White-Glove Moving Services Vs. Regular Movers

White-Glove Moving Services Vs. Regular Movers

You are strict when it concerns hiring a professional moving company.

You’ve performed much research to find out that you need good moving insurance, and you know the importance of checking for DOT registration. You are sure that you don’t want to fall into the hands of an unprofessional moving company handling your belongings, so you are here with us at Adams Van Lines.

You are aware of our White Glove Moving services, but you are still a bit confused about the differences. We will provide an in-depth explanation.

Below, we have discussed the differences between White Glove Moving Services and Regular moving packages. We will begin with a definition.

What are White-Glove Moving Services?

It’s all in the name. There are times when people have highly valuable and fragile items, they choose more luxurious services just to ensure that the movers will be able to do the job.

These moving services are for those who want to do all it takes for their move. Receiving white-glove moving services means that you will get full care, from beginning to end.

An expensive moving service where the team works hard to pay more attention to your move. This is not to rule out that regular moving services are not performed with care. When you hire a trustworthy moving company, you should be safe and able to rely on your moving crew, but not compare with white-glove moving services.

This decision is all in your hands, but we are available to ensure that you recognize the choices.

Now, let’s take a look at what make white-glove moving services different from regular movers.

White-Glove Moving Services vs. Regular Movers

Moving companies are entirely different from one to another. They may include dishonest people with a moving truck or borrowed equipment to offer moving services.

The fact there is that, many of them claim to offer white-glove service to their customers. However, most of them wouldn’t be able to identify a white glove even if it drops in their backyard.

Now that you know what white-glove relocation services are, let’s discuss their differences from other services offered by companies.

As the moving industry experience continuous growth, the companies are now offering beyond transporting your boxes. For example, they’ve discovered that long-distance moving requires more care than local moving. That is why there are long-distance movers for hire as they know what they are doing.

On the contrary, movers have also discovered that there are people that want to protect their household goods during a move. This is why some companies have come up with this special moving service, to make sure customers are totally satisfied.

For instance, white-glove movers will pay huge attention to how your furniture is protected during a move. They will come with the relevant equipment to completely make sure nothing gets damaged while moving. The padding will cover each item, and won’t be removed until it safely reaches your destination.

Services Offered by Full-Service Movers

If you know anything about moving, chances are you know that most movers offer the same services. Full-service moving companies pride themselves on everything they can do for their clients. They list the services clearly in their websites and sales advertisements.

Services like packing and unpacking, crating and unboxing delicate and oddly-shaped specialty items, disassembly and reassembly of furniture pieces, covering of floors and doorways to prevent damage to property while moving, and so on.

These are popular services and they add much value for customers, but almost every mover will do them without stress. The varieties of additional services provided by white-glove movers unlike what regular movers offer are what sets it apart.

Services offered by White Glove Movers

Together with the services mentioned earlier, white-glove movers offer customizable moving services to corporate employees on transfer, busy professionals, and frequent homeowners who want to move from point to another (whether long-distance or local moves).

Fortunately, you don’t have to belong to any of those categories before you benefit from the top-quality service from white glove movers.

Below are a few of their common offerings of white glove movers in addition to what regular movers offer:

1. Packing, Storing, Handling Wine Collections, Valuable Art, and Antiques

Not everyone has an original collection of expensive bottles of wine in their wine cellar regardless of the luxurious brand it is. However, many families have belongings that are of great value, and some of them cannot just be replaced.

Specialty movers and companies offering real white glove services are growing in numbers day by day. But not all of them have the experience they claim to have.

If any of the items listed earlier are included in your move, you need to spend more time researching the moving companies you are considering.

Always request individual recommendations from your loved ones first. And immediately you have a full list of prospective movers, take your time to check them out via the American Moving and Storage Association and the Better Business Bureau.

Many legit white gloves moving companies perform high-profile moves for art collectors, galleries and museums, sports stars, and local celebrities.

If so, they will often show them on their website. If the company has handled tricky moves for tough customers before, they probably will be able to move you as well.

