations.

They receive numerous referral rates and offer absolutely quality services all the time.

The company is insured, bonded, and licensed, as well as offers different moving solutions, such as local moving and storage options, interstate moving options, and so on.

The company is where you can get both moving and storage solutions for residential and business moves.

Pros ✔

  • Wide availability
  • Licensed, bonded, and insured movers
  • Moving and storage solutions

Cons ✖

  • Insufficient information online about moving insurance and claims

Flat Rate

Overall Rating 4.8 / 5


This company has been around and moving thousands of people in Orlando for many years, and always ensuring they have a smooth and safe journey as possible.

Their crew of movers is properly trained to work in Florida heat and never get tired on the job.

Flat Rate handles every part of your move and protects you against surprise or extra fees. The estimate provided during your first contact will be what you pay after the completion of your move, and it is often accurate.

The company offers professional moving services with great packing supplies in the moving business.

Flat rate brings innovation to the moving industry through the introduction of a guaranteed, comprehensive price but also, offers a lot of other services.

Pros ✔

  • Accurate moving estimate
  • No hidden or extra fees
  • Best packing supplies

Cons ✖

  • Limited availability
  • Nothing said on insurance

My Guy Moving

Overall Rating 4.7 / 5


If you need moving companies from Orlando, just look up at My Guys Moving & Storage online. Their moving services are affordable and dependable for moves across the Orlando area and other interstate moves.

They serve many neighborhoods in Orlando, Florida, as well as the surrounding area.

They use professional movers, offer varieties of packing services, as well as both long and short term storage options.

My Guy Moving & Storage charges a reasonable hourly rate for local moving services.

They also offer different packing services that can be personalized based on your specific needs. Their professional packers are available to pack all your goods, a part of it, or just pack some delicate and special items for safe haulage.

Pros ✔

  • Moving and storage services
  • Professional packers
  • Wide availability
  • Affordable moving services

Cons ✖

  • Insufficient information about moving insurance and claims
  • Low online presence

Orlando Express Movers

Overall Rating 4.6 / 5


This company offers friendly, reliable, and affordable full-service moves. The company focuses on emergency moves, and they are available for hire to move a single piece or an entire home.

This company not only move your household goods, but they make use of a family-friendly method so that you can enjoy a more customized move.

This family-friendly method enables them to handle their customers like family members, therefore, giving them the chance to provide professional and excellent customer service all the time.

Above all, handling your shipments and making sure delivery is done safely is always their main target.

Pros ✔

  • Full-service house movers
  • Last-minute moves
  • Moves can be customized
  • Great customer service

Cons ✖

  • Offers only residential moves
  • No storage option

Nice Guy Movers Orlando

Overall Rating 4.6 / 5


This company is a family-owned and operated mover in Orlando and is dedicated to delivering great moving service to customers. It puts in a lot of effort to provide customers with quality moving service which what they are ready to do every day and for each move.

Whether you are reducing your moving costs with their professional packing skills or giving you boxes, their Orlando movers are ready to move you with ease.

Regardless of where your move is taking you, this Orlando moving company is ready to move your stuff to your next destination.

Nice Guy Movers will not only handle your regular moving it will also provide you storage space, box rental, as well as professional packing services. With workers who understand their job and with effective security, you can be sure that your goods will be in good hands.

Pros ✔

  • Quality moving service
  • Affordable moving service
  • Storage option

Cons ✖

  • Offers only residential moves
  • No insurance information

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The 16 Different Types of Moving Boxes

Things to Consider Before Hiring Orlando Moving Companies

That a moving company has a moving van as well as few moving boxes doesn’t mean they are the right movers for your household goods. Before you hire a moving company, you need to conduct your research and ask a lot of questions from different movers.

Here are certain things to consider when selecting the best moving company in Orlando for your needs:

Obtain referrals from your circles: They can reveal whether they were happy with their experience or not. Obtaining suggestions from people that your expectations may be highly effective than consulting strangers for advice.

Contact many moving companies: Do not go with the first quote you received. Ask a minimum of four different moving companies in Orlando for a moving quote before settling for one. The next step is to compare their quotes to choose the one that best fits your budget and needs.

Careful of scams: Look for warning signals, like a company requesting huge deposits before doing any work. Note how the movers act when providing moving estimates or quotes. If the movers arrive late or don’t come with the necessary materials, they are likely to repeat the same on a moving day.

Check moving reviews: If a company is known for damaging items, lateness, or delivering poor customer service, stay away from such. You can get from their previous customers’ reviews.

Confirm the company’s license and insurance status: Be bold to ask a moving company for proof of its licensing and insurance. A reputable company will not hesitate to show you its credentials.

When making a comparison of moving companies, ask if the company has a certain area of expertise. Some companies are specialized in local moves, while others perform state to state moves.

If you have large or expensive belongings like pianos or artwork, ask if the company has experience moving such items.

The Cost of Hiring an Orlando Movers

Expect to pay around $102 per hour on average to hire 2 movers with a moving truck if you are not moving beyond 50 miles inside Florida. These rates exclude packing materials or additional crew members.

A lot of moving companies charge hourly for local moves and by volume and distance for interstate (long-distance) moves, but extra fees may be charged for moving heavy or large items.

While a lot of companies provide moving estimates on the phone or online, the company’s workers need to see the number of items you are moving to provide the final moving estimate and make a moving plan.

Most moving companies in Orlando are happy to do a house tour and provide you a comprehensive and accurate quote based on your shipment as well as distance. Make sure you ask if the moving estimate is binding, or you may get surprised by the higher overall cost than you expect.

