What is The Cost of Moving Boxes And Supplies

What is The Cost of Moving Boxes And Supplies

Creating a budget is a vital first step with any move. And you need to figure out how much you can hope to spend on different necessities to do it – such as your moving boxes.

You can buy boxes and moving supplies separately or in packs, which include different sizes of box, tape and markers. Bubble wrap and wardrobe boxes are included in some sets.

The cost of your moving boxes is based on the quantity you need, the sizes of boxes you plan to use, as well as where you bought them from.

Here, we’ve explained some of the vital cost factors to consider, with many of our best pieces of advice for saving money when it comes to moving boxes.

How Much Are Moving Boxes for my Move?

Someone living in a studio apartment can expect to spend around $35 to $50 on moving boxes. For those that rent a one-bedroom apartments, purchasing moving boxes will cost them about $61 – $85. And if your house is a two-bedroom apartment, prepare to spend around $73 – $100.

If you are like some people that don’t move often, then you likely don’t have lots of boxes kept. That implies that you will have to purchase new moving boxes, which you can do by checking online or a nearby home improvement store, truck rental company, self-storage facility, or moving company.

You can purchase moving boxes from shipping stores as well as the post office, but they can be a bit expensive.

CostHelper’s recent data revealed that the following cost should be expected for cardboard moving box: 

  • Small boxes: $1 – $1.70 each
  • Medium boxes: $2.35 – $2.79 each
  • Large boxes: $3 each
  • Extra-large boxes: $3.75 each
  • Wardrobe boxes: $8 each – $12 each
  • Picture boxes: $10 each

There is surprisingly a major difference in the cost depending on where you shop. Current prices, as well as available products, are considered when we calculated the cost of purchasing moving boxes from some of the famous retailers.

Retailers Studio 1-Bedroom 2-Bedroom
Lowe’s $35.60 $61.38 $73.90
U-Haul $38.84 $66.63 $80.17
Home Depot $39.88 $69.06 $83.24
Staples $41.47 $72.04 $86.79
Uline $49.97 $85.81 $103.26
Costco $51.86 $88.15 $106.00
Walmart $61.15 $107.49 $129.58

What Quantity of Moving Boxes will I need?

Together with the size of your apartment, there are lots of variables in figuring out the quantity of moving boxes that you will need. For instance, if you own lesser amount of items, you will not need many boxes than if you have so many belongings.

Also, how long you’ve lived in your apartment determines how much items you will possibly have gathered and the more moving boxes you will need.

Below are some general estimates to begin your individual calculations.

Home size




Extra Large




















Consider these extra estimates for adjusting your box counts:

  • If you own so many knickknacks and other objects, increase your boxes by three in your estimate.
  • If you are a fashion enthusiast with so many clothes and shoes, increase your box estimates by four or five
  • If you have many appliances in your kitchen, add 5 more moving boxes
  • And for each large bookcase packed with books, vinyl records, or papers, add extra six small heavyweight boxes to your estimate.

Moving Boxes vs. Reusable Bins

If you are finding it hard to reconcile the cost of moving boxes with the fact that you will likely just use them for once, then you may want to focus on using reusable plastic bins. While a bit expensive (around $5 – $30 each, based on size and material), reusable plastic bins have lots of utility apart from moving – such as garage storage and storage for holiday decoration. You also can get them as rentals instead of purchasing them for a flat rate.

Other Costs of Moving Supply

Apart from considering the cost of moving boxes in your moving budget, you also will need to consider the cost of relevant packing materials, such as inflated plastic padding, packing paper, and tape.

These costs are also variables, but below are the costs you may expect to pay: 

  • Packing paper: $9 – $10 a roll
  • Packing tape: $2.50 – $4 a roll
  • Air-filled plastic padding: $2 per 10 feet
  • Permanent marker for labeling: $1 – $1.50 each

Have a list of packing supplies to determine if there are extra belongings you will want or need to buy as well, like a moving dolly or cargo straps. Some of the supplies may be available for rental or borrowing, so carefully consider your options before buying.

How to save Cost on Moving Boxes

Spending $1 – $8 for each moving box doesn’t seem too costly, but the overall cost can increase a lot. Luckily, there are many ways to reduce the amount you spend on moving boxes.

Below are some ways to do just that:

  • Use boxes you have at home: Keep your Amazon and other online stores’ boxes in your storage for your next move. Being able to do this earlier will make sure you are able to save more boxes and ready to use when you need them. And while doing that, ask your family and friends to handle the same so you have a pile of boxes available for use.
  • Get free or discounted boxes: Reach out to local businesses, such as liquor stores, bookstores, and grocery stores and find out if they have any boxes you can come pick off for little or no cost. Stores receive several inventories every week, and most of it arrives in cardboard boxes that are later tossed. If you are fortunate, you might find someone that is willing to release the boxes to you for free. Just ensure that any moving boxes you received from stores are in good shape, since water damage or other types of damage could cause moving day mayhem.

Read Where to Buy Cheap Moving Boxes?

  • Check out Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and Freecycle: There are many online resources available for finding free or highly discounted moving boxes. Check out your Craigslist, Freecycle, and Facebook Marketplace pages, and try to post a request on Nextdoor as well as your social media pages too. People are often moving, and lots of them would be glad to have another use for their boxes than just recycling them.
  • Be creative with other household belongings: You already know what suitcases, drawers, saucepots, and laundry baskets have in common. You can use all of them to pack items for your move. Since they are certainly moving with you to your destination home, you may also put them to use by filling them up with belongings. Just make sure you properly pack them so that contents don’t fall out, such as wrapping up packed drawers with plastic wrap and the use of packing tape to secure your saucepots’ lid.
  • Pick your boxes wisely: A wardrobe box might be costly when compared to huge or additionally-large box, but when packed efficiently, it can also contain so many items. Meanwhile, there are cases where some small boxes might be more sensible in the cost as well as in function than a large box. When looking into the quantity of boxes you will need (as well as the amount you will have to allocate for them), consider your individual inventory and ways you can best arrange it.
  • Compare price: There is no too-small difference when it comes to buying moving boxes for a move, so perform some research and compare prices from some various stores to ensure that you are obtaining the best deal. it is also important to put in some work on the support if it will make you spend less when you are done.

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