Where To Buy Moving Boxes In Jacksonville, FL

Best Places To Buy Moving Boxes In Jacksonville FL

Whether it’s a local move or a long-distance Jacksonville move, chances are you are going to need moving boxes that will not break or tear under the weight of your items.

Considering the overall expense of any move from one location to the other, many people will want to buy moving boxes in Jacksonville without breaking the bank or going over their budget for their move.

This guide will not only cover where to buy moving boxes in Jacksonville, FL, but also provide helpful tips that will make your moving process easier, cheaper, and more efficient.

What Should I Consider When Purchasing Moving Boxes?

When going to acquire moving boxes, it is essential to consider the following before making your purchase:

  • the number of boxes you need
  • the thickness or strength of each box
  • the size of the box you need
  • how much weight each box will hold without breaking down

Most people moving houses or apartments find that medium-sized boxes are the most convenient because they can hold many items while not being too large to carry. These boxes usually come in an 18″ x 18″ x 15″ or 22″ x 16″ x 15″ size with approximately three feet of cubic space.

To ensure that all of your items stay safe during transportation and boxes don’t break when being moved or picked up, you should consider buying moving boxes made with multiple layers of cardboard for their superior thickness and durability.

In addition to moving boxes, consider purchasing packing tape, markers, and bubble wrap to pack and transport your items safely. The more you prepare ahead of time, the less chance your items will get damaged or lost during their journey from one location to another.

Where to Buy Moving Boxes in Jacksonville?

When it comes to purchasing moving boxes in Jacksonville, FL, there are numerous options available, and the best one will depend on your schedule, budget, and overall needs.

1. Buy from moving companies

To make buying moving boxes easy, many people choose to go to a local or nationally recognized moving company like U-Haul. While they are well-known for renting moving trucks, they are also retailers of ultra-durable moving boxes.

From wardrobe boxes to slatted box inserts for fine china and delicate dishware, U-Haul’s range of moving supplies is second to none. The last thing you want to worry about is finding boxes to fit your items or spending money on flimsy moving boxes that will get destroyed during the move.

Visit one of their locations in person, get help packing up your home and be ready to hit the road once they’ve brought out your moving boxes. For added convenience, you can also order online for local delivery or pick-up.

2. Buy moving boxes from shipping stores

Known worldwide for their postal services, companies such as FedEx and UPS offer a variety of boxes that are perfect for packing your things for a move.

These companies are ideal for those searching for padded envelopes for small delicate objects or boxes made with heavy-duty corrugated cardboard.

3. Find moving boxes from local retailers

Often, local hardware, furniture, and grocery stores offer a selection of different-sized boxes for free or for a small price in their establishment.

Whether it is to wrap and pack your plates or put fragile items in bubble wrapping and secure them in a sturdy box, there is no shortage of options for finding moving boxes locally. Simply walk into the nearest store and ask for help finding boxes that fit your needs.

4. Get second-hand professional moving boxes

Collecting second-hand moving boxes in Jacksonville is also an option for those looking to save on moving costs.

There are many online community forums and social networks where people post about the boxes they have for sale or those looking to get rid of old moving boxes from past moves.

Join a group on social media and ask if anyone has any used boxes for purchase or offer to buy them yourself as an alternative.

Other places you can find second-hand moving boxes include Craigslist, garage sales, and thrift shops.

5. Visit a recycling center

One of the most environmentally friendly ways to find free moving boxes in Jacksonville is by going to a nearby recycling center or drop-off location. Not only do these centers recycle numerous items from electronics to paper, but they also have a surplus of sturdy cardboard boxes that can be used to transport your belongings safely.

How Should I Pack a Moving Box?

Packing a moving box is an art form that requires patience, creativity, and practice. One method that works well is to place similar items together in an organized fashion so it will be easier when you are ready to move them into the next room or box.

It’s also recommended to put things into boxes in an organized way rather than throw a bunch of stuff in haphazardly. This will optimize storage space, reduce the number of moving boxes needed, and make the unpacking stages go more smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do with my moving boxes after I use them?

Moving boxes can be donated or recycled after use. However, if you plan on moving again within the next year, it is recommended to save them so you don’t have to go through the hassle of purchasing new boxes.

2. How many moving boxes should I buy?

The number of boxes you need will depend on the size of your belongings. With each room you pack, it is best to have one box per room. On average, 3-5 moving boxes are needed for small moves or 10+ boxes for large ones.

Will a full-service moving company provide moving boxes?

This depends on the company and the type of service you have ordered from them. Generally, most moving companies will offer a service package that includes moving boxes, moving assistance and even transportation services.

The Takeaway

Wondering where to buy moving boxes in Jacksonville, FL, shouldn’t be something you have to struggle with. With multiple retail and online vendors that provide new, recycled, and even free moving boxes, it should be pretty easy to find affordable and eco-friendly options that fit your needs.

Hire top-rated movers in Jacksonville for your next move.

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