2. Disconnecting and Reconnecting Appliances

You don’t necessarily have to be the richest person to own a home-entertainment system. And for homeowners that are technology-inclined, they are tough to disconnect and reconnect.

Fortunately, white-glove movers have professional workers that can help. They will arrange for the crew to come to your home a day before the moving vehicle arrives.

That will ensure everything is set for the moves. Plan to have them arrange arrival at your new home to reconnect your system the day after the arrival of your furniture.

3. Rearranging Furniture

Furniture movers will place your furniture at the exact position you instruct them to. But they often only move it one time. After their departure, you may figure out that nothing is placed in the right position, but you don’t have to panic. Instead, contact your moving company and request that they send a crew to assist in putting things in order.

Based on the size of your home and the things you want to be moved, two men will often be enough. You are likely to receive an hourly rate, so you can keep the team as long as you like.

4. Picture Hanging

For customers who would prefer not to hoist odd pictures and drill holes in their new walls, picture hanging can be a better solution. But you will need your furniture positioned exactly where you want it, so will know the available wall space.

Then just inform the crew where to place each piece. They’ll position it, protect it with professional hardware, and leave your household like a designer-furnished space.

5. Cleaning

Yes, cleaning. White glove movers will dispatch experienced and expertly trained crews to clean the home you just packed out of, and to your new home before you move in.

Certain things make moving day much stressful than relocating into your destination home just to find out that it was not cleaned by the previous occupant.

6. Servicing Home Gyms

Everyone dares a DIY assembly and disassembly of a home gym? Perhaps equipment with many parts, lots of heavyweights, and more bolts and nuts than you have ever seen before? It is almost impossible to complete alone. However, assembly and disassembly of a home gym are services offered by white glove movers

Moving Services Ranked based on Expanse Explained Further!

CostMoving Category
$80-200 per hourLocal Movers
$150-250 per moveMoving Assistance
~$3000-6000 per moveCommercial Movers
~$4000 per moveLong-Distance Movers
~$4500 per moveCross Country Movers
$5000+ per moveInternational Movers
Starts at $4000 per moveFine Art movers
$6000+White glove movers

What Type of Mover or Moving Company is the Perfect One for Me?

The brief answer is a simple one: the ideal moving company for you and your moving depends on the certain needs you may have, and your comfortable moving budget.

To figure out your needs, closely consider your inventory. Special care may be required for any specialized item too. Also, consider the distance you will be sending your things.

Local, long-distance and international relocations all have different prices, involvements and each moving company may be able to handle these indifferently.

To figure out your budgetary requirements, you do have certain tools available for you. Find out the general idea you may be spending on your move using moving cost estimates, and ensure you obtain moving insurance for your protection – just in case something comes up.

There are surely various moving costs related to a move, making sure that you are covered against any problem and offer you huge peace of mind.

Our best advice is to Get a Professional Moving Quote for Your Move from Adams

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for the white glove movers to deliver?

This depends on the size of move, distance and other factors. Deliveries often take few days, so it is best to get the customer’s home or business ready before the arrival of the shipment.

What is the cost of white glove moving service?

House moves with white glove movers can cost from $6,000 up to $100,000 based on the size and peculiarity of the move. The majority of customers think that packing and moving can be completed in a day, but in reality, even a 2-bedroom home will take between 5 and 10 days.

What is included in full service moving?

In summary, full-service movers will perform all that relates to your move. This can be: supplying packing supplies and tools. Full-service movers will send everything required by your moves, like transport supplies, such as furniture blankets, and extra padding.

Is assembly included in white glove delivery?

You will be responsible for hauling them into your new home. This service excludes the removal of packing wastes or assembly of any item. White glove delivery services deliver great customer service. Immediately the item gets in, the delivery team will assemble it and get rid of any packing materials.

Is white glove delivery worth it?

In general, if you find an item too valuable, irreplaceable, too heavy, tough to assemble, or requires quick assembly, then you should give it white-glove treatment.

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