Factors that affect Moving Cost in Orlando

There are some major costs of your move to Orlando. So, before you check prices from your Orlando movers, be sure to check for the following:

Type of the move: Most of the cost is made up of the type of your move. For instance, moving from Europe to Orlando is not the same in terms of cost as moving from New York to Orlando, or even Los Angeles. Thus, do a little more research about the type of your move.

Then look into the approximate price and see what actions you can take to reduce the price a bit. This is so much important if you plan a swift move to Orlando.

Orlando location and travel expenses: Also, the location you are moving to in Orlando is a vital factor. Rental costs differ based on which part of the city you are moving to. Thus, you need to look out for what matches your needs regarding cost and location.

Locations that are in a far distance from the city center are cheaper; always remember that. Also, you should not forget travel expenses. The hugest part of your moving expenses will be on transportation.

It would be a good idea to get a storage solution in Orlando in case you may need one. You need somewhere to keep your items right?

Local moving prices: If you are moving but desire to stay in Orlando, you are not doing this alone. Orlando is the 4th city in America that people consider to make their home.

We’ve compiled a list of moving and storage costs that can assist you in organizing your budget.

Average Cost of Moving locally in Orlando

Home Size Cost
Studio (217cf) $311.82
Studio Alcove (275cf) $340.20
1 Bedroom, Small (353cf) $375.96
1 Bedroom, Large (473cf) $396.61
2 Bedroom (708cf) $474.90
3 Bedroom (1106cf) $810.35
4 Bedroom (1517cf) $1135.66

Hottest Neighborhoods in Orlando

Selecting the best neighborhood in Orlando to move to will have to involve your lifestyle. For people who love older areas with a rich history, they may want to consider living in:

Thornton Park

Want to take a peep into the 1920s? The unique architectural designs of bungalows that are erected in this brick-lined street take you down the older years.

There are many beautiful and historic buildings and landmarks in the neighborhood, but it is also recognized for its great dining restaurant as well as high-end shopping.

However, the neighborhood can be sometimes costly, but it is a common option for professionals who desire to be in close distance to the downtown area.

Lake Eola Heights

This is another neighborhood with historic structures and beautiful lake views. It is located just a few walking distances away from Lake Eola Park.

Many of these older structures need permission for renovation, as the area wishes most of them to be restored to keep historic landmarks.

College Park

This is one of the highly popular neighborhoods in Orlando. The area got its name after the streets, which are named after the great universities from around the country.

If you love the suburban life more, you can enjoy neighborhoods that offer a great combination of country and cottage living, far from the stress and hustle of the downtown area.

Hunter’s Creek

This is one of the more popular neighborhoods in the region and has a population of just 20,000 people. Cost of living here is just a bit higher than the country’s average


This is a suburb common neighborhood for families in search of enjoyment of a community feel. The community combines effort to work towards improvement and expansion projects.


Desire a small-town suburban feel? This area may be your best choice ever. With a population below 6,000, Heathrow is popular for its yearly events as well as standard school system. Housing is above the average in Heathrow, but the privacy here is worth it.

If you desire a big-city life, many large downtown neighborhoods are within Greater Orlando city areas.

What is the Cost of Living in Orlando?

The general cost of living in Orlando is under the national average. But if you are shopping for a house in the area, understand that the average home value is $278,563, which is a bit more than the national average.

The median rent in Orlando per month is $1,138 (which is also a bit higher than the country’s average of $1,023 per month).

The average household income in Orlando is $51,820, which is not up to the national average of $61,937.

However, per capita income is almost the same in Orlando at $33,569 compared to $33,831 which is the national average.

When you check in to the grocery store in Orlando, you can prepare to pay $3.22 for a loaf of bread, $1.60 for a carton of eggs, and $1.59 to buy a half-gallon of milk.

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The 16 Different Types of Moving Boxes

Things You Likely Didn’t Know About Orlando

While it is easy to assume you know everything about Orlando, here are some fun facts about the city that may surprise you:

  • The beautiful Lake Eola in Orlando is a deep sinkhole.
  • Nobody knows where the name Orlando came from, but its situated county was once known as Mosquito County. Now, it has been changed to a tourism-attractive name “Orange County”, gotten from its lush orange trees.
  • Before the existence of the theme parks, Orlando was just a sleepy farming area commonly known for oranges and cattle
  • The formal city hall of Orlando was imploded for ‘Lethal Weapon 3,” a film.
  • The oldest tree in Orlando is between 350 and 400 years old and is located in Big Tree Park.
  • Orlando was ranked 4th in most common places in the country where people want to call home.
  • The first water park is located in Orlando and is called Wet’n Wild.
  • The Walt Disney Resort area is large enough to contain the whole city of San Francisco.
  • It would take you five years to eat at ever restaurants located in the Orlando area.
  • Orlando is the city that has the second most number of hotel rooms right after Las Vegas.
  • There are over 100 lakes in the Orlando area.
  • The city was once the center for citrus before it was moved farther south for perfect weather.
  • Where Orlando got its namesake is highly doubted. Some believed the name was given after a fallen soldier; while others believe it was gotten from “As You Like It”, a Shakespeare play.
  • Orlando has been officially given “the City Beautiful” as a nickname.
  • The remaining oldest structures in the downtown area are the 1890 Railroad Depot and the Rogers Building.
  • The number of people that visit Orlando City in a day is equal to the population of Atlanta in general.
  • The first established theme park in Orlando was Gatorland in 1948, and it has a 15-foot gator as the major attraction.
  • Universal Studios started in 1990 and “Back to the Future”, “Ghostbusters” and “E.T” was their first exhibits.
  • The starting scene of ‘lethal weapon 3’ is the exact demolition of the former city hall building by Joel Silver, a Hollywood producer.


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